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With the most user friendly Joomla! invoicing extension, create and manage PDF invoices directly from the administrator of any Joomla! website. No complicated invoice systems, spreadsheets, monthly costs or annoying accountants. Just complete control in an easy and familiar interface.

* Create and e-mail PDF invoices from your website
* Don't repeat yourself, with the items and contacts database
* Customers can pay invoices online with Paypal, credit card, 2Checkout, or iDEAL
* Send invoice payment reminders with just a click
* Your clients view invoices on your website
* Export invoices to PDF or CSV

Tested and working perfectly on Joomla! 2.5 and Joomla! 3.3

New features added in 2014:
- Live update: update notifications and easy to use one-click update functionality directly in your Joomla! administrator! Never mis another update!
- Greatly improved user interfaces, converted to Twitter Bootstrap user interface framework, with more improvements coming
- Easy to use footer to quickly get access to manual, support and the extension information
- New: search invoices by date range

== With full open source control: get the unencrypted extension for use on UNLIMITED sites, no restrictions!

== Your customers can pay invoices without logging in! ==
When you e-mail invoices to your customers they can pay them online - without logging into the website. This makes it easy for your customers to make payments to you and research proves this increases the percentage successful payments!

If users do decide to login, which is optional, they will see a full list of all invoices ever sent to them and can download or send the invoices to themselves via email.

== Edit invoice & email templates ==
Invoice and other templates can be easily customised. You can use the WYSIWYG editor you are familiar with from the Joomla! Article Manager, or get even more control and directly edit the HTML.

== Items and contacts database ==
Billing a customer more than once? Selling the same product or service over and over? With the items and customer database, add default information once and easily include them into future invoices.

== Extended configuration options ==
This billing extension comes with an easy to understand configuration. Important options such as a custom invoice number, currency symbol, currency format and more.

Joomla! 3 supported!
ccInvoices supports Joomla! 3, with a nice bootstrapped interface!

Available in 8 languages!

--> We offer professional support from our full time Joomla! experts! We handle questions and issues with a high priority. If you have any questions or issues, create a ticket on our website so our team can assist you!

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Reviews: 2
I bought ccInvoices. It's a very good programm for small companies like us. Clear and simple to use.

And the support - very fast and customer-friendly!

Thanks a lot to the chillcreations-Team!
Reviews: 2
This component is really great. I have this invoice manager for a couple of months and it works fine!

They have help me a lot with the configurations and installation. They will help till you have the invoice as is should be. Thereby the response is within +/- 12 hours and mostly within an hour!
Reviews: 1
I am an instant fan of this extension. I waiver about which one to buy and I finally selected ccInvoice. I am very pleased that I made the choice to purchase this extension. I have the entire system up and running in short time. I have not had the need to call for any support as of yet but I am going to make a few suggestions that I think will put this over the top for most. I own a small web development company and we need a straight forward way to give local business owners an easy why to write quote and send invoices. This did the trick!
Reviews: 2
I am really happy to use this component who works fine !
Support is fast and they help you if you want customize some parameters...
I recommend this extension !!!
Reviews: 15
i bought this after waiting for a while since my site was not ready.
by having this i had the chance to see they actually have great support on presale questions.
therefore ive never had a question after buying.
just install, do some settings and your good to go.
i really like the ideal gateway!
makes my work alott easyer...thanks for that!

i would have easily payed more for functinality of contracts and periodic payments.
maybe a future feature :)
Reviews: 5
Easy to setup. Configuration is fairly self-explanatory. Does what it says.

However, even the best extensions have bugs or things you don't quite understand. I had both, and the support was excellent! Prompt and helpful responses. In fact, for one particular issue, it was only a few hours between when I reported it and it was resolved.
Reviews: 1
For me was the functions to simply.
Specialy that a admin cannot create invoices in frontend is very poor.

I have a small IT OnSite Support Business and when im be by a customer i want create Invoices there directly to save the nature (paper less dream ;)
But the Customer see when i create a invoice all other Customers and there invoices. :(

I moved to another webspace provider and since then when i created a pdf invoice im not able to open it (File Corrupt or damaged) The Joomla installation is absoloutly the same (with akeeba backup)
Owner's reply

Hi Rene

You are correct in stating that ccInvoices is a simple, user friendly invoicing extension. It is a uncomplicated system that can be used by at least 80% of businesses and individuals.

Your first point is actually a functionality request "create invoices from the frontend". Nowhere do we communicate this functionality, so it is not really relevant to review ccInvoices on that functionality.

Then, it appears you are still using ccInvoices about 3 months after you requested and received a refund. This is your right, no problem. But ccInvoices is probably not as bad as you as describing it, right?

Second, you are posting a support request to an issue which is probably not caused by ccInvoices at all. As you state, you moved the website to another server (webspace provider). Did you realize that moving the exact same website to another server still changes at least the server configuration and probably the file permissions?

In any case, the issue was easily solved by us if you would have opened a support ticket (and did not request a refund 3 months ago, but kept using ccInvoices).

Kind regards

Reviews: 3
Hi All,

For my workinggroup i wanted a simple (but advaced in some ways) invoice system. I found ccInvoices. After updating to a newer version I had some problems but the guys fixed it fast and very good! Don't hasitate to buy the product! It's a good product from a good and friendly compagny.
Reviews: 1
Hi All,

For my company i wanted a simple (but advaced in some ways) invoice system. The guys of chill creations provided it to me. I even got some custom addings to the program without any extra costs! Last week i updated to a newer version. I had some struggles with my customisations but the guys fixed it fast and very good! Don't hasitate to buy the product! It's a good product from a good and friendly compagny.
Reviews: 4
This component is so simple to use and set up. Doesn't matter what kind of products or services you are selling. Or even a range, you can easily invoice and it will even create an account on joomla so they can login and view their invoices!
Support was first class. I wanted to fix some styling, and I had responses and support working on the issues within hours! Looking forward to when payment can be made from this module too. Then it will be even greater. 5/5
Reviews: 2
This is the first component which I've bought. I've tested it 4 weeks and it works like a charm. Allmost ready to launch my website. It works great for the backend as well as the frontend user.

And most important thing of a bought component as far as i think is the service. They will allways response within 24 hours and most of the time a lot faster.

Thanks guys this is a great component.
Reviews: 4
I've probably worked with over a hundred different Joomla components, and few stand out as being top-notch. ccInvoices is an extremely easy-to-use and obviously well thought out. The administrator (person creating the invoices) and frontend user (person receiving the invoices) were obviously the focus of developing this extension. It's extremely easy for both the admin and the end user, and that's the most important thing. The invoices are easy to customize, and very easy to send and manage. Above all of this, the support is top-notch. That's what really sets this component apart from the rest. They are responsive (usually in the same day!), and are quick to answer follow-up questions as well. Invoicing is a very needed functionality to Joomla, and this component does it, and does it well. I highly recommend it!
Reviews: 8
This is easy to install, easy to configure, and does exactly what I want!

Love it!
Reviews: 1
This is exactly what i was looking for last many days, really great work, very well done, thx a million:)

It installs with no issues. Quick and Simple to use. Looking for more future updates.
Reviews: 1
I downloaded the software and installed it with no problems. I needed some minor customization of the code to handle different outputs on the invoice that's created and then were very responsive. Works great now!
Reviews: 2
An excellent Component, easy to install and configure.

We had a couple of changes that we required specific to our companies needs and the support was fantastic. They made the changes required to various files quickly and now we have a great new invoicing system.

Thank you Chill Creations
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