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Payment Form (PMF) is a Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0 extension developed by Ossolution Team to allow you to collect information and get payment from your site members / visitors (for a service, for an event registration or for a course registering) via Paypal,, Eway payment gateway.

In version 1.7, there are 12 new payment plugins was released : Paypal Pro, Google Checkout, FirstData , Moneybookers, 2Checkout, SIM, Worldpay, Alertpay, BBS Netaxept, DPS Px Pay, MIGS : MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (Australia), iDEAL Mollie, Securepay, Payflow Pro, Echeck. Now, Payment Form support total 17 payment gateways :) .

In version 1.4, there are many new advanced feature added, you can see all new features in version 1.4 here :

It can be used as a payment system which allows customers to pay for a service on your site , can be used as a simple event registration system or a courses registering system or even a simple ecommerce system where you sell several products....Whenever you want to collect information and get payment from your site members/visitors, think about Payment Form.

For all features of the extension, please visit

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Reviews: 1
Best support I have ever recieved from a joomla extention. Fab extention.
Reviews: 1
We truly want to thankMr. Tuan for his help and really appreciate the fast service he has provided for our company. It was very frustrating to figure a glitch in our website which caused a problem for the forms. Mr. Tuan is a very dedicated individual, who strive for fast results. We are really happy to find such a reliable person like himself, who is always ready to help his customers and stand behind his products and services. His high level of professionalism reflects in his style of work. Thank you again.

Naureen and Joanna
Reviews: 1
This extension along with the SIM plugin works great. My clients can now type in their invoice number from their QuickBooks invoice or statements they received from my company and pay their invoices online through the secure servers at

In order to get this custom invoice number field sent to the payment form on secure servers, Tuan made a small change in the payment plugin code for the extension.

It works and it is great! Tuan is readily available through skype and quick to reply!

If you need only a payment form for clients to pay you online with a custom invoice number, this is the extension to buy! Well worth the money paid! Thanks Tuan!
Reviews: 4
I have been using this component for more than 2 months so far. This component is simple and powerful.

As a webmaster I often have to create multilanguage websites with Joomfish and this component is now compatible.

At firts not all the fields were translatable with Joomfish, however I requested from the forum the feature and it was created for me.

The forum is very active and the support is fast.
Reviews: 1
This extension works straight out of the box, no hassles, simple installation and I don't think you could find better support anywhere within the Joomla network. I had a question about a customization and literally had a answer that solved my problem within 2 minutes of sending my enquiry. Great product, brilliant support. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
I made a few mistakes downloading and installing the form and an additional payment module yet Tuan was patient and helped me out more than I could of expected. Any issues I had he responded to quickly. The component is working perfectly and I totally recommend it.
Reviews: 1
virtuemart is buggy, nbill is overcomplicated and most paypal extensions do not have gateway. this component is simple, clean and effective. I had a small config issue and I receive tech support right away. Highly recommended for one-off purchases and/or using the paypal gateway.
Reviews: 1
I bought this payment form and payment gateway for a website that i was working on, after paying i had an issue getting the form to look on with my transparent template, i added the author on skype and without 10 mins got it sorted, cant ask for more than that.
Reviews: 6
I can't recommend this developer's Joomla extensions enough! Payment Form worked exactly as I wanted and the PayPal integration was as smooth as could be. Tuan's support through the forum is amazing - he is very responsive and hard working and exactly what you hope for in a developer!
Reviews: 1
I come from Denmark, so I had to translate it into Danish. But that is one of the best things about Payment Form, because you can translate it into any langauge you want. And as many as you want. I am so thrilled about this that I will recommend it to ALL who are looking for an extension to make there own webshop. If you have a little time, you can build a complete webshop with this, in any language, and as many items as you want, to sell or donate as you want. I only have one regret, and that is that I can only give it 5 stars. And as low as 18 dollars. How is that possible???????????????? You don`t have to look any further for another plugin for your webshop.

Forget it, onless you are an English professor or have 100 hours to spare in translation.

With this, I had my webshop up and running in less than 10 hours.
Reviews: 1
Fantastic !! Works a treat, Tuan at OSSolutions does a great support job.
Thanks and well done for a great module.
Reviews: 2
This extention is soo good, same then joomdonation i fully recommended, else the customer support by tickets or messenger is great.... have lot of features right for your needs ....
Reviews: 1
I bought this when it was still in “development stages” I would say
$18….WOW!!! you can’t go wrong .
Lack of documentation and demo version, but for the price, who cares I thought…give it a go.
There is not extensive documentation, because you don’t need it. The extension is easy to install and easy to use after a bit of playing around with it.
I quickly realized that although easy, it was a bit less flexible than what I needed….
I needed a custom field and the ability to reposition all the fields….when the email and name was not possible at the time.
So I emailed Tuan. He replied a few hours later, and promised a new improved version with all these extra options within 6 days. Wow again!!!
A week later, we have 1.4 version with all I need and more :)
This is what I call service!!!!! And all these for $18 :)
I will soon try the Google Checkout plug-in that no other joomla payment form could offer me up to now.
Great stuff…..!!!! its got my 5 stars, and I would give 10 if I could :)
Very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviews: 1
I purchased this extension and use the worldpay, googlecheckout and paypal gateways. It allows me to have a central place to log customer payments.
The installation was very smooth. Slight issue with the installation of the worldpay gateway (my fault) but Tuan was very fast and resolving this for me.
Works great and very easy to use. Worth the money!!
Reviews: 3
Was extremely easy to install and the online docs make things alot easier as well. I would like to possibly see in the future if a feature could be added where folks could register to my site and hit a my account link and see all payments made or change account info. Overall Great Extension!!!
Owner's reply


In previous version, users can only see payment history via CB Payment History or JomSocial Payment History plugin. From version 1.4, I added a new feature which allow your users can view their payment history without having to use Community Builder or JomSocial on your site .

Also, there are so many nice features added to version 1.4. Please go to my site to download the latest version of the extension and upgrade to your site .


Ossolution Team

Reviews: 2
This is an amazing extension and well worth the less than $20 price (since you can use it as many times as you need). It's simple and straightforward, and when coupled with Pay Pal, a breeze for anyone to register for events and collect fees. No sensitive information is communicated, so no SSL required - that's all on the Pay Pal part. Option to pay offline, perfect for a small club or non-profit. My first 'commercial' extension, and so worth it!
Reviews: 1
I have purchased the Payment form component.
An excellent component, but I had to add some specific functionnalities. In a few days and for a small budget, my developments have benn done exactly with what I wanted.

You can chat on msn directly to adapt test, and resolve problems.
So, really an excellent component & service

Congratulation !
Reviews: 1
If you need a great joomla payment form, THIS IS THE ONE TO GET! No doubt about that, tuan has excellent customer service and will help you solve any problem that may arise with the form.

I will be the first to admit it, for $18 this form is perfect and makes your site look clean and professional, accepting paypal and integrated into the form.

Thank you for a great Form!!!
Reviews: 5
I downloaded this extension along with Joom Donation and I have to say that these two are probably the best extensions I have worked with. They are easy to use and install and customisable and integrate well with CB. Also top marks for Tuan and the support team. There super quick response time and help got me up and running in a matter of minutes.
Reviews: 4
If I could give Tuan and his team more then 5 stars then I would!

The Payment Form is easy to use and easy to install. It works as advertised and has just the right number of features.

And the best news it that when I needed a new feature added Tuan re-worked the code and had the new feature fixed for me to present to my client in less then 36 hours!!!

I have used one of their other extensions as well and it is just as great. They have many extensions and you can trust Tuan's professionalism and abilities. HE will not leave you hanging.
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