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OSE Credits™ ComponentPlugin

OSE Credit™ is a Joomla! extension that allows you to sell the reading (viewing) permissions to your articles or content with credits. It also allows you to sell the article or entry submission rights with credits. Nowadays Intellectual Property plays a more and more important role in the internet. You may have a very good blog with both free and premium content that benefits others. Such properties may be worthful which you can generate profits from. OSE Credit™ helps you to achieve this goal within your Joomla! CMS.

Unlimited credit plans

OSE Credit™ allows you to setup unlimited credit plans, to control the viewing permissions of your content (which is maintained in default Joomla content management or the K2 component), to control the permissions of submitting entries in your listing directory (which is maintained in Joomla articles, or Mosets Tree or SOBI PRO) and to edit users' credits.

Easy sales email / receipt management

Apart from the above-mentioned weathworthy features that can bring in profits for you, OSE Credit™ has a lot of advanced features for your e-Commerce websites. You can customize all emails that are sent to your customers within the email template section, and change the configuration for which groups can receive your sales receipts etc easily in the global email template configuration section.

Customizable registration form

Further, you can easily customize your registration form by adding / removing different fieldsets and fields from your registration form. OSE Creidt™ version 3 also utilizes the new OSE-Commerce framework to handle the registration forms, so you can create as many registration forms as you want and assign them into different menu items easily.

Seamlessly Integrated with OSE-Commerce Framework™

The new OSE-Commerce Framework™ also provides a lot of advanced e-commerce features for your e-commerce websites. Multiple currencies, cross-border tax system, various payment gateway and countries / states managements are all seamlessly integrated with OSE Credit™ version 3. With OSE Credit™ version 3, you not only own a credit control system, but also an advanced e-commercial system!

Neat and clear order management panel

Finally, a neat and clear order management panel shows all orders that have been placed and paid. You can actually change the order status with a simple one click on the order status button. The relevant emails will be sent out once the button is clicked and the order status is changed correspondingly within the embeded OSE-Commerce Framework™

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Reviews: 6
I started using OSE Credit with modest expectations and to some extent it responded to them. A few major or minor bugs here and there, but nothing that OSE instant Support could not solve. Then I started to thoroughly integrate and test the component to my clients' website (an online magazine), in which point I started getting more and more disappointed by OSE.
A few examples to make my point more clear:
1) The components' integration with the default Joomla vote plugin was not predicted or tested, and as a result one could evaluate an article without having read it. When I requested OSE's support on this, they told me I should pay them to have it fixed, as it was not a very common demand (thus, they weren't feeling that obligated to fix it).
2) I was trying to make some changes to the Credit Plans I had created and there weren't being saved. In that point they informed me that the features I was trying to configure, which are advertised as two of the many OSE Credit features, were actually experimental and would work in the future. Well it surely didn't give the impression of an incomplete function to me when I was purchasing the component, or when I was actually seeing them as two more sets of options in the credit plan's page.

Moreover, there is a lack of basic features, as an e-mail notification to the administrator for new orders, or the ability to see if a user has made an online (via paypal) or an offline (via bank transaction) order. And bugs, such as granting the credits a member has bought even after the order has been refunded.

In conclusion, OSE Credit has great potential and instant support, but "instant support" doesn't always mean that your problems are solved.
Right now, I still feel terrified with the idea there might be still a few bugs left that I haven't discovered during my thorough tests - a fear that shouldn't exist to that extent with the use of a commercial component.
So until its' great potential is reached, I wouldn't recommend it for a serious, commercial website.

PS: Components' Back-end administration is not that responsive. I couldn't really work on it with a screen smaller than 10 inches.
Reviews: 6
Positive :
support is reactive

Negative :
after a fresh install. Component not working. One fatal error (fixed by the support after a request).
Creation of accounts was also buggy

support install fileexplorer component system without asking permission and do not uninstall it

IPN for Paypal is still with the old HTTP 1.0 protocol and will not work in a couple of weeks
Reviews: 9
This is an excellent component and the support team behind it is Excellent! They go above and beyond to help you and they answer their support requests promptly. If there were more than 5 stars available I would give them more. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 4
I am new to Joomla, this is first Joomla software I buy. Somewhere is hard for me, so I submit a question, support man reply me very quick. He help me solute my problems. very good support and good sofware! thank you! sorry my english is not good.
Reviews: 1
The Ose Credits support is maybe the one that other companies should take as an example. Every question was answered quickly. The OSE support gave helped us customize the component to integrate Ose credits the way our customer wanted it to work, which was, as usual, not the out of the box way.
Thumbs up for a great component and great support.
Reviews: 3
I tried another payment system for Mosets and now OSE Credits. In comparison, OSE Credits is very easy to configure and much easier to integrate with Mosets. You don't have to change any of Mosets templates or core files so changing templates or Mosets upgrades won't override anything. OSE Credits uses a plugin that embeds the necessary code. Support is excellent and fast. Super!
Reviews: 10
OSE Credits, as all OpenSourceExcellence extensions, is the best paid credits system for Joomla.
Very simple to use with the fastest support I know.
Moreover, I use OSE Membership Control with OSE Credits and integration is perfect.
I'm a Joomla expert and I can tell you : Hard to find better !
Reviews: 1
This component works well with K2, if you would like to restrict K2 categories or items. Easy installation and configuration. Provides good support.