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studio42 paypal donate Module

Easy to use Paypal donation button Module compatible with joomla 1.7 to 2.5.
Can be used by simply adding the email address or ID (requires a business account). Clickable Link to right Paypal page in setting.
- Three major languages ??included. (English, French, German)
- Title for Paypal checkout
- The cancellation link and baklink can be an article
- If return Url or cancelled url is not set, return to current page.
- BackLink to Studio42 can be disabled.
- Display of currencies available
- Display an input field to the donor or the amount and currency(or nothing)
- Use the paypal button with original credit card if desired
- Button size options.
- Automatic language donate button
- template overide feature.

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Reviews: 36
This thing worked straight away, no problem.

Styling it is another matter altogether. No public documentation at all, no support. Registration on the site (I was hoping to find hidden documentation) was a problem because the captcha was broken the day I tried it.
Reviews: 1
It took me about 5 minutes to configure after I uploaded the module. Intuitive and quite manageable. I have one problem and that is no big deal, I cannot get the default amount to disappear when I leave it blank as the instructions call for. I can, however, enter any amount and it works quite well. I strongly recommend the module.