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Joom Donation is a Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0 native extension allows you to get one time and recurring donation from visitors of your site via Paypal, and MoneyBooker payment gateway. Other payment gateways : Paypal Pro,, Google Checkout, FirstData, Eway, Worldpay, 2Checkout, SIM, Payflow Pro, Alertpay, DPS Px Pay, Securepay, Migs: MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (Australia)... are released as Payment Plugins
*Features :
- Get one time and recurring donation via Paypal , Moneybooker and payment gateway.
- Collect donors information : First name , last name , address , city, state... on donation form.
- Joom Donation is responsive. That means your users can access to donation form and process donation via mobile devices :).
- Confirmation email will be sent to donor and notification email will be sent to administrator when donors make donation to the site .
- Manage donors list from back-end of your site.
- Display donors list from front-end of your site (Donors can choose to hide themself in the list on donation form) .
- Export donors data into csv format to view in MS office or exachange this data with other applications .
- Donation form plugin to allowing display donation form in any Joomla articles .
- Campaigns feature : The extension allow administrator to add unlimited campaigns from back-end of Joom Donation and track donation progress for each campaign.
- Custom fields feature :Allow administrator define custom fields to collect more information of donors. From version 2.6.1, you can assign custom fields to campaign. That means each campaign can have it's own custom fields.
- HTTPS support
- Flexible config options : There are many config options which you can change from back-end of Joom Donation . That makes Joom Donation becomes a flexible extensions.
- JomSocial integration :
1. Auto-fill fields on donation form (first name , last name ,…) from data stored in JomSocial’ profile so that user won’t have to re-enter these essential data .
2. Donation history plugin : This plugin displays donation history of a user on his profile on his profile .
3. JS Donate Me plug-in : Allow site visitors to donate for members of your site . The money will be transferred directly to member’s or transfer the to site administrator and admin will send payment to member at the end of each month ( Configurable) . This plug-in will also allows the owner of profile to view list of his donors, export his donors list into CSV format .
-Community member integration :
1. Auto-fill fields on donation form (first name , last name ,…) from data stored in CB’ profile so that user won’t have to re-enter these essential data .
2. Donation history plug-in

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Reviews: 5
I had a few needs not obvious on the configuration screens but found that all were possible with rapid and clear support. Thank you!
Reviews: 3
The plugin itself is easy to setup and does just what it says. I had a slight problem getting the HTTPS to work correctly but I contacted support and they were extremely quick to respond and resolved my issue by the end of the day.
Reviews: 1
I had a few problems with setup but emailed support and my questions were answered in a matter of minutes. Very happy!
Reviews: 1
everything works great and am very happy to be using this extension. my only worry is that administrators should have the option to either enable or disable the thermometer image, goal and donated amount on the front-end. I personally would not want this to show on my website.
Owner's reply

Dear Nana

It seems you have a very litle experience with using Joomla. Thermometer is a nice MODULE used to display your goal and total donated amount of a campaign. Since it is a Joomla MODULE, you can simply go to Extensions -> Modules manager, find the thermometer module, unpublish it and it won't be showed from the front-end. Simply enough ?


Ossolution Team

Reviews: 3
I think the component is wonderful, but do not use it with I haven't been able to get it to work in three weeks. The guy just gives me the run around. He doesn't even read the email fully. Useless customer service and looking for a new extension. Waste of money if you need it for anything other than PayPal.
Owner's reply

Hi Jacob

First of all, I can confirm that Joom Donation not only works well with Paypal but also with and all other payment gateways supported by the extension (please note this extension has been development for 3 years and use by so many customers without any problem). So please do contact me again and I will help you to make it work properly.

Regarding the support, I am not sure whether it is a problem with your email or not. But I did replied you via support ticket system, I replied your forum posts but you didn't reply as well. Maybe you didn't receive notification from our support ticket system and forum notification ?

If you receive this message, please contact me ASAP. You can email me directly to or better, please contact me via Skype for support. My skype nickname is tuanpnves. You don't have to look for a different extension, just use Joom Donation (I can assure that it is the best in this category)

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Ossolution Team

Reviews: 1
This is worth every penny i spendt on it.
If you want a donation component, you can stop looking. Because you have found the best :)
Reviews: 3
this is the perfect plugin for any charity. it compares to no other... the support is also second to none.. replied with in hours.
the donation plugin allows for any custom fields and is so easy to set up. thank you joom donation!
Reviews: 5
This extension is great. I especially love the plugin that allows you to add donations within an article. Another great feature is the ability to have donation options as a drop-down box instead of a radio button. The support provided by the developer is excellent and prompt!! I need to have the ability to have different donation campaigns in an article and the developer updated the plugin to allow that function. I would highly recommend this extension for both value and support.
Reviews: 1
This module is easy to configure and does just what it says it does. Tuan, the developer, went above and beyond helping me correct bugs specific to my website. He also assisted me in finding the right files to make my own minor modifications. I am very pleased with the program and the service.
Reviews: 3
I have been using Joomla since version 1.0 and have downloaded and used hundreds of extensions. This one ranks near the top of the list. It does what it says. I had a small problem integrating it with an emulator merchant account, and Tuan, the author of the software, worked with me through a trouble ticket on his site until I got things working.
Reviews: 1
Like the previous reviewer I have used this extension to allow a charity to receive online donations as an alternative to JustGiving.

The component worked straight out of the box but I have needed to do a few modifications to get it working as we needed. I was able to mostly do this myself or I asked Tuan (the developer) for help who replied very quickly and was very helpful.
Reviews: 1
I use this extension to allow university students to collect donations for sponsored events, to create a justgiving style site where the students were not collecting for a registered charity. I'm reasonably experienced with Joomla! but certainly no expert.

I had some difficulties with getting the campaign IDs to link with the display donor module but after contacting Tuan I recieved first class, and very quick, support. He modified the module and some of the configuration parameters and it now works like a charm.

There are a couple of features I'd like to see incorporated - the ability to display donor comments alongside the donated amount (or as a seperate module) and the ability to display the amount raised so far without the need for the less than beautiful donation 'thermometers' currently included. The documentation on the site is practically non-existant so it's difficult to work out issues for yourself, but this becomes a mute point when Tuan responds so quickly and thoroughly to any support ticket raised.

Generally this is an excellent and relatively straightforward component to use and I'm extremely happy with the support I received. Well worth the small price Keep up the great work!
Reviews: 1
I have used Joom Donation & found it quite useful.
What I do not like about it does not have to do with the software but instead some of the "Software Developer" hijacking his own software to insert dubious & potentially unethical self promoting donation text.
It all involves OFFLINE PAYMENTS
Such as:
A Message Screen for OFFLINE PAYMENTS concerning Joom Donation Site & NOT Yours.
It is NOT clear about the target or the intent of the Donation:

Both the User & the Thank you messages solicits an ASAP payment to his Vietnamese Bank Account.
User email body (offline payment)
Thank you message (offline payment)

Thanks for donating to our site .
Please send the offline payment ASAP to our bank account .
Information of our bank account is as follow :
Tuan Pham Ngoc, Ngan Hang Ngoai Thuong Vietcombank, Account Number XXX045485467
[it should instead state something like TO NAME, BANKNAME , Account Number XXXXXXXXXX ]
We are looking forward to receiving your payment .

This message will be displayed on the thank you page after donors made an offline donation

It appears that the developer wants all Offline Donations to go to him.
I find that this can be modified but should not be inserted as text into the software extension.

It is possible that I am misinterpreting this content so I would like a clarification if possible.
Owner's reply


Please understand that I have never wanted to receive OFFLINE PAYMENT donation as you mentioned :

1. The messages are just DEFAULT CONFIGURATION MESSAGES generated at the first time you installed the extension. As you pointed out, you can go to Joom Donation -> Configuration , looks at Messages tab and change the message to point it to your REAL BANK account. (I am sure that every customers who use the extension will test the extension before using on a Live Site, see the message and change it - Do you agree ?)

2. More important, the BANK ACCOUNT in the message is a FAKE BANK ACCOUNT. It is not MY (or ANYONE's) BANK ACCOUNT. So infact, even when you don't change the message, and your donors transfer the money to that FAKE BANK ACCOUNT, the money will never be transfered !

Hope my explanations above are clear enough. If you receive this message, please help me by contacting the JED team to ask them to remove this low rating and review for me.


Ossolution Team

Reviews: 1
I have been using this extension for a while now and I have to say it always works for what I want to use it for. It is highly configurable. Then IF there is ever a question or support related issue the support given is SUPER FAST. Highly recommend this. Very impressed.
Reviews: 3
Its refreshing to find a joomla component that just works, as advertised, and works well. Joomdonation is a solid solution for donations and online campaigns and is the only solution as far as i know that allows for individual users in Community builder to receive and track donations. The support is truly outstanding, always helpful and fast in responding.

Highly rated!!!
Reviews: 5
If you are looking for an easy to use, reliable and flexible donation extension you can stop looking - JoomDonation is absolutely brilliant.

I just installed and configured this on a non-for-profit educational website, and was blown away at how user friendly it is.

Customer service is light years ahead of most businesses.

Tuan, once again you have my utmost respect. Keep up the great work.
Reviews: 9
Worth the price. I implemented this on a new site for a church client. I had a small problem in the configuration of the extension. I posted in the support forum and Tuan was back to me within an hour. Problem solved quickly and easily. Did I mention it was 10 pm when I posted and by 11:30 he had looked at the site, given me an answer and a few other helpful thoughts. Highly recommended. My Client Loves it!
Reviews: 1
I had evaluated several commercial donation services for our bike trip fundraiser, when I stumbled across Joom Donation. It was easy to install and the developer even made some custom mods to help with our specific needs. Tuan was great to work with and managed to accomplish everything we asked for. This was the perfect fit for our site and meets our needs by supporting recurring donations as campaign pledges. This will allow us to maximize our fundraising efforts.
Reviews: 1
I purchased JoomDonation and set it up on my clients site quickly and easily. I am very impressed with the user friendly interface. This is an excellent product and the support is over the top. I have never experienced the level of support that I received from Tuan. He actually modified a module to customize my needs and I trust him to address any issues in better than expected time.
Reviews: 1
Very good extension specially if you need to fundraise money with different campaigns. I had a tiny problem and it got resolvedin very fast.Excellent customer services, very helpful.
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