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Nice PayPal Donations Plugin

With Nice PayPal Donations you get the most convenient & flexible way to add PayPal donation buttons almost anywhere! Although it is not as robust as its big brother the Nice PayPal Button, the Nice PayPal Donations plugin includes a bunch of the same key elements which are so widely loved by many Joomla administrators.

The Nice PayPal Donations plugin provides a convenient way to add a PayPal donate button to any article, to modules, or to almost anywhere text can appear on a page! No need to horse around with convoluted donation extensions, the Nice PayPal Donations plugin's implementation is quick, flexible and easy to use. Simply enter a button tag {nicedonate:|amount|donation name}, e.g. {nicedonate:|50.00|Feed the Children}, where you want your PayPal donate button to appear and start collecting donations.

Features include:

* Add donation buttons almost anywhere on a page where text can be placed, i.e, articles, modules, etc.
* Supports custom donation button graphic replacement.
* Set a dollar amount or allow the donor enter it, great for donor specified donation amounts.
* Set the item name.
* Supports item reference numbers.
* Supports one PayPal donation options drop down menu or text field.
* Supports PayPal country codes. Sets PayPal payment page language.
* Supports all PayPal supported currency codes.
* Setting for PayPal button language
* Test mode option, point to PayPal sandbox account.
* Language support.
* English translation included.

Release 1.03 Changes
* Joomla 2.5 compatible.

Release 1.04 Changes
* Resolved front end editor replacement issue.

Release 1.05 Changes
* Joomla 3.x compatible.

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Reviews: 3
I couldn't believe how easy it was to set up this plugin. It worked for me right away. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
I cannot believe there are only about 5 reviews for this amazing extension. Its developer has provided incredible support for such a small dollar amount. I have to let anyone interested know this is a great product, super easy to use (& I've I tried many), and the developer is great.
Reviews: 2
i have used this product on many websites. when one of the websites that i was using the program did not work the customer support was outstanding.
they spent many hours (for free) checking the back-end system via a login and ftp.
what he was able to find i would have never been able to be do.
it turns out that the problem was with my joomla but they did not dismiss me at all and was very professional and explained every step of the way with me. i would recommend the program to everyone, just the customer support alone is worth it.
Reviews: 4
This was my fourth attempt to add a PayPal donation button to my first attempt at a Joomla! website. Michael's rapid and detailed e-mail response was worth more than I paid for the download. Solved my newbie problems beyond this extension. Thanks! Only caution: make sure you use the document for the NicePayPal Donate and not the NicePayPal Button. The syntax differs but both have a donate button.
Reviews: 14
No instructions in the Plugin itself like the others have. Need to go to the Website to get the parameter details for the plugin. Button does not open Paypal in a new window which is bad. Need to have that so visitors still have your site open in the background.
Reviews: 1
A very nice, simple plugin for dealing with paypal donate buttons.

A few requests could be that the paypal window opens in a new window, so that it doesn't replace the current tab/window. And maybe also to have the plugin support multiple codes (not something i've been using as of yet, but it could come in handy)

But thanks for a good one :)