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GiftExchange ComponentModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Feature Breakdown:
Now including BuyKarma and BuyAUP Apps for Jpayplans available at

Admin side:

* Gift Manager - upload images, set name, desc and price.
* Gifting - Send gifts to anyone on the site
* Restriction Manager - Set Quantity, Expiration Date, Valid for x # of days, ACL (basic acl)
* Mass gifting - Send gifts to multiple people, Admin Send to all members.
* Bank Manager - See and alter the points of any user
* Categories - Setup the categories for gifts
* Event Manager - Current Implementation is Secret Santa

User Side:

* Send Gifts to anyone on the site
* Showcase of gifts received.
* Gifts sent are added to jomsocial activity stream
* Privacy Options, Hide Message, Hide GIft, Prevent from showing in stream
* Email and PM notification Options
* Jomsocial & AUP integration plugins
* Jomsocial profile App
* Jomsocial Collage App
* Jomsocial Send Gift Button integration
* Community Builder Send Gift Button integration
* Community Builder Collage App

The Gift Exchange is not dependent on anything other than Joomla, if you don't have a social network extension You can still use the Gift Exchange.

The gift exchange purchase system, links into other extensions via plugins, currently we have developed 2:

1 for jomsocial which is installed and published by default.
1 for Alpha User Points which must be installed if you need it
The Gift Exchange bank manager synchronizes users based on which plugin is installed.

Gifts Are defaulted to Unlimited with the new restriction system. If the unlimited flag is removed the gift will be considered expired or unpublished.
When upgrading make sure to add the unlimited flag to your existing gifts otherwise they will not show up on the front end.

Also note one restriction can be set for multiple gifts so if you set a restriction to limit the gifts to only 3 gifts and then associate that restriction with 3 gifts when one has been sent it will effect the other gifts and only allow 2 gifts of the associated to be sent, when 3 have been sent of any of the associate gifts all 3 gifts will disappear.

This was done intentionally so you could have entire categories of gifts limited to a certain # of availability

If you want each gift to have 3 available you will need to make a restriction for each gift.

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Reviews: 1

I know this is not the place for a question, but i cant seem to get in touch with you people.

my email factoryworks AT gmail DOT com

This extension is prolly what i need.

I want to be able to send bought gifts to users from the same website.

Running a dating website with love factory extension and looking for a gift shopping cart.

Do you think it is possible to integrate it with love factory?


Owner's reply

It is possible, we have a basic API for integrating, you can call us directly at 971-832-9327 M-F
10a-6pm or email us at support at socialables Careful how you word the email words like lovefactory trigger our spam filters.

Reviews: 2
Very good product. very smooth and easy to use. No complaints whatsoever
Reviews: 1
Greg and the Socialables team have been an absolute godsend to us as we've prepared to launch a new site using Joomla, Jomsocial as well as extensions from them such as First Friend and Gift Exchange.

This is our first major Joomla project so over the course of the last 2 months we've had to lean extensively on the Socialables team for help and support not only on the extensions...but for the related products that they need to work well with and they have always been available be it live chat, emails and especially phone suppport (which is un-heard of in our experience with extension developers).

They have probably allowed us to launch a month sooner than we would've had we been forced to rely on regular support methods provided by most other sites.

We're looking forward to a long and successful relationship with Socialables and we're looking forward to using additional extensions in their collection as our site grows.
Reviews: 3
Does not work.
They do not respond to support requests.
They do not answer the forum posts.

Avoid the latest versions of this component.
I payed and was left with a useless component.
Owner's reply

You did not submit a support request, you only posted in the forum.

Our forum clearly states that it is not our primary support. Support is provided via live chat, email and phone, we do not have any records of you using those services.

Forum posts are answered at our leisure and that of our helpful customers hence why it is not our primary support service.

Also if you have a problem getting any of our software working we offer onsite setup and support to all of our customers.

I'm terribly sorry if there was a problem we are available to you if you need help.

Reviews: 7
this is probaly one of the most used aspects on our site, it gives our members a way to reach out to others with more than just a message, you can send them a gift as well, it also gives them somethng to spend their karma points on. I love the company behind it, it sems they are always adding new and original stuff, they are great to work with if you ever need help, they literally came to our site and setup all their stuff, as well as helped with some other stuff from other developers seriously who does that? any way we love them and all their stuff they areone of our faorite companies, right up there with akeeba and joomlaxi.
Reviews: 7
Really nice this component, also made very well, but many parts can not be translated by the main language file
Owner's reply

Completely revamped the language constants to be much friendlier we also added the missing keys in the language file to make translation much easier.

Reviews: 2
I've been a part of the Joomla world for a number of years and Socialables is the development team that all other developers should try to emulate. First of all, the Gift Exchange extension is a first class extension. Watching it develop from the ground-up is truly impressive. The Socialables team is always willing to help its members fix a glitch and even listens to the suggestions of its members on how to make the GE better. Sure, other sites claim to "listen to their users" but the Socialables team truly does. With the recent addition to the Socialables website of a guaranteed update to your product (including the GE) every month you are also assured that your money and your relied upon extension isn't going to fall into neglect, as is often the case with many other extensions in the Joomla world. It also gives you something to look forward to each month! I can't say enough good things about the Gift Exchange or the Socialables team. If you want a quality extension with polite, helpful, and knowledgeable developers to assist you in making your Joomla website the best it can be, then Socialables is the place for you!
Reviews: 22
Socialables has been working on this all of 2010, and it shows. I've been in the beta program so it's been fun to watch it grow up. This is an entire level above any type of gift extensions. It has great integration with JomSocial too, AUP, JomSocial points, drag & drop gifts, much more. And it's actively developed. Every month there is a new release. Greg at Sociables has a long roadmap of future features, and I'm glad he's taken hold of this category to develop it to the full potential. It's an area that Joomla really lacked, but not any more.

It also integrates nicely with their FirstFriend extension, so new members can automatically receive a gift when they register. Try it out on their site to see what I mean.
Reviews: 1
Best addon for JS or standalone in Joomla for community. Using dynamic cart and autosuggest. But russian characters not showing in sent to field.
Reviews: 1
Only component that works in jommla 1.5 nativ for me.

Our users are very happy about this gift extension its used for our user very simple.

I had lots of questions to the developer and he patiently answered every single.
Great support that answers questions within less minutes

Well worth absolutely the money
Reviews: 4
It does what it says better than any gift component I've used. Our members love the drag and drop sending of gifts and the other ajax features.

The development team seems to really be on the ball they answered my question within 5 minutes and keep a nice little blog of what they're doing.

Well worth the money.