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Payment Form (PMF) is a Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0 extension developed by Ossolution Team to allow you to collect information and get payment from your site members / visitors (for a service, for an event registration or for a course registering) via Paypal,, Eway payment gateway.

In version 1.7, there are 12 new payment plugins was released : Paypal Pro, Google Checkout, FirstData , Moneybookers, 2Checkout, SIM, Worldpay, Alertpay, BBS Netaxept, DPS Px Pay, MIGS : MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (Australia), iDEAL Mollie, Securepay, Payflow Pro, Echeck. Now, Payment Form support total 17 payment gateways :) .

In version 1.4, there are many new advanced feature added, you can see all new features in version 1.4 here :

It can be used as a payment system which allows customers to pay for a service on your site , can be used as a simple event registration system or a courses registering system or even a simple ecommerce system where you sell several products....Whenever you want to collect information and get payment from your site members/visitors, think about Payment Form.

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Reviews: 1
Installation of the component was easy with zero issues and I was surprised how easy it was to create and customise various forms for different types of product. I had a small query about adding a surcharge amount to the Worldpay payment plugin. Tuan replied promptly with an elegant solution which worked great. Simply stunning support. thanks!
Reviews: 3
My organization has used this component for numerous websites for a number of years. It's easy to understand and implement and has great features.

The support is horrible though. A number of my clients have upgraded to 2.5 and the 1.5 version of this component is no longer compatible. To get a updated version of this component, though, you have to pay again. I understand paying for upgraded features but when the core system itself requires the component to be updated, requiring payment again is just taking advantage of the customer. Especially when the new version of the component is more of a update rather than a upgrade to make it compatible with the current Joomla software. None of my other commercial components or modules required duplicate payments for up to date software. I'll be searching elsewhere for other solutions from now on
Reviews: 1
Contrary to other extensions, this one works exactly as described. I'm very pleased with this purchase, worth every single penny.
Reviews: 1
I had a strange issue with payment confirmation so I raised a ticket with the support desk. Tuan contacted me very quickly, found the issue (which was caused by my host who had make changes in security and had not notified me) and he was able to get things working again in next to no time. I'm a very very happy customer :) Definitely a five-star extensions with five-star support!
Reviews: 1
This extension was perfect for my needs and does exactly what it purports to do. Furthermore, I had some questions regarding its use and received an email response back shortly after submitting a support ticket on their website. Problem solved and now I'm up and running. Great extension with great support. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
I've been using this for almost a year now. It's a simple e-commerce solution, with plenty of payment options. It comes with great support (if you have a problem Tuan fixes it!) and it keeps pace with Joomla! updates. Worth every penny.
Reviews: 6
To meet the needs of our growing website we are using more and more products from Ossolution. In each case, as with Payment Forms, the product has worked exactly as expected, the support was outstanding and if a little customisation was required it was done very efficiently. I wish every payment gateway was as simple and reliable.
Reviews: 1
I had several questions involving some customization issues and Tuan was very helpful. His responses to my questions were timely and he provided a fix within a short amount of time. Overall, a great tool, but it's the timely and personal tech support that makes it puts it over the top.
Reviews: 2
I need to say that it was very easy to install, even for a Joomla novice like me.
It needed some tweaking, but within a hour the support desk has resolved it for me.
Great product and supper service !
Reviews: 33
I wanted something simple and affordable that would allow a registered JomSocial user to make a token payment using PayPal. The main reason is to verfy that the member is an adult with access to a credit/debit card plus a valid email address.

This extension does it admirably and is worth the £13 it cost just for the simplicity, convenience and extensive customisation. I love the Translate feature that permits the wording to be amended and the excellent support available through the Forum. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
Everything I needed in a component and the support has been spectacular.
Reviews: 2
The extension works great and the support was fantastic!!. They were very patience with my low-level knowledge.
Reviews: 43
I wanted a captcha implemented in Payment Form and added a request in the forums. Tuan was kind enough to include it in the latest release and this eventuated within a few weeks. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
I discovered a small bug in the extension and reported it to Tuan. Within 24 hours he released a fix. I've never experienced better customer service from a software vendor. Thanks.
Reviews: 4
OSsolution make some of my favourite and most used extensions for Joomla. Payment Form is very easy to setup, use and configure. Once running it has proven to be very reliable and stable. The code is easy to understand for non-developers which means I have been able to make minor customisations myself. Tuan offers some of the very best support I have ever received. He is very quick to respond to support queries and often available on MSN. I have commissioned two custom development projects, both of which were completed perfectly and at very reasonable cost. Payment Form is unbelievably cheap for such a powerful and flexible extension, I cannot recommend it and Ossolution highly enough.
Reviews: 2
it would have been better if a joomla user account could be created after payment. it's good for membership sites.
Reviews: 1
I bought this extension after try several others and I was not disappointed. When I needed the extension to be customized to meet my needs the team was superb in their work and support. I would recommend it to everyone! Thanks Tuan and your team!
Reviews: 1
We are ussing it on joomla 1.6 als a simple payment system for hosting products but you can use it for almost everything.
Easy to use.
We had a litle problem with a extra plugin and asked for support.
They dellivered this support really quick and helped us great!

Thanks for this!
Reviews: 1
I researched and purchased this extension for our Joomla site (v1.5) to simplify our payment gateway. I purchased it based on the great reviews I read associated to the product and its support. Installation was a breeze. The Vendor offers Forum and Ticketing services for troubleshooting. Minor tweaks were required to get working on our site, and as I am not an expert programmer, I really didn’t know where to begin. I utilized the Support, and Ticketing services and I received same day responses by a professional with excellent troubleshooting skills, which by the way was highly proficient in the English language! (You'd be surprised how often I have to translate horrific written direction.) This experience was by far the best I’ve encountered since I began experimenting and deploying Joomla-based websites for my clients. Definitely worth the Money, and I would recommend this extension!!!
Reviews: 1
Over the years I have installed hundreds of different extensions to many different sites I have developed and this is the best I have used.

The installation is easy as long as you have a little knowledge and the customization makes it invaluable as an extension.

I had one little issue I needed to ask the support team about, and they were amazing at providing me with support I needed in no time at all.

For the price it is a brilliant extension. Download now!
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