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AlphaUserPoints ComponentModulePlugin

The first complete Referral User Points System for

- Joomla 2.5.x
- Joomla 3.x.x

With AlphaUserPoints component, you can distribute, assign or remove points to registered users according to some of its actions and activities on your website. AlphaUserPoints acts as an incentive promoting participation of users. Users often strive for more recognition, as well as competition. It's also usefull for contest, challenge, participation, game or online store!
AlphaUserPoints include a complete system of ranks and medals. Both can be combined. Ranks and medals can be assigned automatically with points or awarded manualy in backend component.
This component has its own component for invite which can also be used by non-registered users (based on AlphaRecommend). Possibility to integrate in Community Builder or JomSocial.
Building easily communities using AlphaUserPoints!

Features list:

Easy to use Administration interface like Joomla!
- Raffle system
- Possibility expire date for rules (useful for campaigns)
- Auto-approve system
- Max Daily Points
- Invite/recommend system integrated
- OpenInviter supported to invite/recommend
- Buy points with Paypal
- Change user level by system points
- System ranks and medals included
- Statistics per user
- Details actions per user
- Sync. users
- Recalculate function
- Reset all points function
- Max points for winners
- Coupon codes points
- Purge expires points
- Exclude users (useful for admin)
- Export active users (CSV)
- Export e-mails (CSV)
- Support third plugins
- Provide API for third components
- Possibility to integrate in Community Builder and CBE
- Integration Uddeim
- Integration JomSocial
- Integration rules for Kunena
- Integration JomWALL
- QRCode for Coupon code
- Template email for invite
- Language support
- Support Joomla! core SEF
- Easy install by one step
- MVC development
- Plugins System to extend features
- ACL permissions for Backend
- Auto-detection new rules from third extensions
- JomSocial notification instead e-mail
- e-mail notification on rank or medal
- additional registration for raffle to the referrer user

You can see some examples of integration (CB, Kunena, VirtueMart, Joomunity, JomSocial, etc...) on forum.

If you registered on, you can enter this coupon code to earn 50 points!
Just enter this code in registered form on registration step.

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Reviews: 2
This is great and unique component.
Good job to developers!

Reviews: 5
I found this component very easy to install, configure and use. It allows us to reward our members for recommending new users, adding photos, applying for jobs and many other uses. with a plug in I found it extends further to allow users to cash in points for cash via paypal. Which is a great way to encourage user actions.

Initially I did not think it met my needs as I did not want points for joomla articles,but when taking the time to look on the Alphaplug site, I found all of the extensions to expand the points, almost all free. I used jomsocial, and there are many other extensions to work with this component.
(including virtuemart) On installing the JS part all the relevant JS actions were available to add points to. Add photo, add video, make contact (friend)etc.

I will be looking to extend this further to work with another excellent component joombah (recruitment) so points are rewarded for upgrading to paid memberships, applying for jobs or posting jobs.

I am not a developer and have never put together a CMS before, although it took me quite a few months researching and testing components for my unique yet robust site.

I have to thank the whole Joomla community for their support. I have found the developers of extensions (mainly commercial)far outweigh my expectations in regards of product and support. I have used mainly purchased extensions but they are a gift at the price they charge and I have been happy to pay as the support has been worth 1000 times more than the small cost for the extension, which would cost me a fortune to have customized.

Thank you to all the wonderful developers that use this CMS.
Reviews: 15
Theres absolutely no integration with Virtuemart, users are imported into this component, but thats it, just the username, not even the details.

Theres no plugin whatsoever for Virtuemart, and you can't earn points for buying products.

This may confuse users like me, please edit description.

This is a component for managin points given by other methods, articles send, reviews etc, but no integration with VM at all.
Reviews: 8
This is the best Extension for Joomla I ever seen .... it has so many needed, working and cool features I couldn't believe at first ...

I RECOMMEND this to ALL , you won't regret !
Reviews: 4
This is an interesting and useful extensions. So many features. Compatible with wide range of other extensions.
Thanks for the great extensions.
Reviews: 1
Good Extension and very usefull to increase traffic
but a minor problem...

in reader to author points --- give points when any bot visit the site....
Reviews: 2
I don't know any other component which could do at least part of what makes AUP.
Incredibly increases the users activity component. Life of the community begins to boil after it is installed.
The most impressive thing is the presence of API for developers with very simple usage. Just imagine - you write the rules! Amazing motive for creativity.
Reviews: 1
The medal system in version 1.5.10 does not automatically award to users as promised. For instance, I have created medals that are to be awarded automatically after 20 points. They do not award UNLESS I go into the backend and actually go into edit a medal / award (doesn't matter which one) and THEN hit save. Then, it will somehow award all of the users that need that award.

Why is this? It is not working properly obviously because I shouldn't have to press "SAVE" on medals every time to get them awarded to the proper users.

These are the components that I am using with AUP:
AlphaUserPoints: 1.5.10
Joomla: 1.5.14
JomSocial: 1.8.8
Kunena: 1.5.12

I have not edited any of the core AUP files and have tested it out on multiple Joomla installations to produce the same frustrating result: medals do not automatically award.

This is an amazing component, but I have not received any support or help on this from the support team at the official AUP site. Again, I understand this is free but there is no fix in sight for this MAJOR flaw in the core part of the component.
Owner's reply


Thanks for this report bug. The new lates version 1.5.11 fixe this bug. Try it !


Reviews: 16
Way to empower the people and keep it open source, YOU ARE MY HERO :)

This has major applications towards creating localized decentralized yet interconnected customizable economic systems.

I use this in conjunction with some other great com's, mod's, & plug's geared towards this
Reviews: 2
Great supporting extensions and very easy to use. Was PERFECT for my site!!!
Reviews: 30
Hi, this component is great, fantastic and easy configuration. Congratulations and can be sure that I use and have a good return, I will make a donation. Thanks.
Reviews: 5
Excellent extension !! Though the support is a bit weak and you might have to wait for days to get support but you have to consider that most of the times, its Bernard alone who is answering the questions and he has his limits too.

Besides, you also have to consider that its not always easy to debug each and every request. Each problem faced is unique in itself and requires considerable time to be solved.

3 cheers for Bernard for creating such an excellent extension and keeping it open-source..!!!

Also, the code is very well written and is not hard coded as many other extensions are. It is very simple and easy to understand.
Reviews: 1
This is a great component but the newer versions seem to be lacking the ability to manually update points which the older ones allowed you to do. If this feature was added (or better explained?) this deserves 5 stars
Reviews: 1
Reviews: 7
I had been asking Bernard for the integration of Openinviter in AUP for over a year. He finally took the time and integrated it right on time for a promotion we were preparing on our website, that has a VM powered on-line store. The idea was to get more people into the site, to receive the newsletter. More people receiving the newsletter, more purchases on the on-line store. That simple.

Rules for the contest: during the whole February 2010 we asked people to invite their contacts to join the site. In the beginning of March we would check the points and give away 3 prizes to the 3 top inviters. Everyone would receive one point per email sent and 20 points for successful registration.

Some tweaks had to be done to Joomla core registration in order to immediately login the user after first registration and direct him to the AUP invite feature. That was critical to assure a smooth registration process+immediate invitation (like the feature on Parainvite). We also had to create a secondary flow of email validation, sent in the background after registration, to avoid spammers and false registrations. By the end of February we had to manually check for these false registrations and remove the referral points.

Early in February there were around 250 registered users. We announced the campaign using the newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and the website. People started flowing in.
In mid February Bernard warned me that openinviter was already available with AUP and we immediately installed it and made another newsletter reminding people of the campaign and preliminary results. That boosted invitations even more.

At March 1 2010 we counted the results: we had gone from 250 to over 800 members!
At present day there are still registrations coming in.

So here it is. A success. Thanks to Alpha User Points. Bernard, you're the best.

By the way, we had some questions in the integration features and Bernard replied in the forum always in less than one day. That's a better result than many commercial components provide. Truly amazing.

Just some final thoughts on this:
- I think AUP has the potential to become a must have for any site, not only for it's ability to award users for actions, but also for it's ability to make users invite others. That's the basis of Facebook growth and we all know where it's taken it. Thanks Bernard for the effort in integrating openinviter.
- AUP can easily become a powerful Affiliate marketing tool. With the right rules for tracking for example, Virtuemart sales and AEC membership subscriptions, this can become THE affiliate component for every joomla site. Just think of three simple scenarios:
a) A VM store where you automatically convert every purchaser in a affiliate and take him to the AUP invite right after his first purchase.
b) A community site where you reward users for their activity and also for inviting other users to buy premium memberships.
c) A community site where users create their free and premium content and you give them part of the revenues for the premium content subscriptions or pay-per-view.

Of course, this may involve a lot of work and coding. But this would clearly take AUP to the next level and maybe into a paid component like AEC or Jomsocial.
Just some thoughts.

Anyway, thanks Bernard for the work in this great tool. Once again, You are the best.
Reviews: 10
This is simply just an awesome component. Giving awards, medals, and points for things done on your site is a great way to get more people to join your site and contribute content.

I really like medals feature. Say you have the Seyret video component, you create a custom plugin for AUP to give 25 points when a person uploads/adds a video. You can create a medal when a person reaches say 1000 points from adding a video. The look of the medal is up to you as you select the image to use for the medal.

Creating plugins to work with other components is as simple as pasting some code at the end of a function (e.g. function to add a video). Then you create a simple XML file to tell it the name of the component. The XML file is your "plugin."

It also gives people the ability to purchase points as well as donate points to others. The possibilities are endless. You can rename "points" to anything you want if you really wanted a customized solution to work with the theme/topic of your website.

The Community Builder integration is just awesome as well. The points layout (when adding to menu) allows you to select CB for the profile. Each "tab" you have in CB is a slide menu and it tells you what % of your profile is completed/filled out.
Reviews: 1
One thing that stops me from using it! I use CB and what doesn't make sense is in the setup it asks if you want to integrate with CB profile and you say yes. Then you see your CB picture in the User Points profile which is perfect. BUT, then it says to upload an avatar or picture to complete more of your profile but you don't get the upload tab because of your choice to integrate with CB.
If your picture is already there, why doesn't it see this and give you a further completion of your profile?

If I am going to integrate with CB, use CB instead of asking me to upload a separate picture for Alpha user points. Then, the only way to get the upload tab in your AlphaUserPoints profile is to turn off the CB integration. Now you have really separated your profiles and could use two different pics which gets confusing. Not good.

If you can have Alpha User Points see that you have a CB picture already and give you further completion percentage of your profile it would work perfectly..
Reviews: 1
I use it and it works very well ! It fits all my needs.
Reviews: 1
I think it's a very good component and now with the integration of the Community Builder it's even better. There's just one thing that makes me not to use it : the fact that in the user's list appears the administrator , and anyone can find out what the administrator username is. It's like using "admin" as the administrator username.
Reviews: 2
This is one of the most creative Joomla components I have come to use and I LOVE IT!. Not only is it well developed but it also adds a valuable service to any website and the website members will love. I highly recommend it to anyone.
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