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Joom Donation is a Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0 native extension allows you to get one time and recurring donation from visitors of your site via Paypal, and MoneyBooker payment gateway. Other payment gateways : Paypal Pro,, Google Checkout, FirstData, Eway, Worldpay, 2Checkout, SIM, Payflow Pro, Alertpay, DPS Px Pay, Securepay, Migs: MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (Australia)... are released as Payment Plugins
*Features :
- Get one time and recurring donation via Paypal , Moneybooker and payment gateway.
- Collect donors information : First name , last name , address , city, state... on donation form.
- Joom Donation is responsive. That means your users can access to donation form and process donation via mobile devices :).
- Confirmation email will be sent to donor and notification email will be sent to administrator when donors make donation to the site .
- Manage donors list from back-end of your site.
- Display donors list from front-end of your site (Donors can choose to hide themself in the list on donation form) .
- Export donors data into csv format to view in MS office or exachange this data with other applications .
- Donation form plugin to allowing display donation form in any Joomla articles .
- Campaigns feature : The extension allow administrator to add unlimited campaigns from back-end of Joom Donation and track donation progress for each campaign.
- Custom fields feature :Allow administrator define custom fields to collect more information of donors. From version 2.6.1, you can assign custom fields to campaign. That means each campaign can have it's own custom fields.
- HTTPS support
- Flexible config options : There are many config options which you can change from back-end of Joom Donation . That makes Joom Donation becomes a flexible extensions.
- JomSocial integration :
1. Auto-fill fields on donation form (first name , last name ,…) from data stored in JomSocial’ profile so that user won’t have to re-enter these essential data .
2. Donation history plugin : This plugin displays donation history of a user on his profile on his profile .
3. JS Donate Me plug-in : Allow site visitors to donate for members of your site . The money will be transferred directly to member’s or transfer the to site administrator and admin will send payment to member at the end of each month ( Configurable) . This plug-in will also allows the owner of profile to view list of his donors, export his donors list into CSV format .
-Community member integration :
1. Auto-fill fields on donation form (first name , last name ,…) from data stored in CB’ profile so that user won’t have to re-enter these essential data .
2. Donation history plug-in

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Reviews: 4
I had messed with DTDonate and other donation components in the past, but NOTHING compares to Joom Donation!

It did more out of the box than anything else, and cost less as well. The support is better than any other as well. I had some minor tweaks that I needed that I wasn't able to do myself, and the developer was able to exactly what I needed for a reasonable price. He is even going to integrate the changes into the next release!

If you need a Joomla Component for taking donations, look no further than Joom Donation!
Reviews: 4
This is a very good component and worth the reasonable price. I worried that the freeware offerings might not be robust enough for such an important piece of my site, e.g., revenue. I got the com installed quickly and integrated with my PayPal account. Highly configurable and flexible. Minor complaints: The CSS needs some work. I had to fuss with it some. But okay for a non-expert. The one module in the package I tried was built with a table that was not compatible with my template. So I'll have to recode it. But it shouldn't be hard for an intermediate coder.

Reviews: 3
When I saw this module, I was eager to try it out. This is by far the best donation module I've seen. Being able to simply track donations as well as process the payment is awesome. After installing, I ran into some issues with Javascript. Turned out there was some strange combination that revealed errors in my template, not this product. However, Tuan Pham (the developer) totally helped me out and fixed my template! How cool is that? Also, I might mention, I submitted a ticket at 8:00am on a Sunday (USA--MST time) and the problem was fixed by far the best support I have ever gotten from any joomla extension support team.
This component also can be used for more than donations...since you can customize all the labels, you could use it for whatever you need to purchase and track.
Reviews: 1
I installed Joom Donation to manage donations for various campaigns, but needed the functionality of the campaigns tweaked a little bit for our purposes. I contact support, and they were able to make the change I requested, and did so promptly. I am very pleased with the service.
Reviews: 2
Most comprehensive donation plug-in I can find for Joomla. The support is also ridiculously good!
Reviews: 1
Joom Donation module is great, quick and easy to get up and running.

The support is excellent and quick. I highly recommend both the product and the company.
Reviews: 1
I can't believe this is free. The different pieces work amazing and the service is both FAST and quality! I needed a few modifications for my customer and they were done within 30 min. of my request. THANKS A MILLION!!!!!!
Reviews: 1
Was the only component I could find that fit my exact need. It didn't quite have the formatting I needed but support was awesome and went ahead and made a few custom changes for me. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
If you want a robust donation solution, and a team that really cares about your success, then you have arrived at the right place!

My original decision to use this product was due to my need to have multiple campaigns. The base feature set was awesome but I needed it to go one extra step. Because the site that it would serve was a non-profit providing for the needs of the community, I needed to have the ability to have parent/child relationships between the campaigns and the ability to place a campaign within an article.

Ossolution was open to additions to their product and customized it to fit my needs exactly!

Thanks for everything Ossolution! If there was a rating above excellent, I would happily give it.
Reviews: 2
I think this Joomla extension is pretty awesome. Granted there is always the free standard PayPal donation button but this extension offers a much more professional appearance with many options.

As for service, I had a problem with my account setup but after contacting customer service they communicated with me consistently until the problem was resolved.

I am completely pleased with all aspects and hope to try some of their other extensions in the future.
Reviews: 1
This module offers a lot of options. I'm very happy with it. I was having a little trouble with it and I got great service. All my question where answered and when I couldn't fix the problem, they stepped in and fixed it for me.
Thanks from a newbie.
Reviews: 1
After a slight hiccup, the developer had an accident and was in hospital for a short while, the support I have received for this module is outstanding. Both with questions before download and after installation.

I would highly recommend both the module and the developer.
Reviews: 1
It is a very simple donation extension. I can't define display order of custom fields on donation form. If you want to collect information such as donor address line 2( apt, building, floor etc), salutation, job title, matching company, in honor/memory of, all these custom fields go to one section, "Additional Information" under "Donor Information". The donation form looks very unprofessional. I have tested some transactions in Paypal sandbox. The donation extension has missed some transaction records of recurring payments. There is no pagination of donation history for a donor (Jomsocial Plugin). No option of "permission to publish" for donor. It automatically publishes donor name in donor rolls.

As a paid customer, I have sent the programmer emails and post requests on his forum for over a week. He never response. Zero support. Very unprofessional.
Owner's reply

First of all , I am sorry for lately response to your email . I had an accident , so I were in hospital last week . I just come back to my offfice and start working again this morning .
Regarding your comments about our extension :
1 . For the custom fields , in the current version , all of custom fields are placed under one place like you said . I will develop a field type called 'Seperator' so that you group custom fields into groups . You can also changde ordering of custom fields in the next version .
2 . For the layout of form , It is just simple layout . However, If you want to change layout , you can simply modify the css file or html code of the form . The extension follows MVC coding standard, the code is very clean so It is very easy to modify it to what you want (I don't see anyone complain about layout of the extension before :( ).
3 . For recurring payment , the extension doesn't create a new donation record . It only update the about of donation record for easy maintenace .

Anyway, I come back to my office now . Please contact me via email for support .

Ossolution Team

Reviews: 2
I was looking for a donation extension using PayPal, with the listing the donors features on the site. If you try to find something similar, definitely you need this one. Easy to set the parameters. The only difficoulties I had, was redirecting to the PayPal, due to PHP4 on my server. I got immediate support, and it was fixed with minor modification. Great extension with super support.
Reviews: 4
After searching through and testing numerous donation modules I found this one to be the most complete (of those tested).

Many of the other modules work well for passing donation information directly to PayPal, but with this you are able to maintain donation info (and membership info if you want to call it that) in tables within your Joomla database. That brings us much closer to one-stop shopping, our goal for both development/administration as well as our audience.

RFE #1) PayPal and similar businesses take fees out for processed transactions. It would be nice to be able to offer the Donor and checkbox, radio button etc, where he/should could check to add a the percentage and transaction fee to the donation so that the organization gets the full donation amount. With PayPal it is typically a percentage, 2-3% and a transaction charge of $.30 or so per transaction.

RFE #2 - The fact that it is already configured to work with is a bonus, thank you. What is the possibility of setting it up to work with other gateways such as "CDG Commerce"? Their fee structure is less aggressive than

Again, the component is well worth the $20 or so I paid for it.
Reviews: 1
I so wanted to give Joom Donation a 5 star rating when I read about it and decided to purchase it, but it's just not quite to the 5 star level, out of the box, especially for a commercial component. It needs some fit and finish work and the absolute lack of documentation is particularly a minus. I really dislike guessing about what a setting should be or might do when I change it.

The developer was great about fixing issues and getting it working on my site after I installed and configured it. If it had just worked and had at least some documentation, I'd give it 5 stars.

I agree with other reviewers that the support is really great, although they are Joomla freelancers, so if they get busy with a project, their support level for their commercial Joomla components drops noticeably.

All in all, I recommend it, it does exactly what we need for our site and I especially appreciate the one-time/recurring donation choice, SSL donation page, and Jom Social integration.
Reviews: 1
I've had a great experience using the plug in, find it to be very customizable, and have had great pleasure in dealing with the developer's support on our non-profit's site. Thank you very much for a pleasant experience.
Reviews: 2
This component does a couple of major things no other component does:

1) Recurring donations
2) Custom questions for each donation campaign
3) support
4) Easy backed interface to keep track of donators and the donation campaigns.

For developers: The code is clean and easy to follow making customization a breeze. I've installed several donation components but this is the best - BAR NONE!!!
Reviews: 8
This package is easy to install, easy to customize the look/feel and was up very quickly and working easily - can't say enough about the great support! I have tried many solutions for our non-profit site and this is perfect - if you're considering this package, don't think twice!
Reviews: 10
Didn't work at first with the template I had, but support got back to me same day and fixed my template to work with the program. Great organized interface and works as promised.
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