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nBill Lite Component

A cut-down version of nBill (the online billing system), which includes features for creating ad-hoc invoices that can be paid for online. nBill Lite allows you to create client records for the people you want to bill, or import them from a CSV file or from your Joomla user records. You don't have to create a client record though, nBill Lite includes support for billing someone on a one-off basis even if they are not a registered client.

You can create invoices with an unlimited number of line items, and e-mail them to your client who can then pay the invoice online using a payment gateway (all of the payment gateways and language packs that work with nBill standard edition also work with the Lite edition).

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Reviews: 1
I have used nbill for maybe 5 or 6 years - perhaps even longer! Clients around the world have benefited from the system. The component can help with basic payment methods to highly complex configurations. The support is absolutely fantastic, with extremely quick response times to any questions.

I look forward to seeing nbill develop with future joomla versions for many years to come. Thank you for a great product!
Owner's reply

Thank you! I must point out though that form based payment is not included in the Lite edition, just online invoices.

Reviews: 1
Aprently, I read the wrong review. I expected an application that does forms and quotes. Right now I am having to parse all of that via different extensions and sales quotes are not available anywhere for joomla. It looks like I will have to hand-code that feature, and I really do not want to.

nBill lite ONLY does invoices and client management. It does not do Orders, Expenditures, Order Forms, Backups, Pending Orders, Discounts, Ledger Reports or quotes.

What does it do?

Vendors (rediculous without orders or order forms)


Products (How does this work without orders or order forms?)

Invoices (paypal allows for invoices too. Not useful without the missing items)

Income (Again, no order function)

favorites (Why?)

Anyway, I'll be uninstalling and looking for something a little more robust. Ok, who am I kidding. I will be looking for something a lot more robust or pulling out my old coding books.
Owner's reply

I can understand how frustrating it must have been to download the free lite version expecting the full version, only to find that it was the free lite version (I'm not being sarcastic here, I mean it - I've done it myself before). I know that leaving a one star review can help alleviate some of that frustration, but I do feel it is a little harsh - given that the main problem here was that you 'read the wrong review' (and as a result, you have single handedly caused the listing of nBill Lite to drop from 2nd place to 7th place).

If you read the description, it tells you exactly what the lite edition does. Also, when people have become over-enthusiastic in their reviews and mentioned features that are only in the standard edition, I always leave a reply clarifying that those features are not all included in the lite edition - I'm not sure what more you expect me to do, but I will gladly hear any suggestions you might have.

To answer the specific points you raised:

"Vendors (rediculous without orders or order forms)" - If you want to invoice people from different companies using different invoice templates, different logos, different company name and address details, etc. the vendors feature allows you to record all those details and you can then just select the vendor you want to use when creating an invoice. In fact, vendors are not so useful for orders and order forms as they are for invoices and income.

"Products (How does this work without orders or order forms?)" - If you watch the video on the home page of the nBill Lite website, it demonstrates that you can quickly add a product to an invoice using the lookup button, thus saving you having to type out all the details for every invoice.

"Invoices (paypal allows for invoices too. Not useful without the missing items)" - Not everyone likes to use Paypal. nBill Lite allows you to use any number of payment gateways (including Paypal), and even offer the client a choice of how to pay. You can also use it for offline payments like cheque and bank transfer.

"Income (Again, no order function)" - Income is not really related to orders, it is related to money people pay you. Income records can be logged against invoices to mark them as paid (they cannot be logged against orders). You can also record income that is not related to your invoices (such as bank interest).

"favorites (Why?)" - When you first install nBill Lite, it shows lots of options that are greyed out (so you can see what you are missing from the standard version). If you want to remove those options that are unavailable from the home page, you can use the favourites feature to do so.

If there is anything more I can do to improve the situation, please don't hesitate to raise a support ticket and I will do my best to answer any questions and accommodate your requirements, within reason.

Reviews: 3
I have tried out a lot of extensions over the years and have only found a handful that warranted me taking the time to write a review. nBill is an excellent component that works!

The developer is active on their support forum; most questions are answered within hours. Also, the component is actively being developed and improved.

If you need an quoting and invoicing component, nBill is the best choice available for Joomla.
Reviews: 1
Wow. I was looking for a simple way to create invoices for services that I offer. It's always a crap-shoot for what you are going to get with different packages but I downloaded nBill Lite and installed it with no issues. I easily created a couple of test invoices in minutes! I've not hooked up any payment gateways or anything - I just print them out so it works great for me. So simple, so easy, and oh yeah, it's free! Highly recommended!
Reviews: 3
nBill works excellent on my site. Also i must thank the support for a great response time and good solutions!

Reviews: 1
an outstanding product well done to the developers, my business started quicker than anticipated and I needed to issue an invoice overnight and I found this product and had it installed and my first invoice drafted within 30 minutes.........simple and delivers what you need, I would recommend this to everyone.....the detail provided to guide you in updating the forms was super, well done!!!
Reviews: 8
Joomla Billing System, nBill, is a great, intuitive, cost effective, and total solution for users wanting a true integrated Joomla billing system. I will tell you why:

I have been researching Joomla billing systems for 2 months. I tried every single non-commercial Joomla billing system and Joomla Billing Systems that are less than 50.00. so, I have compared and contrasted to nearly every Joomla Billing System out there!

I am a Joomla developer and have products on the JED myself. So, I know what it takes to develop an application, provide support and maintain development releases to keep up with Joomla versions.

Having said all of that, I can tell you that this Joomla Billing System solution is by far, the best Joomla Billing Solution on the market.

This Joomla billing system provides all of the functions any company or person needs to provide billing support for their Joomla website.

The system supports every popular payment method which makes it stand out among the rest.

The Joomla billing system, nBill, has more features than you would think that you need. It has been well thought out and on the JED and in development cycles for years, so you know it has been highly influenced by previous Joomla users therefore, it provides solutions that will only dawn on you until you start using one. Ever get a program than start using it and say, "I wish it did this!" Well, this Joomla billing does that! When I started using it I said, well, I wish it did this. I read the huge documentation section that is online and found out that it did perform the function I needed.

More on documentation, the nBill Joomla System has a tremendous amount of highly organized documentation. The documentation is online and in Wiki format. It is broken down into sections that is easily digestible for any user.

Now, even though there is a lot of documentation don't let scare the novice Joomla user. The system is easy to use and understand for the novice user. So, let s talk about interface.

The interface is intuitive. It won't take anyone but 30 minutes to figure out the system. The front and back end displays are easy to understand and are highly influenced by years of feedback. I've watched this billing system mature from years past so I know it has developed mostly by feedback.

I would recommend this Joomla billing system, nBill, for any Joomla user or company wanting a Joomla billing system.

Contacting the developer is easy. I enjoyed being able to chat with him via email. He answered all of my questions and wrote detailed responses to my questions. He is kind an knowledgeable.

If you are looking for a Joomla billing system, one that provides a huge array of payment methods, that offers quotes, sign up forms, custom quotes, user management integration, quote acceptance by your clients, quote modification, and nearly every single function you can imagine - then choose nBill and save yourself hours of research. I did it for you.

I don't write reviews for no apparent reason or to appease the developers or write reviews to noticed by the community or the JED Team.

I write reviews when a program impresses me and functions according to the description. This Joomla billing system does everything that you need. There isn't much left for him to add to make the system better.

I only have one suggestion for the developer and I have emailed him about it. I only mention this to impress upon those reading this review that you can contact the developer and he does take suggestions and if appropriate, does follow through.

In conclusion, if you need a Joomla Billing System, take my advice, check out this software, contact the developer with any questions you have and get started today. You will not be disappointed and you won't be tossing your money out the door.

I wish you all the best of luck on your Joomla Billing endeavors an hope you find as much success as I have.

Thank you for developing the software and supporting it. You are an asset to the Joomla community. Keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

Wow, what a great review, thank you! I must point out though that this listing is for nBill Lite which does not include all of the features you mentioned.

Reviews: 1
The only one and excellent billing system that works! Compared to paid version in the free version you can modifie code to adjust to your specific needs. Was waiting for this type of extension for two years. The only place for improvment is pdf invoice attachment in sent mails.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. If you have a specific suggestion on how the PDF attachments can be improved, please post a topic on the suggestions board of the forum:,5.0.html

Reviews: 9
This extension is really good because it does everything what it promises: you get what is said in the description. And the support is really fast, patient and great! WOW.
Reviews: 1
It's a perfect fit for my needs. From the time I loaded it until I sent my first invoice was about 10 minutes. Easy to navigate or at least figure what is where. Very pleasant looking invoice.
Reviews: 5
I think the idea is great for this component - but if you are not a php developer yourself .. this component is not for the average joomla geek. NBill took the time to look into our server to tell us we needed to upgrade a few things in there. Should be put onto a secure website too!
Reviews: 15
I'm a bit disappointed with this component. Before i get into more details I should mention that the invoicing part of the component is excellent. If you are looking to create *manual* invoices and e-mail them to customers or have customers view them on your web site this will do the job very well. But...

Many of the options like automatic invoicing, order processing and so on rely on the build in order forms and quote forms.

These forms are simply a NIGHTMARE!

They are hard to configure, and next to impossible to style. The drag and drop form builder creates everything in individual DIV tags making it impossible to line up things properly. Field positions in the builder and front end have next to no correlation to each other.

If (that's a big IF) you manage to create a functioning order form you have no styling options. There's no way to add a class to labels or input fields and instead you need to type in the CSS for EACH LABEL AND FIELD or if you want to use an external CSS you have to check your source code on the front end and note all the randomly generated ID tags.

This order form system is just not worth the time to deal with. It wouldn't be that big of a deal, but as I mention if you want to take advantage of some of the more advanced features you HAVE to use this system.

You can add an order manually from the back end however doing so won't generate any invoices, you have to manually generate them, and it won't keep track of any subscriptions. In the end if you don't use the order form you can't really use the component.

The statement "sell products and services online" by the author is simply misleading if not down right false. Using this component to sell a service or products is a sure way to drive your sales down.
Which customer want to fill out complicated online forms EVERY time they want to buy a product?
Owner's reply

I have reported this review, as it does NOT relate to nBill Lite, which is the product listed here. In case the moderators decide not to remove it, I will respond to the points raised:

"The drag and drop form builder creates everything in individual DIV tags making it impossible to line up things properly." - Individual DIV tags are the only way of allowing a drag-and-drop editor as drag-and-drop relies on absolute positioning. It is certainly not impossible to line things up properly, in fact, the snap-to-grid feature forces fields to line up. If your template seriously messes up the form, you can always use the table renderer instead (see below).

"Field positions in the builder and front end have next to no correlation to each other." The form is rendered in exactly the same way in the front-end as it is in the back end, so they correlate EXACTLY. The differences are caused by the styling rules in the template(s) used, and you may indeed have to adjust things to fit the rules imposed by your template. Using the table renderer (which is a page property) is an option which yields more consistent layout results across different templates if you get stuck, although that does impose some limitations on positioning.

"If (that's a big IF) you manage to create a functioning order form you have no styling options." Most people have functioning order forms, so not such a big IF. The styling options are unlimited, as you can use CSS.

"There's no way to add a class to labels or input fields and instead you need to type in the CSS for EACH LABEL AND FIELD or if you want to use an external CSS you have to check your source code on the front end and note all the randomly generated ID tags." That is not true - most elements output by nBill have classes and IDs or are within tags that have classes and IDs, so can be styled quite easily with CSS.

"You can add an order manually from the back end however doing so won't generate any invoices, you have to manually generate them, and it won't keep track of any subscriptions." This is another false statement. Manually created orders do generate invoices, and subscriptions are dealt with in exactly the same way whether the order was created manually or not.

"Which customer want to fill out complicated online forms EVERY time they want to buy a product?" From the end-user's perspective, the forms are as complicated as you make them. Some businesses are suited to using order forms, others are more suited to using a shopping cart. If you are trying to use nBill for something it was not designed to do, the fault is not with the software, you just need to pick the right tool for the job.

If you had requested support with the problems you encountered, rather than just leaving a bad review on a listing for a different product, it might have been possible to resolve the issues!

Reviews: 1
Firstly, this component does what the developer discribed.
Secondly, the support is mavellous, friendly and knows what goodwill means in business.
I know no software can be complete at the first instance but I believe if you ask the developer for any enhancement, he will be willing to do that. It would have been nice if you can still do some development on the area of PDF.
Finally, I am sure you would agree with me that if you can make this component to produce an audit trail of activities it would be top of the range.
Thank you once again for a job weldone.

Reviews: 1
I purchase the outright option after 2 minutes of the lite version, because it´s all that I need for my company... (and more).. it´s amazing and terrific component! and also amazing team! the support it´s fast, helpfully and more than that!

Thanks for all guys! your work rock!
Reviews: 23
A terrific component! Installed without any problems, has a ton of features & functionality is great. I emailed the developer & he responded in no time, very courteous.

This is a complete billing tool, very detailed. You need to take the time to set it up & test it before passing irrelevant judgment. Installation was very simple, if you cannot install this component you should not be using a computer.

I am having a hard time understanding why the harsh reviews on such a well developed component. If you need a complete billing system that is completely customizable then this is the solution for you!

Thanks Russell, Joomla needs more developers like you!
Reviews: 1
nBill Lite is useless as it doesn't even generate an invoice by itself. This is not an advanced feature, is simply basic. Why should I use such a component if I need to go first to virtuemart to check the orders, then to go to nBill Lite to just print an invoice?
Sorry, but i can do this work in open office spreadsheet and send it attached by email myself. Same amount of work and keep Joomla website simpler.
Owner's reply

The *FREE* *LITE* edition of nBill does not pretend to be a complete billing system, nor even a basic one. It is a way of quickly producing professional looking invoices *and allowing people to pay them online*. If you produce your invoices using a spreadsheet, that does not allow the client to login to your website and see their paid and unpaid invoices nor to pay them online. It has nothing to do with Virtuemart. Just because it does not fit your particular requirements, that does not make it useless! It does exactly what it says on the JED.

Reviews: 1
This seems like the perfect fit to what I need. I can not get nBill full (demo), or nBill lite to install. I would buy the full version if the install would work. Getting the same error on both installs.
Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in D:\Hosting\6471725\html\libraries\joomla\filesystem\file.php on line 298
Owner's reply

You could try reading the documentation. There is a whole section on troubleshooting installation issues: Also, if you use the free trial of the standard edition, you get free support - I would have installed it for you if you'd only asked. There was no need to leave a bad review.

Reviews: 2
We have been using nBill on a couple of our websites for almost 2 years now. All I can say is great work Russel.

The component works perfectly, adding all the functionality we needed. Support is absolutely perfect. Almost all of our problems are addressed in the forum, and if not, Russel makes quick work of almost any problem - most are sorted out within a few hours - even if the problem doesn't lie with nBill, but rather server configuration or Joomla setup.

Keep up the good work, you really made a difference in the way we do business.
Reviews: 1
nBill's Russell provides one of the best support!!!
We haven't even purchased nBill yet, only on trial version, and came across an error that even our hosting company couldn't resolve.
Even though, Russell's in vacation currently, he still diagnosed our problem, and even provide a step by step solution for us!

Great support!!!! Must have product!!
Reviews: 3
I disagree with the poor reviews for lack of support on nBill with Joomla, the very best way to get support for nBill Lite is via the forums, which a) likely have answers already and b) are quickly reviewed and responded to by the author of the program. I had an issue with the PayPal gateway that after poking around myself and not finding answers, I had to post my own quesiton, and it was answered clearly and with useful information within an hour. The product itself is a wonderful addition to my business, which includes a very thorough billing system including customer interaction (view invoices, graceful payment options, etc.), reporting, proactive monitoring, callback payment notifications, income projections, and much much more. I would like to add, that nBill is the *only* component of this commercial caliber which has a non-commercial option (Lite).
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