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AlphaUserPoints ComponentModulePlugin

The first complete Referral User Points System for

- Joomla 2.5.x
- Joomla 3.x.x

With AlphaUserPoints component, you can distribute, assign or remove points to registered users according to some of its actions and activities on your website. AlphaUserPoints acts as an incentive promoting participation of users. Users often strive for more recognition, as well as competition. It's also usefull for contest, challenge, participation, game or online store!
AlphaUserPoints include a complete system of ranks and medals. Both can be combined. Ranks and medals can be assigned automatically with points or awarded manualy in backend component.
This component has its own component for invite which can also be used by non-registered users (based on AlphaRecommend). Possibility to integrate in Community Builder or JomSocial.
Building easily communities using AlphaUserPoints!

Features list:

Easy to use Administration interface like Joomla!
- Raffle system
- Possibility expire date for rules (useful for campaigns)
- Auto-approve system
- Max Daily Points
- Invite/recommend system integrated
- OpenInviter supported to invite/recommend
- Buy points with Paypal
- Change user level by system points
- System ranks and medals included
- Statistics per user
- Details actions per user
- Sync. users
- Recalculate function
- Reset all points function
- Max points for winners
- Coupon codes points
- Purge expires points
- Exclude users (useful for admin)
- Export active users (CSV)
- Export e-mails (CSV)
- Support third plugins
- Provide API for third components
- Possibility to integrate in Community Builder and CBE
- Integration Uddeim
- Integration JomSocial
- Integration rules for Kunena
- Integration JomWALL
- QRCode for Coupon code
- Template email for invite
- Language support
- Support Joomla! core SEF
- Easy install by one step
- MVC development
- Plugins System to extend features
- ACL permissions for Backend
- Auto-detection new rules from third extensions
- JomSocial notification instead e-mail
- e-mail notification on rank or medal
- additional registration for raffle to the referrer user

You can see some examples of integration (CB, Kunena, VirtueMart, Joomunity, JomSocial, etc...) on forum.

If you registered on, you can enter this coupon code to earn 50 points!
Just enter this code in registered form on registration step.

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Reviews: 11
This is my first review and i had to this ..this is the best extension for joomla and without this i wolud have not even thought of creating a Joomla Website. Now lot of Rules are Developed for this (check there forum).
Thanx a Lot to Developer But only words of Aprreciation are not enough one must contribute to them for there great work and i am sure gonna do this when i will get my first pay check from google
Reviews: 4
This is a nice feature for communities, but it works mainly whit their own system and Joomla, the only integration with Community Builder is the login sistem and nothing else. This extension would be really cool and interesting y it could work with CB fields. I'll rate better when they universalize the component. Sorry for my English.
Reviews: 13
This is so easy to use - I downloaded it about a month ago and am using it on a site with SOBI directory and alpha userpoints for a restaurants directory.

I am a novice - the only problem I have that I haven't yet figured out is why the invite friends won't recognise any emails - it did work for a few days and then it stopped.

In all fairness - this is probably something I can resolved If I TRIED - I would recommend that you use this without hesitation for any community project
Reviews: 4
This is one of the best things I've seen for Joomla 1.5
Its easy to set up and use and the support on the forums is really good. Its amazing how many things you can use this with just by putting some code here and there.

If you have a website that is community driven then you NEED this.
Reviews: 5
I track this points system since I started Joomla sites and recently I decided to integrate it.
I made a good choice!
System is so easy with powerful options from start. If you need any modifications and integration with other components it is so easy to implement (you just use standard AUP code where you want to put it and that's it).

Now I can play with my community as long as I want to - and it brings me back to the old times of fun and gaming :)
Reviews: 1
This comonent is really fantastic. :-)
Reviews: 3
This extension is so huge and there is possibility so many things. Developer is expert what he do (all thanks for he this great extension and guidelines what is direct in component), but mayby couple debugging users or SVN would be great. I love this =D
Reviews: 2
This is a very useful addon for any Joomla site. It gives your users a reason to be a member or affiliate. I can think of a number of useful reasons to install this. Cheers to the developer.
Reviews: 4
This is a must-have extension for a community site. Your members earn points for their participation, they can award another member some of their points, they can get promotional codes for more points through contests and activities. Your members will be ecstatic at being able to earn points! The component provides a fantastic way to build participation.

However, there is a single huge drawback; there are limited means for your website mmembers to spend or redeem the points they earn.

Automatic points 'spending' through additional components, is what this component is designed to do. There are no premade spending rules, so 'Spending' must be accomplished by your site admin through some coding. For your members to 'spend' their points, you must code new spending rules into your API and Virtuemart, first by coding into your API component then creating a new .xml rule for the AlphaUserPoints extension.

This is from the developer instructions to develop a 'spending' rule.

"Just insert the following API in the component code where needed. The best is to make it follow
a user action that could give the users some points or take some. For exemple in a comment system component
or in a forum, just add the API after the comment or topic INSERT query in the database.

a) Use - Basic API

$api_AUP = JPATH_SITE.DS.'components'.DS.'com_alphauserpoints'.DS.'helper.php';
if ( file_exists($api_AUP))
require_once ($api_AUP);
AlphaUserPointsHelper::newpoints( 'function_name' );

Be prepared to understand the above, for volunteer developer support in writing a spending rule refers you to the above instruction.

Manual subtraction or addition of points is not immediately possible. There is one back-end work around. An existing bonus points rule can be edited to carry a single positive or negative value. This 'bonus' rule is an additional means of adding points to a single user, but is the only means of subtracting a single value of points from any user. It can only be done with one value for a single user at one time. For a different value of negative points, you must edit the rule.

Wish list: Capability to setup spending points that is as easy as setting up earning them. Perhaps to create a link to 'buy this item with your user points' function into your FB or CB components or a Joomla system article, some pre-coded spending rules, or even additional 'bonus' rules that can be set to different values or mass-applied.

Rating: A good component that is 'out-of-the-box' easy to use for one objective (earning points) earns an excellent for its ease in set up, ability to increase member participation, and excitement brewed among your membership as they earn points. But, as it is difficult to use for its complimentary objective (redeeming the points earned) earns only a 'fair' for that important aspect. Hopefully, we'll see this promising extension become more uniform in its userability and become 'Excellent' all around.
Reviews: 1
This is a good component that some of my clients were expecting!

All rules inside the component are very usefull.. now my visitors are maniacs getting a lot of points.
Reviews: 1
it is super , only thing i don't lik is there are people earning on his back. Also thermus be more public rules , like if you hit any page also language files are not yet to find. So maybe we can help him to get it bigger
Reviews: 6
For a long time I though AUP is a component for rating other users like in Ebay. But actually it is for evaluating the individual user's contribution to a community site. It is good for motivating the user.

I wish its modules could display CB avatar.
Reviews: 1
This component is equipped with all important features as a point system. Easy to use. Great work! Look forward to seeing more useful addons from alphaplug. Well done!!
Reviews: 2
This is a pretty simple and well designed component. Really want to see other components doing integrations *hint hint*
Reviews: 1
Being new to Joomla and all, I came across this component and it immediately sparked multiple ideas about what could be done with this add-on. The value that this has added to my site can not be measured. My site is basically built around this. Not to mention it is free although I do recommend that you support the developer. The support forum is great as well, not common being that it's free.
Reviews: 1
This program is great for tracking affiliate referrals or rewarding your customers for interacting with your website. It sets up quick & easy, but can be customized however you want with its unique rule system. There are also several third party plugins to extend it's functionality such as my favorite: turning user's points into a coupon in VirtueMart.
Reviews: 8
This is the sort of extension that you think would be really cool, but doubt anyone will ever develop. And yet, here it is. AlphaUserPoints has sprung as a reasonably mature, richly functional, and very flexible add-on from the heads of its development team. AND it can be integrated with Community Builder. Great little motivational extension for community-based sites.
Reviews: 1
This to me has the makings of "Must Have" if you have any sort of e-commerce/directory site with a forum, polls etc. The possibilities for gaining, retaining and getting users/customers to actually contribute to your site and earn discounts or price reductions are endless. Great Work so far for a brilliant extension
Reviews: 6
This, without a doubt, is the missing link to turning Joomla into a rich, thriving community site. Plus, the developer Rocks!!!

This isn't a product you want for your site then have to settle with what's there (usually why to simple or looks like a bad haircut)...this is a product that is there and then some - with a skilled developer that gives 110%!!!
Reviews: 3
SO simple to use, seconds to install, and really boosts some vitality in to your site.

Highly Recommended.
5 out of 5.
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