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Joomla Invoices is a simple and useful Invoice Creator and Manager System for Joomla. Receive PayPal & Authorize.Net payments, create your invoices. If you run a small online business or a real store and want to have all your client's invoices stored in your Joomla website, this is the extension for you. Split the bills into multiple payments. Manage your contacts and create invoices that your customers can view online and receive to their e-mail accounts. J!Invoices allows you to manage all your invoices in the backend as the site administrator, with lots of useful functions like publishing facilities, sending invoices using the e-mail, setting your invoice's templates and taxes, managing your contacts information and more. You can define your own taxes and discounts to apply to some of your invoices, and you can create your own invoice templates to make them look and feel the way you want, using your company details and logo and any layout you can imagine using the WYSIWYG editor. And it is 100% Joomla 1.5, 2.5 & 3.x compatible.

- Create and manage invoices in your Joomla website
- Create Quotes.
- Single or multiple payments per invoice
- Clients can pay online with PayPal, Authorize.Net
- Intregrated with VirtueMart, HikaShop, PayPlans...
- Create PDF invoices
- Export to CSV or Excel
- Recurring invoices: let the system automatically create your repetitive invoices for you!
- Super fast invooice creation. It loads contact data with AJAX as you type and more
- Super flexible tax system (taxes can be applied at different moments, like the Canadian tax system does)
- Build with responsive layouts and Bootstrap.
- Ready to work out of the box, no tedious plugins or other extensions need to be installed
- Manage and store your contacts for future quick invoice creator
- Send the invoices to your customer's email and let them see the invoice online
- Define your own taxes and discounts to be applicable to the invoices
- Show tax and totals information on your main administrator page for a comprehensive taz summary
- Easily customize different invoice templates and layouts and assign them individually to your invoices. Total flexibility
- Define recurrent items for easily and quick addition to invoices
- All totals, subtotals and taxes are calculated automatically
- Create invoices with different currency (EUR, USD, GBP...) this is a free text field
- Manage when your users can view their invoices with useful publish features, including "Start publishing" and "End publishing"

- Graphic Reports and Statistics with Content Statistics (sold separately)

- Multi language support
- 100% open source
- Professional technical support from our experts and in our Forum
- Technical support in English and Spanish

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Reviews: 2
Great component! I have been using the invoices component for a while and it has been very well thought out and executed.

The support is amazing and extremely fast.

I highly recommend this component!
Reviews: 3
I have been a while looking for an invoice manager for my company and I wanted it to be inside Joomla! and this extension cover my needs and much more. Not only it can handle your invoices, but also can manage your quotes and what is best of all you can easily create different templates for your invoices and for your quotes and apply them alltogether according to your needs. They are also open to new features and their customer service is much more than excellent. Also if you have special needs they provide a customization service.

After this extension I'm not using spreadsheets anymore, so it's worthed every cent ;)
Reviews: 2
I had searched almost all of the available joomla components for a special requirement related with invoices. The Joomlathat team developed a special customization very fast an exactly what I needed
Few days and I'm working with it. I improved my working time
This is a great extension, but the support is awesome.
Reviews: 9
This is a really good component for delivering invoices to clients and keeping track of what has been paid, what hasn't etc.

Ideally I'd give 4.5 stars would more ideal but that isn't an option!

This component will be worthy of 5 stars after it improves a few things such as attaching a .pdf export to the emails, and what I would have liked to see is for the 'Recurring invoices' to automatically publish an fresh invoice and auto send the email.

This would really help create an automated invoicing system that every business want, saving them lots of admin time.

The developer I believe is working on these ideas, so for a year's worth of downloads it'd well worth purchases now being able to updated at a later time.
Owner's reply

Many thanks for your kind words!
Yes, as you mention, we are already working on these specific 2 improvements you mention (autosend email, attach PDF invoice).
Please, feel free to contact us at if you're interested in testing them out!

Reviews: 7
I have tried almost all of the available joomla components for invoicing and i conclude that this one is so far the best with excellent support.

I should have bought this first than trying to buy cheaper component but at the end give me dissatisfaction.

For this one, i say this component deserves the price and the support is exemplary commendable.

I am even planning to buy their other components, plugins and modules their design is very professional.
Reviews: 10
Great component, everything works well,I would recommend it to everyone
Reviews: 6
I had some problems making it work at first but the customer service that I got was awesome!! He didn't give up on me and fix the whole thing and it's working great! I would recommend it 110%. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!
Reviews: 5
Before purchasing this component, I ask the developper a lot of questions. I am not an easy client but he always replied to me politely and really take care of my needs.
So I thank you for your patience, kindness and professionalism. Now I am glad to use this component and I highly recommend it. Very great support (it has not always been easy to understand with my poor English) so I just can congratulate.
Reviews: 4
Have had this extension for a month and developed a small glitch, support fixed the issue without hesitation, this is on top of the help given during initial set up (n00b) the Extension is brilliant, saves me so much admin time, i thoroughly recommend this component.
thanks again for all your help
Reviews: 3
By far this is the best joomla invoice system available. Not only does it offer great features to get you paid, but more importantly it is backed up with great support. THAT'S FAST!!!

We also needed a custom feature for our company's Quickbooks accounting and I must say it was a welcome treat to have someone listen to our need come up with a solution and develop it at a very fare price.

If I could I would give this component a 10+ rating it really saved us and opened the doors to new opportunities.
Reviews: 2
I got the invoice tool, works like a charm. Then I needed customizations and this were done, at the right price, fast, and just as I needed.
This is a really valuable tool and help me create a custom CRM for my client, in just a couple days.

Reviews: 19
I was looking for a system that would let me manage invoices for my clients. I found this extension and it's great!

I had a few adjustments that I needed, and support is fast!

The software does more than I need, but for the basic functionality required, it's perfect for me.

Highly recommend!
Reviews: 1
The component is fantastic and it does everything perfectly and works like a charm.

The support is really really good and they respond to my email was almost immediately and fixed my issue very quickly! I would give them 6 Stars :D.

Best customer service EVER!

Also if you have any ideas or changes, you just send them an email and they would take care of it in no time, How cool is that!? :D
Reviews: 1
I first bought this system cause i needed to invoice my customers, but i realised too late that theres was no way was possible to let them pay directly with paypal, so i thought about a way to implent a paypal button directly into the invoice template, i had a great conversation with the JInvoice team, not even 1 month after my custom mod, they bring the perfect update.. Paypal system integrated, PDF invoice, and a way for the customers to pay in multi-payments! Never seen before a team that reply that fast and is such helpful.
Reviews: 9
I'm happy to give a 5 stars to this extension. I have tried some others but without success and this one do what I want :
- custom invoice templating
- custom contact
- custom tax and items
- etc
you can create your invoices manually or use a plugin to bridge with another extension. I have developed my plugin for Document Seller and now all my purchases have an automatic invoice linked to the user.
Very good ! and the support is fast and cool. (I have sent many emails, and always got an answer)
Reviews: 1
A client of us needed an invoicing system for their website and instead of developing it ourselves we purchased this extension, it does exactly what the client required. We ended up using it on another client's site and we have installed it on our own server to make our invoices to send to our client's email. A real asset, highgly recommended. And if you need extra features or have questions the support they offer is really professional, one of the best (and fast!!) I've seen. Very happy.
Reviews: 7
This is not the first extension I use from these developers and probably won't be the last. I discovered it because it's actually the one they use to create invoice for the other extensions. Very easy for managing invoices and specially good for creating contacts and QUICKLY creating invoice for them. very customizable thanks to templates, and specially useful the "template items" thing if you have very repetitive tasks (like us) where you have to create the same invoice over and over. also good for us European users with the EU VAT ID facility column and all... all good things.