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Joom Donation is a powerful, features rich, easy to use donation extension for Joomla 1.5, 2.5, 3.x. It allows you to collect donors information and get donation(one-time and recurring) from them via online payment gateways such as Paypal,, Stripe, Eway, Moneybooker...and offline payment plugin. If you need a donation solution for your site, look no further. Main features:

✔ Process both one-time and recurring donation.

✔ Creating, managing donation campaigns and track the donation process for each campaign:
★ This feature is optional. You don't need to use it if you only want to have simple donation form.
★ You can set GOAL, START DATE, END DATE and description for each campaign.
★ You can track how much money each campaign has received.
★ There is also nice thermometer to show the progress of each campaign
★ Each campaign can have it own pre-defined amounts
★ Each campaign can have it own Paypal account
★ For each campaign, you can set the donation type which it accepts: One-time, recurring or Both (default is Both)

✔ Custom, Flexible Donation Form
★ Integrate Joomla account registration (optional)
★ Show/hide, change ordering any fields on donation form
★ You can change, translate the message and the title of the fields on donation form to meet your need.
★ Create custom fields (Text, Textarea, Radio, Dropdown, Checkboxes list, Datetime....) to collect more information of donors if needed
★ Each campaign can has it's own set of custom fields
★ Allow donors to donate by choosing from one of pre-defined amounts or enter any donation amount they want.
★ Allow anonymous donation.
★ Allow donors to choose the currency they want for their donation

✔ Nice, Clean, Responsive Layout based on twitter bootstrap.

✔ Powerful Emails Notification System
★ Notification Emails sent to administrator when someone make a donation (the emails which receives notification is configurable, multiple emails is possible - seperated by comma)
★ Confirmation Emails sent to users when he completes donation
★ All email messages can be configurable from back-end of Joom Donation.

✔ Support 40+ payment gateways

✔ Embed donation form (of a campaign) into Joomla article

✔ Export donors into CSV file

✔ Built-in translation feature

✔ Integration with Joomla core Profile, Community Builder and Jomsocial

✔ Captcha & SSL integration

✔ Multiple modules: Donation module, Campaigns module, Thermometer module, Donors list module (Latest donors, Top Donors, Random donors)

✔ Other features
★ Donation History page which display donation history of a donors
★ Donors page which display list of donors (from selected campaigns, in the order selected by admin)
★ CB plugin which display donation history of the user in his Community Builder Profile
★ Jomsocial plugin which display donation history of the user in his Jomsocial Profile

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Reviews: 1
We needed a donation module for our church that used Dow Commerce as a payment center. The author customized the program to work perfectly with the gateway. Excellent work!
Reviews: 2
Now that I've finished my first Joomla site, I'm going back and reviewing all the extensions I've used.

This was the only extension that I paid for on my first site. Unfortunately, I didn't end up using it because of some basic features that were lacking. It doesn't support multiple currencies which is essential for our international charity.

It also couldn't handle things like passing a basic phone number to Paypal. For an extension that you pay for, I didn't feel like the included features were worth the money. And I ended up just making my own donation form with a form creator.

The creator of this extension is very quick to answer questions and does a good job with support, but I just didn't feel that the product ready for prime time yet.
Owner's reply

I am very upset with this review. For things that you suggest:

It doesn't support multiple currencies which is essential for our international charity

=> Most of our customers don't need it, so I don't implement it. If you need it, why don't you contact me so that I can do this customization for you ?

It also couldn't handle things like passing a basic phone number to Paypal

=> I thought about it before. However, the problem is that Paypal require us to pass detail information about phone number (It require 3 textboxes for a phone number which I think It will confuse people), so I won't implement it. Again, If you want this, why don't you contact me? I am always available for customizing things like this for customer for free.

The creator of this extension is very quick to answer questions and does a good job with support, but I just didn't feel that the product ready for prime time yet.

=> We have so many customers until now and they were all success and happy with my products and support. I don't know why you wrote this review for me :( .

I am still working hard to add more and more features to the extension from time to time and really upset with this review for my very good product and support. To other customers, please look at other reviews, look at other reviews, go to demo site to see how it works, go to my forum to see my good support. I hope all of you will continuing support for my development.

Thanks ,
Ossolution Team

Reviews: 1
Product worked exactly as I needed. Instead of having to use a third party to process donations via Authorize.Net I can now do it directly through my website. I did have to add reoccurring billing to my account but it is still cheaper then what I was paying. Customer service was fast and very helpful. I emailed them and had a response back in minutes to help with a problem.
Reviews: 22
It fills a gap very nicely. The developer is very responsive, continuously improving it and adding features in new releases. Well worth the reasonable price to have this high quality.

There are already several donation extensions but this is the only one that goes past the basic PayPal button.

Sophisticated donations is an area that is really lacking in Joomla and Joomla Donation is quickly filling that need with real features.

The focus on community integration is excellent as well. This is much needed, and with JomSocial and CB included it should find a wide audience.

Keep up the excellent work! You have a customer for life as long as you do!
Reviews: 2
This extension met all our needs and more. What I appreciated most is the custom fields functionality. There's lots of room for customization, without needing to hack things. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
I was bored to find the simple extension that meet our need to register donators, for one time and reccuring payments, accept gateways and offline payments - but I'm so glad I found this one. Does the job right out of the box, very simple to implement (updates by one click), many choices on a few tabs!
This is a light, flexible and robuste extension.
More, the team is exceptionnal by his kindness and very fast support. Ossolution also provides a bright, complete and active website.
May I rate a 6th star ?
Reviews: 1
Really well thought out product and the support is really outstanding. Incredible response time. Would highly recommend this product. Easy to install and configure.
Reviews: 3
I installed both Joomla Donation and the Newsletter plugin for Acajoom. Both products perform perfectly and are easy to use.

The support has been stellar, they are prompt and answer your questions.

For both pieces of software they support team has made extensive modifications at our request to meet our needs. For example, changing the donation extension to have separate donation amounts for each campaign. And changing the newsletter plugin to autosubscribe users to the acajoom newsletter when making a donation.

I would highly recommend this company and their products.
Reviews: 1
This extension is great! It has allowed me to track donations and customize them to suit our needs. The team behind JoomDonation is even better. They not only answered questions quickly but modified the extension at its users request! EXCELLENT!!!
Reviews: 7
We always had a simple PayPal donations button on our website, but we needed something more to handle a huge amount of donations, and help us keep it all organized. Joom Donation has worked wonderfully for us, and the developer promptly answered the few questions I had. I would highly recommend this to anyone needing to manage donations. It is well worth the price.
Reviews: 1
This is an outstanding Joomla component. Very intuitive and customizable interface. Product support is outstanding.

I highly recommend this product.
Reviews: 1
This extension is perfect for my site. I run a gaming community site and donations are very important to keep both them and the site running. The lead developer for this extension even worked on a custom feature request for me. He created the option for administrators to assign different paypal accounts for different campaigns. So users can choose what campaign they want to donate to, and that money goes to the author of that campaign. Great service, great extension!
Reviews: 11
Joom Donation is by far the best Donation Solution available bar none.

With powerful yet intuative campaign management, you will be up and running within minutes. Integration with JomSocial is solid, and tracking is faultless.

I must also mention the fanatical support the Joom Donation team provide. I had a small issue with a 3rd Party Extension and they provided a fix on the spot. If only this level of support was half as good for other Extensions the average web developer would be far less stressed.

A true leader in its field.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a specific donation module for a client which was able to use various payment gateways for delivery as well as provide a mechanism to track all donations. Upon finding Joom Donation, I purchased it and installed it for my client and was able to configure it to exceed his expectations. I had a couple of configuration issues but Tuan, the developer of this extension and his company were very quick to respond and help me resolve all my issues. This extension is so flexible and easy to use that my clients are extremely pleased with the end result. Great job! Great product! Great customer service!
Reviews: 1
this is my first review...of any product...even if it's my last...joomdonation earns my praise.

we installed this on one of our sites in Colombia for an xmas drive for 'really' needy kids.

The professional presentation and ease that users could contribute worked great. Donors are immediately recognized if the don't opt our for donor mention...

I suggest that you create clickable amounts on your site and ever higher increments...people give less if they have to type in an amount....well worth the small commercial lic. fee...
Reviews: 16
A superior tool, well-able to handle any conceivable donation needs I can think of. For many people this tool is so full-featured that it might seem like a bit much, but if you're using Community Builder (also integrates into JoomSocia), grab it. The integration with those packages is great to have and makes donations a snap.

There is always room for minor tweaks, and some things like error handling, limiting back-end fields to the size actually used by the component, etc., still need a bit of polish. You'll also want to take the time to read through all of the wonderfully configurable text, so you can make sure each email, field name, prompt, etc., says what you need it to say.

This is a superb value. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
This component is truly the best component for donations. It is recommended for anyone needing donation management and donations and a MUST for organizations with humanitarian or project oriented interests which require individual donation campaigns.

This component integrates with JomSocial and allows for very easy BACKEND tracking of each donation, who the top donators are, for which campaign/project the money was donated for, and much more.

And last but not least, the technical support of this component is very professional and fast. The support forum is very easy for the eye and simple.

5 of 5 stars

Reviews: 7
This is the best donation feature I have come accross! Excellent tracking system in the ACP of donations made and the option to export the donations data into excel.

There were a few bugs after I installed but I highlighted them and the author fixed them himself on my server very quikcly, which is excellent support as far as I am concerned!

Excellent component, great work!

Reviews: 2
Has all the features I need with great and fast customer support to back it up.
Reviews: 1
I started with an older version of the product that worked great. When I had some problems with the newest version, the Ossolution team was very fast and hands on to help me fix my site. 5 stars!
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