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PayPal Donations Lite ComponentModule

The FreePayPal Donation software is a one-stop shop for automatically handling user donations (it can also track subscriptions) using PayPal's IPN (Instant Payment Notification) software. Features: automatically track donations, automatically generate user-defined dynamic tables, displays a highly-configurable flashplayer animated donation thermometer. Other functions: top donors, recent donors, donation list, all functions are user-configurable and can appear as a component or module.

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Reviews: 2
There are many backend and front end bugs, most of the modules don't even show up.
Reviews: 5
I installed this on J 2.5.14 and it had problems out of the box. The thermometer wouldnt show up and I got errors. I had to edit the files to get it to work.

When I did get it working it works perfectly and is a fantastic plugin for Joomla and does everything I need and more. Very configurable too.
Reviews: 6
I'm not sure why it says it's version 2.0 but it's actually 2.0.1 on the download site. We needed something for a club to collect membership dues and this was perfect. Since we collect dues once a year, we were able to set it up to automatically bill members 1x year. The payment module is easy to use, and I had zero issues setting this up. You can even redirect it to your own thank you page or the one built in (that you can also customize). Great component! Keep up the great work.
Reviews: 15
The component itself works fine but none of the modules seem to work. If support exists, I can't find it.
Reviews: 9
This extension is very easy to install and use, and valuable to anyone needing a convenient and simple donation system on their site.

The only limitation I found was that when changing the selected currency the minimum donation remained numerically the same. Consequently, a minimum donation of UK£5 becomes Y5 or $5 when the currency is changed.

Since the purpose of the minimum donation may be to avoid suffering loss due to Paypal charges etc, it seems impossible to set an appropriate minimum amount. It would be better if the amount could be converted when the selected currency is changed.
Reviews: 1
Nice component, very useful and free!
Thank you.
Reviews: 7
This is potentially a great component. It's supporting extensions work well together and have great utility, but there are simply too many coding errors to be usable on a production site. Many appear to be simple cases of using hte incorrect case. Would well be worth the effort.
Owner's reply

I've gone through much of the code and re-vamped it to generate XHTML 1.0 compliant markup and to be OK for strict PHP 5.3 compatibility. The entire frontend now validates as XHTML 1.0 compliant via validation. There is one exception: the flashplayer thermometer is embedded via an OBJECT tag and an EMBED tag. These are not W3C/XHTML standard compliant. Yet, there is no way to embed the dynamic flash thermometer without these tags. Hence, this exception to complete W3C compliance remains.

Reviews: 1
This seems like a great extension but I uninstalled immediately when it didn't validate with many errors. Standards validation has been around a long time now and is expected that when your site is "green" (validates with the and 1 module throws a bunch of errors it's unacceptable. SimplePayPal keeps doing the trick, but my clients would probably love to see/download their transaction data. Did notice someone brought the issue up on his forums a couple of years ago;( If issue is resolved I will take a look again and re-evaluate and change this rating accordingly.
Owner's reply

I've gone through much of the code and re-vamped it to generate XHTML 1.0 compliant markup and to be OK for strict PHP 5.3 compatibility. The entire frontend now validates as XHTML 1.0 compliant via validation. There is one exception: the flashplayer thermometer is embedded via an OBJECT tag and an EMBED tag. These are not W3C/XHTML standard compliant. Yet, there is no way to embed the dynamic flash thermometer without these tags. Hence, this exception to complete W3C compliance remains.

Reviews: 26
This component and the associated modules were very easy to download and install, and although the mouse-over explanations on the back end could be clearer, it's fairly easy to set up and configure (less than 10 minutes work in total).

Very quick way to set up a donations system using Paypal on your Joomla! site, and the thermometer module is great too.

Had to do a few core hacks to remove punctuation which is unnecessary and to centre the thermometer - would be nice to have this controlled by the back end, but that's just a cosmetic issue really!

Overall, very impressed and will definitely be using on more sites in the future!
Reviews: 4
I would give this great component 5 stars but it generates error when mouse over on donate button in frontend. The error is "is not null or not an object" and is generated in IE8 (didnt try other).Whole extension is fully functional the prob is you see error message in left bottom IE corner which is really annoying. The error is even in authors demo page. After author fix those bugs this coponent will be simply the best free paypal donation extension here.
Reviews: 6
This app is excellent, it does what I want to do (add donations to support a project and accounting of that donations). And also do more than it.

Very good and recommended to everyone who is looking for a donation system with Joomla and Paypal
Reviews: 2
This module integrate the PayPal IPN in an easy way and allows you to display/ track the donations.

The modules could integrate a css appart but eventhough it looks great !

Very easy to maintain from the component back office

Good Job !
Reviews: 2
I have just installed it into my site and test it. I feel it's a good product, i would recommend this plugin for everyone who is looking for a quick, easy way of dealing with PP donations.
But it'll better if the product support multiple languages.
Thank you
Owner's reply

Version 1.5.10 release Sept. 26 has multi-language support for the front-end. --Cheers, drew

Reviews: 1
My group was looking for a way to track and display donations on our homepage. This extension has made everyone happy. It was a little tricky to get working properly but only because we are running a non-standard server (Windows).

Drew worked hard with us to get the extension running and with the latest updates most people will have no problem installing and configuring this.

I see this as a very popular extension once the final bugs are worked out and better documentation is written.
Reviews: 1
We installed this program for fund-raising on our non-profit's web site. We had been using another, similar, program but it was no longer being updated and had to use legacy mode, so we looked for another alternative.

Our requirements for this were more than just a donate button. We wanted our members to be able to specify the amount they wished to donate (but suggest a suitable amount at the same time); choose to make a one-time donation or regular monthly donations; and donate in a variety of currencies.

We also wanted IPN integration that would pick up subscriptions previously set up and donations made directly to our email account @ paypal; keep track of and display recent and all time donors; and show a graphical display of amounts raised vs. goals.

The Free PayPal Donations extension met all of our requirements.

Setup, which at first looked like it would be easy, turned out to be a little tricky and we found the documentation for the extension to be a bit lacking. Still, after reviewing what documentation that did exist in the program and the author's web site, we were able to get it up and running; it just took a little longer and was more difficult than it should have been, in my opinion.

Once set up, the program has functioned well. This is our first month using it, so we do not know how it will be once we go into a new month and a new goal.

Overall, I really do like the program but the thing that kept me from giving it an Excellent rating is the lack of documentation. There are still many things shown in the setup that I do not understand or which appear to be non-functional. Perhaps this will all be worked out in future releases.

Support has been decent, given via a forum on the product web site.

Response time for questions asked appear to be prompt, but it is evident that this is a sideline project for the author and not his primary focus. For the price (Free > donation), this is to be expected and I did not fault him for this.

So, to summarize, this is a very capable program which will do what it says it will and works well once set up. Documentation is a bit lean for my taste and support, while prompt, does not appear to be a priority.

Despite that, I do not know another program of this type that has all the functionality, so that makes it well worth the learning curve required to get it set up and running.

Rating: GOOD (But could be EXCELLENT with a little more docs and support)
Reviews: 97
It looks nice. However, when I want to translate this component, I noticed that there is NO language file.

Hope the author add multi-language support. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a easy and simple component/module for adding a donation method on a non lucrative website and this was the perfect component i have found!! This is a A++++++

I had a few problems with the component on my website so i emailed the developer and he fixed right away my errors (not a bug on the component but a problem with my host) so he quickly release an update on the component with a fix for everyone with same issue:)

Thanks again for all the help and this fantastic work !!!
Reviews: 2
I needed a quick easy plugin for a site that I was developing, and started using FreePayPal Donations. After a few weeks, I wanted something with more features so I looked into purchasing one of the commercial (read: costs money) plugins listed near the top of the donations plugin list here.

However, after contacting the developer numerous times without any support, I decided it was time I try to contact Drew for a bit of help regarding FreePayPal Donations.

Drew was VERY quick to respond and even coded some quick changes to suit our needs within the first 24 hours. Subsequent emails with him have always been answered quickly and courteously.

The plugin itself has always functioned as expected. Setup was quick and easy and there are plenty of configuration options available. Having the ability to place individual modules throughout the site is great, and being able to keep track of all donations through the administration panel is wonderful.

In short, I would definitely recommend this plugin for anyone who's looking for a quick, easy, and extremely configurable way of dealing with PayPal donations.
Reviews: 1
After testing most of the Paypal donation templates, settled on FreePayPal because the ability to designate payment frequency moved it away from the pack.

Would like to see the ability to choose "donation" or "subscription," as well as more context regarding IPN.

Great module.
Reviews: 1
The author responded quickly to my e-mail when I had a question about timed donations.

This extension takes the "simple" PayPal extensions one step further without adding complication and deserves to be much higher in the "donations" ranking - i.e. on the first page, not the last.

Fill in a couple of blanks, check desired functions, and your'e done!