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Joom Donation is a powerful, features rich, easy to use donation extension for Joomla 1.5, 2.5, 3.x. It allows you to collect donors information and get donation(one-time and recurring) from them via online payment gateways such as Paypal,, Stripe, Eway, Moneybooker...and offline payment plugin. If you need a donation solution for your site, look no further. Main features:

✔ Process both one-time and recurring donation.

✔ Creating, managing donation campaigns and track the donation process for each campaign:
★ This feature is optional. You don't need to use it if you only want to have simple donation form.
★ You can set GOAL, START DATE, END DATE and description for each campaign.
★ You can track how much money each campaign has received.
★ There is also nice thermometer to show the progress of each campaign
★ Each campaign can have it own pre-defined amounts
★ Each campaign can have it own Paypal account
★ For each campaign, you can set the donation type which it accepts: One-time, recurring or Both (default is Both)

✔ Custom, Flexible Donation Form
★ Integrate Joomla account registration (optional)
★ Show/hide, change ordering any fields on donation form
★ You can change, translate the message and the title of the fields on donation form to meet your need.
★ Create custom fields (Text, Textarea, Radio, Dropdown, Checkboxes list, Datetime....) to collect more information of donors if needed
★ Each campaign can has it's own set of custom fields
★ Allow donors to donate by choosing from one of pre-defined amounts or enter any donation amount they want.
★ Allow anonymous donation.
★ Allow donors to choose the currency they want for their donation

✔ Nice, Clean, Responsive Layout based on twitter bootstrap.

✔ Powerful Emails Notification System
★ Notification Emails sent to administrator when someone make a donation (the emails which receives notification is configurable, multiple emails is possible - seperated by comma)
★ Confirmation Emails sent to users when he completes donation
★ All email messages can be configurable from back-end of Joom Donation.

✔ Support 40+ payment gateways

✔ Embed donation form (of a campaign) into Joomla article

✔ Export donors into CSV file

✔ Built-in translation feature

✔ Integration with Joomla core Profile, Community Builder and Jomsocial

✔ Captcha & SSL integration

✔ Multiple modules: Donation module, Campaigns module, Thermometer module, Donors list module (Latest donors, Top Donors, Random donors)

✔ Other features
★ Donation History page which display donation history of a donors
★ Donors page which display list of donors (from selected campaigns, in the order selected by admin)
★ CB plugin which display donation history of the user in his Community Builder Profile
★ Jomsocial plugin which display donation history of the user in his Jomsocial Profile

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Reviews: 1
After a search of components it was decided that we go with this component. Currently I am using it for a non-profit client that relies on donations and tax deductible purchases from their store. When time came to launch, I was not able to process any donations due to the clients payment processor.

I received quick and courteous responses from the developer and was able to have my client's site fully functional very quickly after launch due to the professionalism of Mr. Tuan.

Installation and configuration was a breeze. It works as advertised and is easy to modify or style to your liking.

If I every have a need for any of the products this developer offers I will purchase in a heartbeat just on customer support alone.
Reviews: 1
I recently purchased this extension. I was sold after reading the capabilities it has. I installed it to my site. I am a long time computer user and would consider my knowledge in the top 30% of techies, which is unusual for a 69 year old. I am still learning Joomla but I have an active site and I'm told it is pretty good. This extension is a great solution for taking online donations. It has, I believe, everything needed. I have gotten excellent support by the author. I will post a new review after I use it for a while. Since I started with my first CP/M computer in 1976 I have always wished that software companies would start their Users Manual with a simple overview. For example: "Joom Donation is an extension which asks in a MODULE if a site visitor would like to make a donation, if they say yes DONATE the screen switches to a site PAGE with the donation form down the middle of the page (like an ARTICLE). After completing the form, (including credit card information) the user can check their entries and submit the DONATION. The extension notifies the organization and the donor."
Reviews: 21
I really like this event booking component. It installs with no problems, is quite intuitiv and if you have a question, the support forum is excellent. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
These guys rock! I needed special integration for a ministry that needed to take donations in pesos for the Phillipines and they were very quick and cost effective to make the integration and help with testing. YOU DON'T FIND SUPPORT LIKE THIS OFTEN!!! Great work O Team!
Reviews: 2
I give this extension 5 stars! The support is excellent. The extension is easy to install and easy to configure. The modules are very useful. There is a lot of value here. Our non-profit is using this and we love the thermometer feature and the ability to set up various campaigns with unique fields. This works really well with paypal and (as well as others). I also love the fact that the "thank you" emails can be configured uniquely depending on which campaign a person donates to.
Reviews: 2
The product continues to improve with quick response to enhancements as well as potential bugs. Love working with them.
Reviews: 1
First of all, The extension is easy to install if you are familiar with joomla installation. there are series of instalions to be done so roughly good half an hour to finish all installation is a reasonable time. Secondly, the history or user profile wher a user can see their profile ie how much they have donated so far IS NOT functioning properly and could be seen any where. When I installed it will show success, however, the extension is not seen either in the backnd just like other extensions, or in the front end after the user logs in and makes donations.

Reasonably ratig this module, i would give it generously two stars. This is because customer service after you buy is poor. I have tried to contact the developer numerous times via their contact form, Skype, basically dead-end. I am sill waiting.

So, while the paypal donation form is ok, the best part, where the user can see their profile is non-functional. I gues the rating is also influenced by the reasons of the purchase. I was interested to provide my user the opportunity to se their donation history. That part JoomDonation has failed, and there is not after-sales service at least so far (more two weeks).
Owner's reply


First of all, I want to say about donation history feature. In the previous version, there is a CB Plugin which display donation history of user in his CB profile. The same plugin is also available for Jomsocial.

Recently, I also added the donation history feature into the Joom Donation itself (This is requested by one client, maybe It was YOU but I am not sure). You can simply create a menu item to link to history view of the extension and users can click on that menu item to see his donation history.

Second, said about the support. I am not sure what timezone you are. My timezone is GMT+07, I am available from 8:30am until 11:30pm everyday, so if you contact me via Skype, I am available, no reason I don't response you. Sometime when customers send email via contact form, email might not be sent because the mail server might not work at the time. If you don't receive my response, try to email me second time or better please submit a support ticket !

I hope you will receive this message and contact me. The feature is AVAILABLE in the extension and I am available for support, too !



Reviews: 1
I tried a variety of donation extensions and ultimately settled on this one due to its flexibility, ease of use and aesthetics. I was even more impressed, however, by the support. I submitted a question asking about how to make a change to the field order. The developer not only responded within an hour, but actually made the code change and posted it so that I could simply download it and go! As a newbie, this was greatly appreciated!! Save yourself some time. Just buy this one and you'll be good to go!
Reviews: 1
I have setup up this component to receive donations for a non profit web site & it is very easy & straightforward to setup. When I needed some help with the customization the support was excellent & very prompt. I recommend this component to any non profit that require to receive donations online.

Thanks again to the develper & keep up the good work.

Reviews: 1
Joom Donation is an extension I wouldn't be without. It's easy to install, configure and update. I've used it for various clients and whenever I've had an issue that needed to be resolved, Tuan has been quick to respond and very helpful. Definitely worth the price. Great component, Tuan, thanks!
Reviews: 2
Its a great donation system. Reading others reviews here about the lack of W3C testing is a real concern. However the most prominant aspect that I couldn't believe was missing. Which to me appears to be a pretty simple thing, is the LACK OF ABILITY TO SHOW A LIST OF YOUR TOP DONATORS.

I just couldn't believe that this query list didn't exist.
Reviews: 1
Great extension and excellent customer support. I Highly recommend this component.

Thanks again to Tuan
Reviews: 2
This component is easy to setup and use, a really neat way to take donations on your website. I had a problem for which I submitted a support ticket and the issue was fixed very quickly.

Thanks Tuan
Reviews: 4
I really like the Joom Donation component. These guys have done a great job in its development. And their support is excellent and I appreciated their prompt and effective response to inquiry. I'm happy and so is my customer.
Reviews: 4
Hi Tuan

Thanks a million for your great, kind and fast support. We are all satisfied with your extension and it will help the business of our customer for sure.

We keep your software as standard for all our customers.

Many thanks again. You're great!!
Reviews: 1
Amazing and cool donationtool for joomla. I had a small config problem in Paypall but the Joomdonation Service was very fast and Good, They solved my problem online

Thanks Tuan, Igo
Reviews: 1

If you need a profesional well programed and stable component for managing donation on your site joomdonation is the best choice i recommend

Easy to use and configure, with lot of possibilities and highly customizable, let me fulfill my client needs (an international ONG)

The backend translation menu let me configure all the parameters in my idiom (spanish) and let me choose the better terms for the donation form

The custom fields let me create the form i needed

Excellent support, the programer allways help me to answer my questions on RECORD TIME, many time out of support time, (sorry for that :-) via skype or ticket system

Thanks Tuan for all your help with my dudes on configurating it and thanks for your dedication and great support

German Castro
Reviews: 7
Painless to set-up and use. Worth paying for. Plus the support is excellent.
Reviews: 1
Hi I have only ever written a handful of reviews but I could not allow Tuan's awesome support go without a mention!

The component installed without any problems and was very easy to setup the features and modules that come with it make this component great for displaying not only a donation button but full list of members (or guests) who donated as well as the aims of the donation, this worked a treat on the clan site i have.

Previously it was a tedious job updating the the donations once received and now its all automated and documented!

The installed component was fine, but my paypal IPN setup was not so I had wasted time for Tuan by looking for support with a faulty install when in fact it was my IPN setting which Tuan kindly guided me through.

I would highly recommend this component to anyone who deals with donations, it is worth every penny!
Reviews: 7
I'm amazed to find that developers that put out much needed products as clever as this just can't seem to find the time to run them through W3C code validation. I wouldn't use an open source solution that breaks compliance, much less pay for the privilege. The showcase demo page for this commercial extension shows 23 errors, That's more than a good alternative that simply seeks contributions, and there's no reference to the problem in the product description here or on the developers web site. The community deserves to know about this in advance of purchase. With a bit more work, you've got a flagship product here.
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