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With RSMembership! you have complete control over your subscribers. Our Joomla! subscription extension allows you to manage the memberships, the customer transactions, and share various files and folders, joomla articles, categories and sections based on the memberships that you subscribe to.

» Compatible with Joomla! 2.5 & 3.x

» Powered by Bootstrap!
» Multiple membership options - different price for renewals & trials, enable recurring payments, define fixed expiration dates, set membership lengths (hours, days, months, years)
» Categories - group your memberships into categories.
» Automatic activation - user chooses a membership, pays, the payment gateway notifies RSMembership! of payment and he gets immediate access to your content.
» Global custom fields
» Custom fields per membership
» Setup extra add-on items to be purchased along with your memberships
» Share folders and files to your subscribers
» Restrict access to articles and categories
» Restrict PORTIONS of your website with a simple syntax!
» Restrict modules and menu items based on membership
» Reports - Subscribers, transactions and sales
» Define upgrade paths for your memberships
» Replace the Joomla! registration form with the RSMembership! subscription form
» Multiple emails (Subscribe, Approved, Denied, Renewal, Upgrade, New Extra Added, Expiration Notify) for each membership
» Coupons - Setup discount as a percentage (%) or as a fixed value, choose an usage limit, start and end dates as well as to which categories it applies.
» "One Page" checkout process - streamline your buyers' experience!
» Change the user's Joomla! Group when the membership starts or when it expires
» Anti-spam features - Built-in CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA.

Payment Integrations
» Wire Transfer (multiple can be setup)
» PayPal Website Payments Standard
» 2Checkout
» iDEAL (ABN AMRO Easy / ING Basic / Mollie / TargetPay / Sisow)

» iDevAffiliate - Track affiliate sales.
» K2 - Restrict articles, categories and user blogs.
» FlexiContent - Restrict articles & categories.
» ZOO - Restrict articles, categories and applications.

» Categories
» Memberships
» Single Membership
» Subscriber's Account
» Subscriber's Memberships
» Terms and Conditions

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Reviews: 6
I am not afraid to spend good money on an extension that delivers what it says. After trying a number of other extensions from the wild and on the JED, I have to emphatically say that this one works out of the box. I am very happy on the coverage of functionality this extension set offers and will cover our website needs for membership roles over the next few years.

Support is second to none when requested and it's easy to obtain without any cryptic replies. I felt completely safe with this vendor and the support alone is worth the money spent.

This vendor has saved me a lot of personal time on building my own, time that can now be directed at other projects. Thank you.
Reviews: 2
This extension is so easy to use that I had it up and running within an hour. But the best thing about this extension is the support. These people are very responsive and willing to help you with anything you need. They don't just talk the game they actually deliver.

I will use all of their extensions for my projects!
Reviews: 4
This was my first RS-Modul I bought and I do not regret a penny - (as with the rest of the RS-moduls).

I am using this extension for 3 different memeberships for my members. Each membership has different functionalities and prices.

+ Setup was easy
+ Configuration is easy as well (and with detailled documentations and a step by step guide) ideal for beginners
+ can be localized via files
+ works together with CCKs like Zoo

But best is the support. All of my questions have been answered within a day!
Another pro is the constant develeopment of each of the module.

From my point of view definetly a five star product!
Reviews: 1
This extension is excellent. Very easy to set up, comprehensive interface, robust functionality.
But above all, the support is outstanding. Even before buying the product they take the time to respond all my questions, and then after buying, they make some customizations and tweaks for me, so the product work like a charm for me.
It's really great when you pay for something, and you obtain more than you could imagine.
Furthermore, I'm planning to buy others extensions of RSjoomla! suite.
Reviews: 6
After having a look at three commercial solutions for membership management I finally chose this one. Why:

1. Available - no homepage-errors or registration problems of vendor
2. Works out of the box in all environements (tested three - under php4, php5 and mysql4 & 5)
3. does what it says with easy configuration
4. One can change source if one wants to and individualise the whole component.
5. Payment works propperly with gateways - tested

1. I miss a module so I am able to assign layouts to registration and activation screens.
2. User/Member Management is rather weak
3. Access to Contents can not be clearly assigned - you need extra components which do not guarantee clear separation of funtions
4. SSL should be an option.
5. Payment and membership are recurring simultaniously - I would have liked to charge monthly, even if customer registers for a period of let's say a year.

Support - I did'nt need yet - so no comment on this one. But I see fast responses and what can one want more for that money!

So all in all two thumbs up.

Reviews: 4
I am developing a site for a national organization that wanted to be able to have members register online and pay their annual dues, and then be allowed to access the "member's only" portion of the website.

I have been developing sites using Mambo first and then Joomla for many years, but this is the first time I've been asked to create a paid member's section, and this component was exactly what was needed.

Warning to US users - I am pretty darn sure the manual was translated from another language, which makes it a little tougher to get through, and it is not quite as in-depth as I'd like. I had to install and set up the entire thing before I was sure it actually did what I wanted, which was to integrate with the Joomla User module. It does!

Despite some aggravation with the less then detailed "detailed" instruction manual, the tech support is OUTSTANDING! Great tech support combined with a fantastic component are why I rate RSMembership five stars.
Reviews: 11
I've been using RS Joomla products for 2 months and I have the best opinion on all of them.

What is really important for me is a high-quality and fast support. They have it. Always quick and very helpful, so I can't say anything else but the support is first-class! If you, guys, find it important, than the RS Joomla team is meant for you.

Secondly, the component is also great, for me it does 3 things under one roof:
I can sell memberships with a lot of options. Great!
I can sell files. It serves as a document seller.
I can sell online tests by restricting the particular url so that noone but the subscribers can have access to it / them.

The payment by PayPal is quick and stable so it fulfills all my requirements. It is also true that I have not tested or tried other 3rd party membership components out there, but that one was the first I used and I think I stick to it because it has everything I want.
Reviews: 8
It's easy to use and has lots of features, I acutally can't invent one that would be missing for my use as of now.
I found a small thing that needed to be included in the next Rev (a check for already existing membership) during user upgrade request, - it was not included in next Rev, but finished within one day by the support crew - awesome!
Reviews: 13
Finally one that's easy to use and works like a charm. I had a small issue and raised a support ticket. The response was really really fast and helpful and my issue was resolved! I just needed to upgrade to the latest version (doh!).

Great component and fantastic support. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I have used this component on a number of my clients' sites and have found it to be great. I have also used their RSForms Pro and RSMail products - I found both to be rock solid as well.

Whenever I have needed some special customisation or had a question I just used the RSJoomla Members' Ticket support system and always got a fast, professional and helpful response.

Furthermore RSJoomla always seem to be working to improve and upgrade their products in a very proactive way. I have no hesitation in highly recommending RSMembership.
Reviews: 3
Very pleasantly surprised. Past experience with purchasing components from other developers has not been good.

My inquiries, both before and after purchase, were answered promptly by the developer, and answered well.

The component works, which is a huge plus as many simply don't, and require endless fixes etc. just to get them working

I found it simple to make a couple of tweaks to meet my needs, and when asked a question they were quick to help and even offered sample code.

This is a great component and the developer understands what the word 'support' means.
Reviews: 1
When I was searching/evaluating the different options for membership control and subscriptions for Joomla! one of my priorities was support. I needed my subscription-based site to just work, and if there were problems (including ones I created) I wanted help to get back up and running quickly.

I chose RSMembership! because, of all the ones I tested, it was one of the more powerful and stable components, and it also looked like the easiest to get up and running. I was right. Plus, the developer was quick to respond to pre-sale questions, so my choice was made. The fact that it was affordable was also a big plus!

I tested it on a live site, with real users in a beta setting, for over 3 months. During that time RSMembership! did what it said it would, and when I wanted to make some changes to the default method, the developer quickly showed me how to do it.

Then, just before the full launch, I moved my site over to a new server, which messed up the database - something I know very little about. I asked the developer for help and within 24 hours, he fixed the problem for me! Now that is support!

Thank you so much for such a great product and such wonderful support!
Reviews: 1
RSMembership works pretty well with our website; however, wish there were more restrictive sign-up options (i.e. minors, etc).

Drum Circular
Reviews: 3
This is a great extension and worth every penny. I am currently using it with my paypal membership site which is a recurring paying site which RSMembership takes care of everything. Its very easy to install and the customer support is excellent with responding to any issue that you need help on. Only real issue i have is they only offer paypal payment integration at this time but may be rolling out other payment options in future hopefully!
Reviews: 5
This is truly one of the best solutions for Membership sites. Easy to understand, easy to control. However there are still a few things that could be improved in the admin to make it even more easy to maintain. It fits perfectly in to the RSjoomla suite of products, all in high quality and performance.
Reviews: 1
Want to thank the people at rsjoomla for their support.

I was having issues getting everything set up properly and the people from support worked with me until my issue was settled (several times)!

Otherwise, I find the component worth the money I paid for it.
Reviews: 22
One of the best ever Joomla Membership:
1- So easy to administrate.
2- Very Handy and Beautifully designed.
3- Clean Code and Fast.
4- Well Planned to include many top-needed features.
5- Expandable and flexible memberships.
6- Can be configured with almost any Joomla Core and 3rd party.
7- Full of options.
8- Easy Admin Mode.
What else you need, let me know.
Many Thanks RSjoomla Team.
Reviews: 1
Well apart from simplicity, the RSMembership is i would say second to none.

I must admit if you have not got alot of knowledge and you need something simple to use then this is for you. I needed assisance on changing a couple of things for my site, so i placed a ticket up and the responce was very good, infact they went beyond what i would call assistance.

Thanks Guy's/Ladies

Looking forward to Some new Releases. you have my backing
Reviews: 1
When i had to move my 1.0 site to Joomla 1.5.x i needed to look for another component that can allow me to share files and k2 articles. I decided to buy RS-Membership and i am very happy with my decision. All i needed to do is add the folders that i need to share and add index.php?option=com_k2 in the "Shared Content" section of my membership and i was all set ! Everythign is very easy to understand and the support answered all my questions when i could not figure out a setting. I also needed to add an icon to the download section and the support was very prompt and helped me to do this.

Great job and thank you !!
Reviews: 1
If you're looking for a digital download component or just a membership management solution, RSmembership is worth the price ten times over. I installed it on my digital download website where my members subscribe for unlimited downloads and it works great.

The best thing about the component is the awesome support you get from the rsjoomla team. They are patient and solution oriented. Everyone's site may experience different issues but trust they'll help the best they can and quickly too.

I think the component is a cut above the rest. don't hesitate. Get this and you'll be satisfied
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