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PayInvoice Component

PayInvoice is simply an invoicing system that fulfills basic needs for any entrepreneur or a large scale business owner. PayInvoice allows you to build strong, reliable system for managing all your invoicing needs. PayInvoice provide an entry level e-commerce component to anyone, starting up. You can say, minimal e-commerce platform for startup business.

Features :

1. Smooth Checkout : With PayInvoice your clients are not required to login at your site (guest checkout) and they can pay with single page checkout.

2. Secure Transactions : Invoices are visible only in case of having an authentic URL. Only administrators can send Invoice Links to clients by using inbuilt emailing system or by any other external means.

3. Information compilation at the Dashboard - We have added this pinch of usefulness to further ease the invoice management at your end. The dashboard will serve as a faithful analytics for all the actions of the invoices charged by you. The Dashboard will allow you to track and show a colorful Graphical interface for the status of your income via Invoices.

4. Multiple Currency Support : PayInvoice supports all the standard currencies around the world. You can create invoices in different currencies and can track the income by each currency on dashboard.

5. Payment Gateways : Stripe payment gateway is freely available with PayInvoice. There are possibility to add more payment gateways with time. These payment gateways will be available separately.

6. Quick refund will be possible - If the Payment gateways support an external refund, then PayInvoice will handle it efficiently. You need not to go beyond and work further. So, currently this quick refund scenario is possible in Authorize Cim, Stripe only. Paypal and Paypal Pro also support refund, but they need to refund from Paypal's merchant account.

7. RB Framework - RB Framework is in-house developed framework for creating Joomla Extensions. It has an Ecommerce Package, which handles all the work related to payment from various payment gateways. You can find the code at

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Reviews: 1
A great extension, easy to load, easy to use - Just dosnt end up being practical for me.

Bought some extensions, and they worked great too.

The key thing that I find strange to be missing, is that the Tax value is not shown on the invoice - You can see the %, just not the value. As far as I understand, for most Eu and African countries, you need the value displayed.

So great extension, but the fact that I cant see those values and don't want to customise myself, makes me not use it.
Owner's reply

Hello Pritesh,

Thank You very much for the honest review. It was a very good feedback for us. Point noted and we will improve on it.

Thank You
Team Ready Bytes.

Reviews: 1
The program it's self seems great so far, and does everything I need, until I went to add PayPal as a payment option. I paid the $9, which I think is a very reasonable price, but it just won't install. Checked compatibility and it should all be fine. I would think it would be sortable with a little support, but that's where the catch is. If you need any support with the extension or apps then you have to pay at least $99 to even ask them a question, which is most defiantly not reasonable. If the app worked, and at least very basic support was included, then this extension would be getting 5 stars from me, but the most I can give it is 2. Shame.
Owner's reply

Hello Dear,

PayInvoice itself is free to download. Anyone can come at our site download it and start using it. Even there is no need to register.

But if anyone wishes to customize/extend it only then they will need to pay us. Rest keep using the tool free of cost.

We strongly believe that the pricings you mentioned in your review is incorrect. Please have a look at our site ""

The support pack for PayInvoice is of $29 not $99.

Thank You,
Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 1
This product has 2 things which are very important to us... the ability for someone to view and/or pay their invoice online without requiring them to log in. This makes it the most unique extension out there right now as we have not been able to find anything else that does it.
However there are some things you should know upfront. If you want to use any payment gateway besides stripes, it will cost you about $9 USD which is very fair. However, if you are needing to use, it only will allow for the CIM method. This is probably to better support their other product for recurring payments for membership sites. However many of us rely on the AIM/SIM method and do not wish to purchase the additional feature of CIM through when it is not needed. So if you are using the base level for, you will need to pass on this product.
For grins, we attempted verifying that it did work with CIM via our developer account, and though it would send customer information up, it would always say the test payments did not work so I can't comment to how well it does actually work with CIM.
Additionally, when attempting to use CIM, the payment form at the bottom of the invoice does not perform error checking the way that you would think. Essentially, all you have to do is not fill anything out and click that you accept the terms and it will attempt making a payment instead of checking the page first to make sure what is required is properly filled out. Again, this may work just fine if other payment gateways are chosen but seemingly the error checking would be universal at some level.
Finally, there was no way that we could tell to manually mark an invoice as paid. The example being if someone mailed you a check or use manually ran the credit card yourself via a virtual terminal.
All that being said, I would use the product because of the non authorized url mentioned above if the gateway was better supported and there was proper validation of the payment form before payment is attempted. So give it a shot as its simplicity may be perfect for you.
Owner's reply


It is an honour for us that you allowed your precious time writing and sharing your experience for the product, which many people avoid.

We at Ready Bytes Software Labs always develop our products with an idea to help solve issues and to initiate a path foundation for a better Joomla experience.

In this same context PayInvoice was created and we always welcome our users to contact us with their Ideas. As we believe in creating, according to the user needs.

" Currently the offline payment method is missing from PayInvoice ", this is what we feel too. It has already been added to PayInvoice's Roadmap. So, users can expect it soon.

Lastly we would like to extend you warm appreciation for introducing us to a bug(payment form error checking)in the product. We will squash it and update the PayInvoice kit at our end.

Thank You very very much for support our Product.

Team Ready Bytes.

Reviews: 1
Awesome extension! i bought payplans and saw that they had an invoice tool also, for FREE!!! so i decided to test it out. I sent a test invoice to see how it would look and it works well. my only concern is i can't figure out if i can display a list of invoices sent and their status for clients in the front end....ill keep looking but this is truly a great product!
Owner's reply


Thank very much for the great review and using our product.

We had basically developed Pay Invoice for admin purpose only, but Thank you for suggesting a new feature for us.

We will surely adopt the new dashboard feature as you suggested in our future release.

We will let everyone know about the development in our blogs section as well as JED.

Thank You for your support.
Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 1
Does exactly what it says it does! Installation and setup are almost too easy for a free product, didn't have to go through a sign-up process to download. From downloading it, setting it up and sending my first invoice, took around 5 minutes.

I have also been looking around at subscription systems for another site I run, and was so impressed by this product that I bought PayPlans 30 minutes later, which is also spot on!
Owner's reply


Thanks a lot for taking time to write a review for us. We are motivated by your kind words and will keep updating, developing as well as adding new features in the product to make it more secure as well as better for the Joomla community.

Thank You.