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Joom Credits is a Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 native credits payment solution developed by Ossolution Team. It allows your site members to purchase credits (via Paypal, and Eway payment gateways) and use these credits to pay to access resources on your site like Articles , Documents (in Docman and JDownloads extensions), Videos (on hwvideoshares and Seyret extensions).

Furthermore, It allows your site members to withdrawal money from their credits balance to their Bank Or Paypal account (the exchange rate is configurable from back-end of the component, for example, with 10 credits , users can withdraw 1$) . This feature is much needed if the site resources (articles, documents, videos) are uploaded by the community and you want to share the profit with the owner of these resources . For example , if an author write an article and it cost 10 credits . When a user subscribes to read this article , he will have to pay 10 credits . 3 credits will be added to admin account and the remaining 7 credits will be added to author account. The author can submit withdrawal request when they want (for example, at the end of each month) . Admin process this withdrawal request and send money to author bank or Paypal account .

How it works :

1. Your site members purchase a credits package and pay for this package via Paypal , or Eway payment gateway. The purchased credits will be added to balance to his account . (For example, if the credits package he purchased contains 40 credits, 40 credits will be added to balance of his account) .
2. The member access to a resource (view an article, download a document, watch a video) which need to pay, he is redirected to a confirmation page which inform him need to pay to access to this resource . If he agrees, he will press Process button . At this time, the payment will be processed :
1. Credits will be deducted from his account .
2. Credits commission will be added to admin account .
3. The remaining credits from this transaction will be added to author's account .
4. All transactions will be logged and members can view all the transactions by accessing to Transactions History menu item .
5. If all resources on your site is yours , you can disable step 2 and step 3 from configuration area of the extension (Credits will not added to admin and author account because this process simply members pay for you so that they can access to the resources).
3. When some one paid for a resource (article, document, video), you can limit them to access to this resource by Number of Views (for example, you only allows them to view it 3 times), or by number of days (for example, you can allow them to view it within one week) or set it to unlimited (users can view it forever once they paid for it) .
4. Users can submit withdrawal request to transfer money from their credits balance to bank or Paypal account as descried above.

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Reviews: 2
This extension is rubbish and could only be described as a "rip off".

It is:

(a) a poorly patched extension used with Joomla 1.5. The Joom Credits demo on their site is still using or at least refers to Joomla 1.7;

(b) claims to be compatible with Joomla 2.5, but installing it through up multiple warnings for coding and SQL errors;

(c) has no user mannual or guide. There is no online documentation that I could find for this extension. You have to guess how to use it(assuming you can get it installed and working);

(d) support is poor. I sent an email setting the code errors and information about using the extension. Have yet to get a reply even acknowledging my email;

AND for those who may think my review is harsh, I went to the trouble of doing a completely fresh install of Joomla 2.5.9 and then trying Joom Credits again. Got the same (and other) errors.

A very poor rating is too generous (but there is not a "doesn't work at all and is complete crap" rating)
Reviews: 1
I bought Joom Credits and it was a breeze to install. There was a whole host of included plugins to use credits with other 3rd party extensions so I set it up with Jdownloads and it works like a charm.
Tuan was very helpful in setting it up with Eway for me. Thank you for a great extension and great support.
Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 2
This software doesn't work. Just ready the countless amount of complaints all over the web about it. I wish I did.
Support ticket is not replied to for two days now (week day).
There is no documentation - they send you to a forum which has no valuable solution to the issue in hand.
Owner's reply

Dear customer

First of all, I am really sorry for lately response on your issue because I was busy in the last 2 days to finish new version of the extension. I checked your support ticket yesterday night and found that it is simply a javascript issue (in most case, it causes by your site template has code to remove javascript file added by third party extension).

If it is possible, please reply me via support ticket, sending me information of your site so that I can fix it for you right away. It should not take me more than 10 minutes to solve the issue.


Ossolution Team

Reviews: 2
If the idea of share the site's income with authors is nice, the application developed must be rated as outstanding.

Thank you for such great extension.
Reviews: 1
It's the extension i've been looking for! It's easy to set up and very useful.
Thank you Tuan!
Reviews: 1
This is one of the best Pay Per View Extensions I've used. The extension is easy to setup and it is compatible with HWDVideoShare.
Reviews: 1
This is one of the good extension I have ever used.. very easy to configure... working same as mentioned in documents... Very good support...

I would definitely recommend it ....

Don't think much.... worth to buy it....
Reviews: 1
Excelent extension.
Everythink work,s perfect. just I buy it a few day,s ago, and it is in use by my site I use this extension to sell my sms pakage. For users hoe can,t use a paypal and pay in other way, I put his credit,s manually.
Tuan, all congratulation for this extansion. Thank,s - Vidradio