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MageBridge ComponentPlugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
  • MageBridge use two separate licenses - one for Joomla! and one for Magento
MageBridge acts as a bridge between the Joomla! CMS and the Magento e-commerce shop. It allows for displaying Magento content within Joomla! through a component but also adds further integration using various modules. Underneath, plugins make sure the two systems are integrated as well: User profiles and login credentials are synchronized, and user records are automatically created from both sides. MageBridge ships with Single Sign On (SSO) and Single Sign In (SSI), and integrates products and categories into the regular Joomla! search. The Content Plugin even adds more power to this total.

** Complete bridging solution **
As of yet, MageBridge is the most complete bridging solution that brings Magento to Joomla!. All areas of integration are covered, including visual integration, search integration, user integration, and much much more.

** Combined theming **
The whole suite enables you to integrate Magento within Joomla! quickly, but the flexible architecture also allows you to achieve any setup you like. Both Magento theme and Joomla! template are combined in one single page. Out of the box, this makes things like nice without much effort. When optimizing the themes, tuning could be done on both sides (Magento theme or Joomla! template) or one side only.

** Multiple extensions, dual licensing - obviously**
The extensions are divided into two types: First of all there are Joomla! extensions (a component, modules and plugins) licensed under the GNU/GPL, and secondly a Magento module licensed under a custom End User License Agreement. Communication between Joomla! and Magento is done through JSON and JSON-RPC, therefor all extensions comply to the licensing scheme of the system they're running on.

** Event forwarding **
MageBridge offers various way to extend the normal behavior. Besides from regular Joomla! plugins that can integrate with the MageBridge API, plugins can also listen to specific events coming from Magento (a concept called "event forwarding").

** Connectors **
Also MageBridge uses connectors to connect the bridging functionality to third party Joomla! extensions. One group - store connectors - can be used to load a specific Magento store on runtime by looking at a certain condition in Joomla!. This is used to make MageBridge compatible with multi-lingual components like Nooku and Joom!Fish. Another group - product connectors - allow you to sell a Joomla! product through Magento. Using this mechanism, you could sell for instance Community Builder profiles or JomSocial karma points.

** What you get **
Members get access to a large amount of whitepapers and tutorials, that explain the usage, administration and extendibility of MageBridge more thoroughly.

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Reviews: 2
Let me just make this clear from the start - this is not for beginners. Its fiddly and takes a while to setup and get working smoothly and has some fairly tight system requirements. But the same can be said about Magento. Its not really the developers fault that its like this, its just tricky stuff. Once its all in though its a real timesaver and you won't need to touch it again. Anyone who wants to use a very powerful store with huge support that you can do almost anything you want with, but also wants the flexibility of Joomla and the CMS functions it provides, you *need* this extension. Just be warned: first timers to Magento and less experienced developers, you will need a little patience to get it all working, especially if your hosting environment doesn't like it much, but it DOES pay off.
Reviews: 1
I have been using Joomla! for a number of years on over 55 websites and have extended it with numerous extensions so when a good one comes along like Magebridge its a pleasure to find.
I am just starting out using Magenta and know very little about the cart only that it seems to work very well, so making it work with Joomla! was the project.
I found Yireo and bought not only the bridge but other add-ons they did and their installation service.
Within 3 days not only had they installed it and got Joomla! and Magenta working with each other but offered advice on parts of my Joomla! setup that I had missed!
Excellent value for money and first class service, well done!
Reviews: 1
I just couldn't say enough about the awesome support. This extension is absolutely perfect to embed your Magento store into your Joomla site. I believe that the 2 combined are a perfect match. The main, AND MOST IMPORTANT THING, is the awesome support, I just don't think that it could get any better. I've been using Joomla for 10+ years and in my opinion this is the BEST extension available. I highly recommend it if you wish to embed your Magento store into your joomla site. If you run into any problems, then the support is there for you and they have the fastest, most useful and helpful support that you can ask for! It just doesn't get any better!
Reviews: 1
I want to thank you guys for this wonderful product. After giving it up 4 days ago and in fact un-installing it all, I decided to give it one more try. After some rethinking of the design of the site(s) and accidentally setting the CSS options correctly this time :) ... I am now a full-on advocate and the site is coming together very well.

... all very nice.
Reviews: 4
I am a bit reluctant to use bridges because they are without fail a nightmare to set up and debug. However, Magebridge is about as good as it gets.

The coding is immaculate and the support is also superb. There were virtually no bugs and a couple of minor problems I reported were fixed within days (often hours) of reporting them.

Still, a Magebridge project requires a lot of work and is not for the faint hearted. I would think carefully if you actually need the features of both Joomla and Magento in your store. But if you do, then I would definitely recommend Magebridge.
Reviews: 2
Does the job perfect. no complains!
Reviews: 2
This is a great product and links Joomla and Magento together successfully. Configuration is easy to understand and most importantly SUPPORT IS FANTASTIC ... replies are given and very quickly to any problems ... Very impressed and will def be renewing my licence ... Having said that the guys still gave 2-3 hour response on problems outside of licence period ... Highly Recommended 5*
Reviews: 2
Thist product brings the power of Magent to Joomla in a easy, but complete, way.

The support is very kind and fast. They release bugfixes and samall improvements almost every month and the upgrade process is easy and secure.
Reviews: 2
I have been using the Magebridge for nearly 6 weeks. I brought the Extension together with the installation service. I was using a template by Joomla Bamboo which worked well with Magebridge.

I found the extension a little difficult to understand at first. This is mainly to do with my lack of coding skills rather than anything wrong with the extension. However, there is plenty of help on the Yireo website. In particular help from Yisse is first class.

Currently I feel the shopping cart solutions offered by Joomla are ok but Magento really offers your site another level in sophistication.

After learning hard and fast I'm now glad I went for the Magebridge and would recommend it to others.

The more you use it the more you will like it. :)
Reviews: 1
Jisse from Yireo single handily gave me the best service and support I've ever experienced online. The component is exactly what we were looking for. 10 out of 10 to Yireo.
Reviews: 6
Two weeks ago I called on the Magebridge team to setup and install Magebridge on our Joomla/Magento site build.

Within 2 days Jisse had everything up and running and was happily answering my support queries, always responding within 24 hours.

To date, the integration has been seamless. We were even able to purchase a Yootheme Magento theme for Magebridge that matches our Yootheme template.
Reviews: 13
The more I use MageBridge the more I like it :-)

Now I love it :-) It was a bit complex to start with, but now I see all the great opportunities that MageBridge offers.

Jisse, the developer, is a fantastic supporter and MageBridge is really a good product.

The only bad thing to say is that they have chosen not to support windows servers. It works fine on my dedicated windows server with only one little problem and that's the Update function on the Magento side - it does not work (but that is properly a general Update problem on Magento installation). So MageBridge has to be updated manually, which is also really quick. On the Joomla side the update works great.

I am so glad that I took over a project that used MageBridge, so I could learn how to use it. Now more clients want to same solution on their sites :-)
Reviews: 1
Magebridge is a fantastic product, I was sceptical at first about the seamless intergration but it works better than I imagined. I must point out due to the complecity of such a product I would only reccomend it for experienced Magento and Joomla users, but their support is exceptional. They are constantly adding improvments to there product and have very active support forum. Best extension I have ever used without a doubt.
Reviews: 1
Yireo consistently provided top-notch support and provided updates within days. With their wealth of tutorials it was very easy for us to quickly integrate joomla and magento and create a fairly complex store in mere weeks. There is no way that we could have build our site without Magebridge and without Yireo's lighting fast support.
Reviews: 3
After finding ecommerce systems like oscommerce/zencart having no good CMS + other options than just ecommerce.. and Virtuemart failing to be a truely strong partner..
Magebridge jumped in to give me the best combination thinkable on the web. The best CMS bridged with the best ecommerce platforms.

After learning some basics from Magento, it works like a charm.
Reviews: 3
Since a few years I use Joomla as a CMS and built several great looking web sites with it.

A few months ago a customer of mine was looking for a multi lingual webshop. Using Magento seemed to be the best e-commerce solution.
How ever the CMS of Magento is'nt that easy to use. Then I found the Magebridge extension. This extension turned out to be really awesome!
It lets you experience the advantages of both worlds. The easy functionality and design features of Joomla and the strong category and product features of Magento.

Yireo did not only deliver Magebridge, they also installed a Rockettheme template patch, a Fancybox gallery effect in Magento and created a m17n multi lingual connector for me.

The video tutorials and the support of Yireo is really great. All my e-mail questions and forum discussions where answered within 24 hours. Even in the weekends!?

At the end of May you can see the working result.

Magebridge is an awesome extension for Magento/Joomla and the Yireo service is great. Many thanks !
I can recommend you working with their team !
Reviews: 1
Magebridge is for me the ideal way to build a Internet solution with Joomla in combination with Magento.
The module is very simple to install when you read the excellent instruction on the yireo website.
For a client I used Magebridge to connect Joomla Websites/stores in several countries, such as Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands with a central Multistore Magento environment in the Netherlands.
In Joomla I used a Joomla template and extensions for social media, etc. (Magento does´nt offer these extensions.) At I bought a modification of my RocketTheme template to integrate the Magento default template with the Rockettheme Joomla template.
That saved me a lot of time ( = money).
Yireo is a professional organization with excellent support. I wanted to know how to speed-up my Joomla/Magento webshop and find it on On the yireo website you can find all the Magebridge-information you need. (and more)
When you want to use the simplicity of Joomla and the power of Magento, than I recommend you Magebridge.

Thanks Yireo. Excellent work. This saved me a lot of time to build professional webshops.
Reviews: 2
After running a webshop on VirtueMart for a few years it was time to get my shop to a higher level, but I still need Joomla as a great CMS. I contacted Yireo and MageBridge was a great solution to use Magento, a very powerfull e-commerce solution, fully integrated in my Joomla-site.
One of the amazing things is that MageBridge makes several Magento-issues (like layout stuff) more easy! Using another Yireo-solution (VM2Mage) VirtueMart-orders and customer-information (including their login-details) are migrated to Magento.
A good website requires a sitemap, so a plugin for the Xmap-sitemap component to display all Magento-products in the Joomla sitemap is available too.

Okay, to be honest: VirtueMart is easier to install and configure, but Magento has MANY more options, it's REALLY powerfull. This makes MageBridge is a very imposing Bridge. Yireo's documentation is more than complete. And: they gave me excellent support!!
If interested: see for the results.
Reviews: 2
simply and better way to get joomla & magento in one project...
Reviews: 6
This is exactly what I needed! Many thanks!

It sounds like a fair amount of work to make both Joomla and Magento work properly... But it sounds like it's the right tool to make it happen.