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AlphaUserPoints ComponentModulePlugin

The first complete Referral User Points System for

- Joomla 2.5.x
- Joomla 3.x.x

With AlphaUserPoints component, you can distribute, assign or remove points to registered users according to some of its actions and activities on your website. AlphaUserPoints acts as an incentive promoting participation of users. Users often strive for more recognition, as well as competition. It's also usefull for contest, challenge, participation, game or online store!
AlphaUserPoints include a complete system of ranks and medals. Both can be combined. Ranks and medals can be assigned automatically with points or awarded manualy in backend component.
This component has its own component for invite which can also be used by non-registered users (based on AlphaRecommend). Possibility to integrate in Community Builder or JomSocial.
Building easily communities using AlphaUserPoints!

Features list:

Easy to use Administration interface like Joomla!
- Raffle system
- Possibility expire date for rules (useful for campaigns)
- Auto-approve system
- Max Daily Points
- Invite/recommend system integrated
- OpenInviter supported to invite/recommend
- Buy points with Paypal
- Change user level by system points
- System ranks and medals included
- Statistics per user
- Details actions per user
- Sync. users
- Recalculate function
- Reset all points function
- Max points for winners
- Coupon codes points
- Purge expires points
- Exclude users (useful for admin)
- Export active users (CSV)
- Export e-mails (CSV)
- Support third plugins
- Provide API for third components
- Possibility to integrate in Community Builder and CBE
- Integration Uddeim
- Integration JomSocial
- Integration rules for Kunena
- Integration JomWALL
- QRCode for Coupon code
- Template email for invite
- Language support
- Support Joomla! core SEF
- Easy install by one step
- MVC development
- Plugins System to extend features
- ACL permissions for Backend
- Auto-detection new rules from third extensions
- JomSocial notification instead e-mail
- e-mail notification on rank or medal
- additional registration for raffle to the referrer user

You can see some examples of integration (CB, Kunena, VirtueMart, Joomunity, JomSocial, etc...) on forum.

If you registered on, you can enter this coupon code to earn 50 points!
Just enter this code in registered form on registration step.

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Reviews: 3
The plugin works great and is the solution for our website needs of a fully Credit Based system, I ran into an issue of not knowing how to install the plugin correctly being a novice to joomla. Within Hours got the plugin to work and functional.
Reviews: 1
Sooo useful and with an excelent and fast support. Just what I was looking for.
Reviews: 4
What can I say,is what we are looking for a long time is a very good extension.
I have a suggestion :
*more plugins

And please for DOCman ( Click on a weblink )

Thank you for your support which is fast and good.
Reviews: 5
Please don't mind the negative reviews, I've used this component on every site I've ever built (Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and 3.1.5) and this component hasn't disappointed me once. I love the idea of rewarding community activities with points, as it brings more activity to your site - people love to compete with each other hehe. It simply works out of the box (even the beta version for Joomla 3.1.5) but if you run into problems support is very fast and accurate. Thanks Bernard for an amazing component that's always been essential too my Joomla! sites. Cheers
Reviews: 1
Super, the best extention and plugins in Joomla! Simple to use and a thousand possibilities, support is always available and kindness. Really pleased and would recommend anyone to try this extension.
Reviews: 5
Great ! easy to install, easy to use ! :) Just ... THE BEST ! Simple to use and looks great. Thanks !
Reviews: 7
Its very useful extension but it will be great if be compatible with j 3.x it should be updated to j 3.1 i know there are large change in code between j 2.5.x and 3.x so we need a time line and map for extension upgrade
Owner's reply

I'm currently develop a new version for full compatibility with Joomla 3.x
Coming soon.

Reviews: 7
The best component to manage the points found.
Thank you very much for your work
When leaving for joomla 3.0
Reviews: 3
If you are not able to involve your registered members and wants to encourage them for various activities then this is right component.

There are great rules already built in for std. components.

If you have customised your components and don't know coding much. Don't worry, it is very easy to implement as developer manual is very easy to understand

If you need various modules again you think and they have it.

Even You are on Joomla 1.5. Don't worry, admin will help you.
Reviews: 2
I ordered Alpha Recommend Pro and had some installation hiccups, Bernard and his team sorted it out although the problem was not with the component but with my MySql version. Thank you for great support and an even greater extension.
Thank you
Reviews: 4
I used it for a student website. It has many options for creating rules. It helped me a lot and it is use friendly.
Reviews: 106
This is hands down the best point system in the entire JED. Yes Bernard is sometimes too busy to reply to every post of mine, but replies to many and has made a very well made component. I would certainly recommend this to folks wanting a point system.
Reviews: 1
I see great possibilities for using this component, but unfortunately installation on my web site was unsuccessful. My joomla version is 2.57 Slovenian language, AUP I was installing is ver 1.7.4 and all ended with fatal error and I had to re install everything from backup. So advice to anyone would be.. don't try this without backup.
Reviews: 6
It works but it doesn't show the alphauserpoint avatar.
What a pity.
Do you have some tips to fix it?
I have joomla 2.5.4 and A.U.P. 1.7.3
Reviews: 1
Simply doesn't work. Module install went ok, but there seems to be no way to edit your profile from the front-end. Linking to your profile from Kuena (using it's integration) just gives "You are not authorized to view this page" even though I am logged in as super user.
Reviews: 6
I used this extension a year ago on a school project, and found it extremely satisfying. I've got alot of ideas for new sites where AUP will be the center of user activity.

Never stop supporting this creative masterpiece!=)

Thank you!
Reviews: 6
Program uses old code and requires registered_globals on. Doesnt work otherwise, plus no support or updates to fix issues.
Reviews: 1
I installed AUP 1.7.1 on my new Joomla 1.7 website. It literally kicked me out of admin area, when I tried to sync users. After that I couldn't log in to admin, it said:

Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /data/web/virtuals/12507/virtual/www/libraries/joomla/plugin/plugin.php on line 102

I saw few more users had the same problem, but no response on AUP forum.
I had no problem with older version, but now, I don't recommend this plugin!!!
Owner's reply

Please, update with latest version to fix issue with sync users. Problem solved from 1.7.2.

Reviews: 3
Though this component has potential, it could be better. My major issue with it is the integration with Kunena. It will not give points to user who post on any forums that are not open to the public. I have made numerous posts on their forums about this rather major issue, only to be ignored.
Reviews: 19
i named this the gold extension for a reason because this little bundle of files can give you the power to unleash a full point or monetary exchange system on your website! can you say cha-ching?! so i have tried alphaplug's alpha user points with a clean 1.63 and a clean install of 1.7 and 1.71 with the latest cb and kunena installed. i did have trouble installing the component part of this extension to my addon domain. my php was increased past limit, tried uploading using url and ftp to the addon domain, permissions checked, more than 6000 files allowed and many hack attempts... the SOLUTION? i was able to upload the component with an easy work around: for some reason you cannot upload this component to the website you are putting it on - you have to upload it to a website temp folder of another website and put in the complete url of that temp folder in the upload extension section of the joomla ext manager and download it to the website you want it. my steps - i wanted AUP on my addon domain so i just ftped the com_aup to my top tier domain (different website domain name), went into my addon domain joomla ext manager and uploaded with the (install from url).

DO NOT PASS THIS UP! this beauty is seamless with kunena (of course), jsoc and even CB! what can this do for your community? it gives you the power to create your own community currency or exchange system on your site. you can reward people for adding content to your website or encouraging others to so. however the brilliance of this extension really is in the development - the alphaplug developer(s) have got to be on top of their game to keep this compatible with three or major extensions at the SAME TIME! especially with the myriad of settings that cause problems in kunena for example. for one, you cannot use AUTO DETECT in kunena - alphaplug cannot get a dynamic out of an already dynamic url. you have to set all the kunena detections to your community component - ie cb or jomsocial from the dropdown instead of auto detect. but really, if you are smart you will do whatever you can to download this and harness its great power to make your community rich with rewards!! thank you alphaplug developers for this FREE gold extension!! xx den
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