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DT Donate Component

DT Donate is the first pure donation component for Joomla that uses the payment gateway. It can be used in Joomla 1.5 / 2.5 / 3.1.

This brand new version of DT Donate has been rewritten to easily add future payment gateways quickly. You can make ARB Recurring Billing payments or also use ECheck (if those items are enabled in your account). DT Donate also includes the option to pay with PayPal, onetime or recurring. In the admin, you insert your login ID and transaction key and/or PayPal email address. DT Donate also supports USA ePay and USA ePAY Echeck for both one time and recurring donations. DT Donate also support the Moneris Gateway. There is a plugin available (DT Donate MyScript) to trigger processes upon completion of a donation. You can also customize an instructional message that appears before the donation form as well as the "thank you" email that the donator receives. You can also setup CUSTOM FIELDS for your payment form, which can be any type of form input field. The entire donation process takes place within your own website which looks very professional. You can also generate a CSV export of all donation records. We recommend that you setup a SSL certificate for your domain so the transactions are secure. Of course, you must have a merchant account with an payment gateway to use the functions. Our website includes documentation and a forum for additional support.

Key Features:

- ability to add a Convenience Fee of a set $ amount or % percentage to help cover your merchant fee costs.
- ability to user either User-Input donation amounts AND/OR admin Pre-Set donation amounts.
- Captcha security code images
- WYSIWYG editor for customizing on-screen messages and emails.
- use "tags" to insert data from the donation dynamically into the donor's confirmation emails.
- Default currency selection.
- Captures IP address of the people that make donations/payments.
- all text in language file for easy modification.
- Community Builder integration (1.7 and newer)
- MVC file structure
- one year of free updates

Community Builder Details:

- donation form fields auto-populate with CB user data when the user is logged in.
- an OPTION to save payment info is added to the bottom of forms which enables users to save their credit card/banking info for future use. Payment data is of course encrypted in the database.
- optional CB Plugin gives you the ability to add a "Donation History" tab to the user profile. The history info is only visible to the owner of the profile.

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Reviews: 3
We've been using DT Donate for a few years now on our church website... back in Joomla 1.5 and now in 2.5. We have two different payment gateway accounts setup and our congregation can choose between them for giving online. It's great because people can even designate where the money is intended to go... tithe, building fund, missions, etc. We've also received help when needed from DTH, but this component is so easy to setup, you probably won't even need help. Thanks guys!
Reviews: 3
Very poor support, and this component still does not work on my site. This has been going on since 2011.
Reviews: 1
DT Donate is an excellent way to set up donations on Joomla sites. Great integration with PayPal and Lots of options available for the user to customize their donation, plus plenty of options for me on the back end to allow for a user-friendly and confident experience for the donator. I use the custom fields for donations to specific departments and the user sees that it is given directly to that department. DT Donate does what it says it does. Easy setup and great support make it well worth the $$.
Reviews: 1
This is a pretty good component that works as described "out of the box."

Seamless integration with and PayPal!

Future requests I would have:

- More customization options for admin email notification
- Validation options for custom fields on the form
- Ability to edit language file from admin

Overall it has been a great component and even better with customization, so I guess my main request would be that the component has more features in the next version. (Mostly with form options and validation)

We have 4 installs of this component for different types of donations. Google MMORE Foundation to see our example.
Reviews: 2
My first installation of this component went flawlessly, and was very easy to use both on the admin side and for end-users. I had a problem on my second installation -- the button that advances you to the second form where you select a payment amount was not working. My trouble ticket was answered within a few hours and the problem solved. It turned out to be a Joomla template error, and not anything wrong in the DT Donate code. How many developers would take the time to resolve a problem like that? Really excellent support and customer service!
Reviews: 1
I have recently installed DT Donate and have had an excellent experience. The component is easy to use and configure. While it may not be as customizable as I would like, it is more than adequate for my purposes. Best of all, though- the support I have received from the developer(s) has been unparalleled. They replied to my support ticket within the hour and have been so very patient and extremely helpful. I will most certainly look to them first for relevant applications. The support alone was worth far more than the $30 they charge.
Reviews: 2
For a while the extension worked well... but after we had a problem with and dtdonate working together, we submitted a ticket - on November 12, 2008. Haven't heard a peep... after 2 followup emails as well... You have to pay for this extension... I find sometimes the free ones have better support. Its a shame to put this as a review... but even if we heard that it wasn't a dtdonate issue... but not one peep... my 2 cents.
Reviews: 1
I installed this on my server and all works great except for a few minor tweaks. posted on the forum and didn't receive any response so I submitted a ticket and still no response.

Great product if they could support it better
Reviews: 11
We use DTDonate on many of our nonprofit clients websites, provides a quick, simple and effective way to offer online donations. The developer continues to improve and add features, and is very responsive to questions. Although very streamlined, it also offers a lot of flexibility with custom fields.
Reviews: 3
New to the Joomla scene, thought getting something like this set up would be a nightmare. Easy to get going, great instructions - does what it says. Highly recommend this!
Reviews: 1
This component is a great idea, but I have had some minor problems with it in use. In particular,intermittently, the amount of the donation is recorded properly in paypal, but not in the donation module. I've submitted several support tickets, along with examples, and the issue has yet to be resolved. It'd been almost a month since I've heard back from the developers, who initially were very responsive.

There is also a very minor bug in the cvs export, where city state and zip headers are out of sequence. It's an easy fix to make.

The donation form is lacking an address2 line, and there isn't much, if any, entry validation.

Set up was easy, and the tie in to paypal couldn't be simpler. It also integrated well with CB1.1

Hopefully the developers will get back on track, fix the problems, follow up with the support tickets and refine what is a very promising product.
Owner's reply

This user was using Joomla 1.5. We had discovered some bugs in our 1.5 native version which have been resolved and corrected in the last release. Our development team has also multiplied to better handle support and ongoing development.

Reviews: 2
It's not often that you find both quality work and quality customer service at the same time, but that's wht you get with this. The component itself does just what it claims to do, and does it very, very well. And the guys at DTH are over the top when it comes to pleasing their customers. Couldn't recommend this one more.
Reviews: 1
Kick Butt Component! I highly recommend to anyone who is in need to accepting donations on their site to go with DT Donate. Not only is the extension easy to set up and of the highest quality, the customer support is off the hook! There has never been an extension I have obtained where the support was so quick and informative. Thanks DTH, keep up the great work!
Reviews: 1
This was everything we needed to start gaining online donations for our church. It was very easy to setup, and user friendly. My favorite part was when I emailed customer support about a particular need, and they promptly responded that "no" it didn't currently have that functionality but that they would add that functionality by next week. That is insanely good customer support. I'm grateful to these guys! Keep up the great work.
Reviews: 1
Its a basic donate app works great I use the gateway and it works great. The guys at the DTH have taken a lot of time out to help get up and running with the component.
Reviews: 1
My Bliss and Balance needed a solution for collecting donations on a Joomla-powered website. Although neither myself (the website's editor) or the founder have much technical ability, we found the support and customer service of DTH Development to go above and beyond the call of duty. Once we got DTH Donate up and running, it integrated with our Paypal option, and made Ezgi's dream of collecting donations to support the education of children in need a reality. Thank you so much DTH Development (and Nathan Gifford in particular) for all your help in getting this great product launched on the site. Thanks so much!
Reviews: 4
DT Donate does exactly what it claims. And the support could not be any better in my opinion. Nathan has been extremely helpful in helping with the install and answering any questions I had about The component is extremely easy to configure and has Community Builder integration. I would highly recommend this if you are looking for a solid donation component on your Joomla website.
Reviews: 1
DT Donate was exactly what we needed for our site, and works seamlessly with They assisted me with upgrades and provided a level of support far above expectations. DT Donate is a great application!
Reviews: 1
Great product and exceptionally responsive support team.

We started using DT Donate 6 weeks ago for Credit Card processing (and soon requested eCheck support)... DT Donate delivered!

USAGE: We currently have the module running on 4 sites (2 CC/eCheck, 1 CC, 1 Paypal) - ALL running smooth and stable. NOTE: The busiest site (CC/eCheck) is averaging over 50 transactions/day.

Thanks for the fast support!!

... I'm looking forward to other great products from DTH Development
Reviews: 2
Very slick component! With all of the possible customizations I can make, this adds a lot of capability to my site for taking payments. Works great and the support is great too! My client was very pleased!!
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