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  • This extension requires registration to download.
Auction Factory is an unique Joomla! extension that allows to create a professional auction website.

Site developers can unleash the power of a fully fledged Auction script, as well as taking advantage of Joomla!'s unmatched versatility.

Custom Fields

Publishable in any product template
Multiple field types (Checkbox, Image, Text input, Radio button, etc.)
Displayed on 9 different pages on the default product template and ability to set category filter
Used for auctions and user profiles
Each custom field can be set as searchable, rendering it available in advanced search
Option to set fields as compulsory

Layout & Themes

Fully customizable template system
Default responsive template
Fully customizable CSS
Smarty based templates allowing even more flexibility
Multiple viewing styles for auction listings: Simple listing, Detailed listing, Grid display


Payment items: Pay per listing, Pay per bid, Pay per contact, Pay for featured auctions
Commissions (seller and/or buyer can be charged)
Different category pricing for certain payment items
Preferential pricing for powersellers and verified users

Key Features

All common auction types: Public Auctions, Private Auctions (Sealed Envelope), Buy-it-Now Auctions
Proxy Bidding (Automatic Bidding)
Manual and Automatic auctions (manual auction allows the seller to choose a winner, even they specify a lower bid than the best)
Reserve price
Price suggestion for Buy-it-Now only auctions
Auto extend auction if a bid is added on a set amount of time or if no bids at all
Availability options
Featured auctions
Picture upload and image gallery for auctions
Messaging system for sellers and bidders
Ratings & reviews system
Watchlist (auctions, categories and subcategories)
Blacklist (sellers can block access to their auctions to certain bidders)
Admin definable currency
Automatic currency exchange rates using Yahoo conversion
Multiple shipping prices
Auto-increments (a minimum bid increment range is available, depending on the current auction value)
Republish auctions (relisting)
Auction ending countdown
RSS feeds


Multi-language support, UTF-8 support, comes default with English INI language files
SEO/SEF friendly
Default integration with Joomla! user profile, allowing a single login for Joomla! and component
Easy transition to RTL by editing the product templates
Simple installation, configuration and updating process


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Reviews: 4
unluckly there is no a large choice for auction components. this one is buggy, the assistance is not helpful and the updates are once in several months. I deactivated it because of its many bugs, it is not yet ready for starting an ebay-like site, if you wish to
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. Although there is no much info on what exactly your issues were, we tried to improve the usability and functionality of our extension. Since you are using a 1.x version we strongly encourage you to upgrade it to the latest 2.x version since we feel that we added much more then look and feel to it. Also please check out the j1.6 version soon to be released.

Please free to use our forum and ticket system in order to give us feedback and to get help.

Thank you,
The Factory Team

Reviews: 3
After much searching Auction Factory does what it says it can do. We needed some extra tweaking/functionality for our auction and the AF support went out of their way to provide it. In the end we have a working auction and brilliant, helpful and patient support.
Reviews: 13
Clunky. The only word I can think of to adequately describe this component is clunky.

The latest version (1.6.7) is much improved over earlier versions and certainly does the job but you'll need to make loads of changes to avoid having something which looks like the worlds first ever website.

It gets a vote as the alternative for Joomla is to build an auction system yourself - and that's going to cost more than this component.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. we value all reviews and feedback we get, mostly if it points out weaknesses of our products.
We took your review under consideration and realized that there were some usability and design issues we had to change in order to become better and to provide a good user experience, even thou there were no functionality issues with your version.

We feel that in version 2.0 and above we reached a higher standard in look and feel and we encourage you to upgrade your version.

Also please feel free to use our forum and ticket system in order to give us feedback and to get help.

Thank you,
The Factory Team

Reviews: 9
i already purchase this, 220euro for auction factory.
but it hardly to find out some pdf guidance like another components this is my disagree point. because of i prefer to set all joomla on localhost.

i love auction factory but it should has a pdf manual in download package too!!!!!!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your positive rating and your suggestion. We tried to avoid adding documentation files to the installation kit in order to avoid having a too large zip file (since the kit is already pretty big )
You are right thou that some users might not want/ not have the possibility to access the live documentation on our website and might need to have a pdf when working offline.
We will take that under advisement and we will try to accommodate this users too.

We appreciate any feedback - positive or negative, especially those that have a constructive approach like yourself!

Thank you
The Factory Team

Reviews: 2
I bought several joomla extensions in the past years, had my good surprises and my bad surprises.
For this extension i had high hopes, and i wasn't let down. I had no bad surprises at all, and i can even say the support is better then the average support offered by developers (and i am not talking only joomla extensions).
The extension works as described and as expected, all questions and issues i encountered i submitted per support ticket system and got answered.
Mainly this is a mature, well programmed and structurated extension with a pretty active community on the forums and a working support team.
I sure hope that the extension gets ported to Joomla 1.6, since i plan to expand my site portfolio next year.

Thanks and Regards,
Reviews: 2
Had implemented this solution for one of my clients. An auction site is pretty much work for and webdeveloper, and i spent some time with the system, so here is my experience with the extension:

* VERY VERY VERY useful templating system. Ok, at first i was not so convinced, but after my customer started to change that bit, and that little thing, i was grateful for this feature!Saved me a lot of time
* Modular Payment gateway. They use a plugin concept for payment gateways. my customer needed some exotic payment system and with a little help from the support team i managed to add it to the site.
* a lot of configuration options. Many on/off features, that can be adjusted to your needs. I liked that.

* Lack of fancy mootols widgets. There are a lot of new mootools plugins that i would have saluted to be implemented in this extension. At least as an option.
* no ajax on the frontend. Althou i can understand the compatibility problems that ajax sometimes carries with it, i would have liked something in this direction. I would trade some SEO advantages of non-ajax to the fancyness of ajax powered frontend.

Thanks to the support for all the help with the payment gateway, since i am not really php literate and had to add that option quick.
Reviews: 2
This product is no more than a glimpse at what a real Joomla auction product might look like when one is actually available for a production auction site.

Although it really does look nice, it's not really 1.5 Native, supports only one checkout system (PayPal), and to perform anything useful one needs to purchase the clunky commercial version of this product for 220 Euros at over 4 times the price of an actual production system you can trust w/serious sellers.

Our client wanted to implement a niche auction site w/Joomla and the lack of features that Auction Factory has at this time it's not likely that a real auction system capable of handling auctions w/most of the basic functions of checkouts and billing/accounts, shipping, administration, and feedback/dispute resolution, etc., is going to be available for at least a year.

Like I said, this product (and the commercial version of the product) are merely glmpses of what an actual Auction sytem for Joomla might look like when one is available some time from now.

What we ended up doing was wrapping phpuctionpro inside a Joomla install for our client, which provided a true commercial auction site after we built a utility to integrate the user registrtion databases w/some custom fields built w/Community Builder. The result is a fully blown auction site that is of commerical grade, with the auction portion costing 200 Dollars and then labor for the integration w/Joomla.

Our result wasn't Joomla 1.5 native, and the integration between the true auction system and Joomla is indeed patched together, but considering the only thing that Auction Factory was able to deliver was a very nice cosmetic look over an almost non-functional auction system we think we did pretty good.

I would really like to use this system if they would merely take the actual features of a real commercial auction system and implement them into their product.

The problem with Auction Factory is that even once they complete these very basic neccessities in their products, they still won't be competitive enough at the prices their asking for their commercial version to compete with the stand alone auction systems which can merely be wrapped and integrated with a CB database (You'll need CB in order to actually merge a single user registration regardless of what auction system you use).

On the bright side, this snippet of things to come in a year or so far exceeds, in my opinion, what the operational auction systems have in the way of cosmetics.

When Auction Factory releases a 1.5 Native (1.6 by then) version of their GPL product (the one being reviewed here) that will be the time that a developer can take their product and build a "basic" auction site that is native within Joomla. Even the folks at '' (the people who created Auction Factory) say that this GPL'd version is functional - it is only a skeleton for a developer to code and build a real auction site from, which means that you would have to reinvent the wheel because this is only really a demo of a working (and very limited) auction system that they provide for a large fee, and even then we found their support to be too limited, waiting on tickets, etc.

If you're running a club where everyone knows each other and is trusted, you meet regularly, etc., and can exchange the monies in person for your club's auctions, this version might work for you since you don't need any of the shipping and feedback and checkout systems all of the products - not just the GPL'd version here - are without.

For example, we have a client that is a Ham Radio club and are working on implementing this GPL'd version of Auction Factory on their club's Joomla site. But as I just pointed out, these are people who meet once a month, are local to each other, and can make deals based on a handshake, which is all that Auction Factory is really capable of sustaining at this time.

To sum it all up, this is a very beautiful looking auction system, and although it is only a glimpse of what an actually viable auction system is going to require for someone to adopt it, it shows very much promise and I am looking forward to this offering being an actual candidate for entry into the marketplace - since all those other auction wares have the same boring look to them, and this one has an extremely refreshing look and feel - go out and checkout the demo of this offering, you will be very impressed with the way it is laid out in a Joomla System.

Perhaps one of the best ways for the folks at '' to push this product is to finish with the 1.5 native integration, release the entire product with every feature and system that a real auction house operator is truly going to need to get people to register and use the auction site, and then charge monies for the checkout systems which must be supported - PayPal, GCO, RME,, Moneybookers, Nochex, Auctionchex, ProPay, 2Co, worldpay, etc., as these are the things an auction site must have in order to do business and attract sellers, and if Auction Factory had all of the Auction features and systems that a serious adopter of auction software needed they could rake in the big bucks for the checkout systems since everyone would truly want this product for their own website.

You guys have a very promising product, but it is certainly not ready for prime time and you released it way before the time where it's actually a viable offering in the auction software marketplace. Keep up the good work and I'll be one of your first customers when you finish building this product!
Owner's reply


Than you for your extensive review. We really appreciate any feedback - negative or positive.
It saddens me that you felt we deserved just one star, regardless of the shortcomings you allege our product has. It seems a pretty harsh and unfair rating, since yourself is seeing this product as at least promising.

We also tried to contact you in order to settle some points and issues you claim you have, but in all these months there was no way getting hold of you. Also we cannot find any purchase information regarding yourself in our customer database, so i assume your client purchased the software - since i cannot imagine you would use a warez version of our extension.

Anyway, since we could not get to you, we have to answer you here. In the latest versions of our product we addressed many of your complaints, we added a lot of features that make this review less accurate that it originally was. It would make a huge difference if your customer would request an update to the latest version.

Thank you,
The Factory Team

Reviews: 3
This soft is not native for Joomla 1.5. It is written for Joomla 1.0 and is supported with 1.5 in legacy mode. I installed it from a new Joomla 1.5, but it was not very stable from the beginning. Couple of bugs has been fast repaired. Templates are complex to use if you are not a programmer, and update scripts are also not very "easy" to use. You will need to use the forum to understand how it works ;-) There is no real update solution, only if you reinstall all (I've lost all my data the first time I installed a new version). The idea of this soft is good, support is sometime aggressive... Good point is people there take your ideas then integrate them in the soft.
Owner's reply

The "Auction Factory gpl club vesion" is a native Joomla 1.5 product where the support is limited only on the forum, since the GPL version addresses mostly to developers, while for the Joomla Community we are offering other software versions, with extended support on ticket system and even installations, etc.

Also you wanted to have extended features like templates, payment processing, upgrade script, etc. (for less money) which are only available in other versions, not the gpl club version, fact which is been very clearly explained on our pages.

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