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nBill Lite Component

A cut-down version of nBill (the online billing system), which includes features for creating ad-hoc invoices that can be paid for online. nBill Lite allows you to create client records for the people you want to bill, or import them from a CSV file or from your Joomla user records. You don't have to create a client record though, nBill Lite includes support for billing someone on a one-off basis even if they are not a registered client.

You can create invoices with an unlimited number of line items, and e-mail them to your client who can then pay the invoice online using a payment gateway (all of the payment gateways and language packs that work with nBill standard edition also work with the Lite edition).

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Reviews: 3
I disagree with the poor reviews for lack of support on nBill with Joomla, the very best way to get support for nBill Lite is via the forums, which a) likely have answers already and b) are quickly reviewed and responded to by the author of the program. I had an issue with the PayPal gateway that after poking around myself and not finding answers, I had to post my own quesiton, and it was answered clearly and with useful information within an hour. The product itself is a wonderful addition to my business, which includes a very thorough billing system including customer interaction (view invoices, graceful payment options, etc.), reporting, proactive monitoring, callback payment notifications, income projections, and much much more. I would like to add, that nBill is the *only* component of this commercial caliber which has a non-commercial option (Lite).
Reviews: 2
The demo looks just what I was after so I thought I would download the lite version to try. Although it said that the installation was successful when I went to the Bill Lite backend component there were no icons and the menu text was all jumbled up making it impossible to do anything. Seems the author wants me to pay him £10 just to ask him about the problem. Sorry pal but you have just lost a customer, will look elsewhere.
Owner's reply

I know asking people to pay for support is not very popular, but it is either pay for the software (standard edition) or pay for support (lite edition) - I cannot afford to give away my time for free. The problem you mentioned affects IIS web servers only and will be fixed in the next release.

Reviews: 9
However, the component does'nt work in each server, because needs Ioncube (paid version) and MySQLi driver (both versions).
Owner's reply

This listing is for nBill Lite which does NOT need ionCube. MySQLi is required to run it in Joomla 1.5 without legacy mode, but it is not required if legacy mode is on.

Reviews: 5
I´ve just given up trying to install the nbill lite. I was working on that about 8 hours now thinking it might have been an ioncube loader issue. But as it doesn´t seem to be so I wanted to contact the developer the ask for help, but I just saw that they want 10 pounds for every issue. I mean, I suppose the Lite version is to see how the programm works and if I´m happy with the component I could pay for it - and I´d be happy to do so.
But charging for support the get the programm installed I think is really bad though! Sorry ... for that´s a NO GO
Owner's reply

An ionCube loader is not required for nBill Lite. I have 2 choices when it comes to earning a living off writing software: 1) charge for the software and make support free or 2) make the software free and charge for support. The standard edition of nBill uses option 1, the lite edition uses option 2 (although if a support issue turns out to be a bug, the charge is refunded). If you want to try it out before paying anything, and cannot get the lite version installed for some reason, the standard edition includes a free trial, with free pre-sales support included.

Reviews: 5
I am considering purchasing the full package now that I've had the lite version running for a few weeks. EASY to use, intuitive process, and very well documented. Well worth the time to learn for anyone that wants to be able to invoice and collect payments from customers on their site.
Reviews: 3
This is a well thought component, suitable for invoicing one-time or recurring services, including customer account and payment features.
Support for the paid component is perfect.
Keep up the good work
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review - just a slight correction: the Lite edition does not support recurring payment frequencies, only the standard edition does.

Reviews: 2
this script can be very useful if it will be integrated with Virtuemart component
Reviews: 6
This tool could be very usefulo for users, but the author needs to make a working demo for this component.
Reviews: 10
Although this doesn't have nearly what the full version does, it has what I need to operate my business and it's free, you can't beat that!
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