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AJ Zazzle Marketplace Component

The AJ Zazzle Marketplace component enables you to sell your Zazzle products (and also refer other people's products) on your own Joomla web site. Zazzle takes care of all order fulfillment and customer service. So, whether or not you've created products on Zazzle, you can still earn money by referring customers. Zazzle will pay a referral fee of at least 15% for each sale you refer to from your own website. If other people refer your products, Zazzle will pay you your products' royalties. You determine the royalty amount when you create your product. Zazzle also rewards your efforts to boost your referral volume with the "Seller Incentive Program". It's free and easy to get started. Learn more at Zazzle

+ SEO Friendly (auto-generated meta-tags, description, keywords and page titles)
+ 17 Countries (with corresponding language & currency) to choose from
+ Google Ads integration
+ Localization-ready! Text Labels are editable as parameters in the Menu Item
+ Tons of parameters available to help you create a very unique product list that's relevant to your website.
+ Page Caching fully integrated with Joomla's own caching system.
+ Much more...

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Reviews: 2
First, I didn't want to do SEO work for Zazzle but drive traffic only to my site & use Zazzle as an extra income stream not a destination in itself.

And Luis' component is the solution. I use Joomla 1.5 & he's maintained it for older Joomla versions like mine.

There was a conflict with ACEsef but Luis debugged and fixed it asap. He was communicative and prompt, so excellent customer service.

As a bonus it's got the affiliate element so even if traffic moves to Zazzle and purchases we should still generate a little but of revenue.

As a result I'd have no hesitation looking into this developer's other components.
Reviews: 1
I purchased this AJ Zazzle Marketplace extension two days ago. For promoting my zazzle stores because 98% of my items never sold. So I decide to make a website to promote them just like others did.

This component is a great time save tool. Easy to use, very efficient. I recommend it to people who want to promote Zazzle products.

Right now I'm still learning how to make a Joomla website, so can't show my website here.

The creator is also very helpful to offer help if you have any problems using it.

Overall, this is a great extension in Joomla.