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Joom Donation is a powerful, features rich, easy to use donation extension for Joomla 1.5, 2.5, 3.x. It allows you to collect donors information and get donation(one-time and recurring) from them via online payment gateways such as Paypal,, Stripe, Eway, Moneybooker...and offline payment plugin. If you need a donation solution for your site, look no further. Main features:

✔ Process both one-time and recurring donation.

✔ Creating, managing donation campaigns and track the donation process for each campaign:
★ This feature is optional. You don't need to use it if you only want to have simple donation form.
★ You can set GOAL, START DATE, END DATE and description for each campaign.
★ You can track how much money each campaign has received.
★ There is also nice thermometer to show the progress of each campaign
★ Each campaign can have it own pre-defined amounts
★ Each campaign can have it own Paypal account
★ For each campaign, you can set the donation type which it accepts: One-time, recurring or Both (default is Both)

✔ Custom, Flexible Donation Form
★ Integrate Joomla account registration (optional)
★ Show/hide, change ordering any fields on donation form
★ You can change, translate the message and the title of the fields on donation form to meet your need.
★ Create custom fields (Text, Textarea, Radio, Dropdown, Checkboxes list, Datetime....) to collect more information of donors if needed
★ Each campaign can has it's own set of custom fields
★ Allow donors to donate by choosing from one of pre-defined amounts or enter any donation amount they want.
★ Allow anonymous donation.
★ Allow donors to choose the currency they want for their donation

✔ Nice, Clean, Responsive Layout based on twitter bootstrap.

✔ Powerful Emails Notification System
★ Notification Emails sent to administrator when someone make a donation (the emails which receives notification is configurable, multiple emails is possible - seperated by comma)
★ Confirmation Emails sent to users when he completes donation
★ All email messages can be configurable from back-end of Joom Donation.

✔ Support 40+ payment gateways

✔ Embed donation form (of a campaign) into Joomla article

✔ Export donors into CSV file

✔ Built-in translation feature

✔ Integration with Joomla core Profile, Community Builder and Jomsocial

✔ Captcha & SSL integration

✔ Multiple modules: Donation module, Campaigns module, Thermometer module, Donors list module (Latest donors, Top Donors, Random donors)

✔ Other features
★ Donation History page which display donation history of a donors
★ Donors page which display list of donors (from selected campaigns, in the order selected by admin)
★ CB plugin which display donation history of the user in his Community Builder Profile
★ Jomsocial plugin which display donation history of the user in his Jomsocial Profile

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Reviews: 1
This is my first time actually posting a review for an extension, and I felt like I had to because this is such an absolutely wonderful component. I usually work with small businesses and nonprofits with a limited budget, so I usually don't even consider paid extensions too much, but this was one that is well worth the twenty bucks.

Even more fantastic is the customer service I received form the developer. I had an issue with the SSL working on one of my client's sites, and although the issue ended up not being something caused by the JoomDonation component, the developer was freidnl enough to help me solve the prolem anyway.

Thanks so much for this component and for your helpful demeanor, my clients use this component daily to collect money for their cause! Lots of options, easy to customize, simple and easy to follow documentation. Love it!
Reviews: 3
It's a great Joomla extension, very easy to install.

I had trouble configuring this extension with JomSocial but thanks to the very efficient support, It was working again !

Continue the great work, don't forget the Joomfish integration content.
Reviews: 4
This is a great simple to use extension. The formal documentation is a bit lacking but this is more then made up for with a quick search in the forums. The developers have written solid code without a lot of fluff.

I am very happy with the extension and even happier with the support that Tuan and his team provide!
Reviews: 1
Developers were really helpful when we had a problem, easy to contact (via MSN) and all up really great to deal with! Really happy with this extension.
Reviews: 1
Thnaks for your help in integrating securepay au payment gateway - it is much appreciated.
Reviews: 6
I can't recommend this developer's Joomla extensions enough! I am using Joom Donation, Payment Form, and Event Bookings and each one worked exactly as I wanted and the PayPal integration was as smooth as could be. Tuan's support through the forum is amazing - he is very responsive and hard working and exactly what you hope for in a developer!
Reviews: 4
Joom Donation packs a lot of power into one component. Track multiple campaigns, add custom fields, create an easily selected list of pre-defined donation amounts, and more.

This component is easy to install, and includes additional modules that prove to be one of its core strengths over other available extensions. It connects directly to, and has a built in auto SSL (cert required on your site). It all works like a charm, and you can literally have this up and running very fast.

However, there are some minor shortcomings that I am certain the developer will address in future versions. AutoFill feature doesn't work, the layout is blan and not a snap to reconfigure. If you need custom fields other than text boxes, then custom coding will be required.

I did need to use tech support to solve an issue caused by another extension's plugin. The developer surpassed expectations in helping solve this issue.

** Please note, for the 5 star fanatics out there. Excellent can't be given to everything, and with some minor shortcomings this product is good, with some room for improvement. Having said that, it is the best Donation extension I have seen out there.
Owner's reply


Thanks so much for your rating and review. Infact, some of your notes are not correct, so I correct it here :

- AutoFill does work. It was tested and used by many customers so far. I think it doesn't work for you because you didn't set the fields mapping correctly. You should talk to me on Skype about this issue so that I can guide you.

- The extension support different type of custom fields, not only textbox. It supports Textbox, Textarea, Dropdown, RadioList, Checkboxlist,.... The only custom field type it doesn't have is File Upload because I don't see the need of using this type of custom field in Joom Donation .



Reviews: 2
Have had this in use for many months now - one of the most trouble free extensions ever and a core requirement for the website it is on. Finding features lacking they were added in a day or two...Wow!
Reviews: 1
Great extension, documentation and support. Thanks so much for this great contribution.
Reviews: 5
Great bit of software to meet your donation requirements.
Reviews: 1
Great component. Exactly what the client needed. Really easy to install and configure.
We also had to integrate it with our own payment gateway and had it done (and supported) by the Ossolution Team – great work, easy communication and very responsive.
Couldn’t be happier!
Reviews: 4
This is a great component. It was very easy to configure and works great. I also got great support when I had a question!
Reviews: 2
As with all of the extensions from this developer, this is EXCELLENT.

It makes it easy for user to make a quick donation. Its easy to install and set up.

Dont mess with messy code or bad design with the free donation services. Do yourself a favor and get this extension!
Reviews: 2
We are using Joom Donation and could not be happier with the functionality of this extension. It works perfectly for our needs. We particularly like it's ability to process recurring donations. And the customer support is exceptional. We needed some customization for our site and Tuan took care of everything for us in a professional, friendly, and timely manner. He is continually updating and improving the extension. We can recommend Joom Donation wholeheartedly. Thanks for your excellent work Tuan!
Reviews: 1
We evaluated several Joomla donation extensions and chose JoomDonation as most suited to our needs. We then decided we wanted to include eWay as a payment gateway. We contacted Tuan from the Ossolution team, got a very good price for incorporating this in JoomDonation. The job was done on-time (2 days), on budget, with excellent support. We are very glad we chose Joom Donation.
Reviews: 1
This is the most flexible donation extension I've ever used! I'm putting it to work for a non-profit organization that operates multiple simultaneous fundraising drives - Joom Donation is perfect for the job!

Not only that, but Tuan has been extremely helpful in supporting the extension - even when I *thought* there were a couple of issues that ended up being problems on my own part.

Furthermore, he quoted me a very fair price to develop a slightly customized plugin for final tailoring to my customer's needs.

Great work, Tuan -- and thanks for the top notch support!
Reviews: 3
I love the extension. It was so easy to implement and I need to compliment Tuan. I needed some customization to a component and Tuan did it for FREE. This was great and he was very helpful. I appreciate the support after purchase and I recommend this extension.
Reviews: 2
What an absolute lifesaver this plugin was for me! I tried another plugin first, one that cost nearly double - had some configuration questions that were absolutely vital to use of the plugin - submitted a ticket a week ago, a follow up 2 days later - and STILL haven't heard - found Joom Donate and now I can sleep tonight! I have a big important campaign that HAS to happen this week after the other company made me wait this long, and thanks to the developer's expertise and TOP NOTCH support, I'm ready!

Thanks SO much again!!
Reviews: 3
This is the most feature rich donation application I have found for Joomla. Does exactly what we want, is very flexible and is really easy to use.

Good support forum.

Thanks a lot guys.
Reviews: 2
Wow!!!! What a great product. I am one of those people that researches extensively for a quality product before I purchase it. I have purchased JoomDonation and it is everything I thought it was and more. What a great product and easy configuration/user interface.

The support is amazing as well. I had a little issue with the module formatting with the gantry framework with my template. I skyped Tuan, he accepted in literally 2 seconds and fixed my problem in less than a minute. Now that quality service for a quality product.

I can't wait to see more from him.
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