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AEC is a manager for memberships (paid or free). The software takes care of the subscription process and everything attached to it. It integrates with major components (like JomSocial and JACL) and supports many payment processors.

Features at a glance:
• More than 70 payment processors built in (Manual Transfer handling, Paypal (& Pro!), Google Checkout, 2Checkout, (& AIM, ARB, CIM!), iDeal, CCBill, Worldpay, Moneybookers...)
• Extensive Registration & Subscription workflow handling
• MicroIntegration API to attach PHP code to payment plans
• Already features more than 80 MicroIntegrations, including: emails, htaccess, mysql queries, assignment of Docman or VirtueMart groups and many more
• Multiple payment plan options (Paid, Free, Lifetime, Trials...)
• Integrated Registration and Subscription process with JomSocial and CommunityBuilder (amongst others)
• Professional features: Tax handling, Shopping carts, Discount Coupons, Plan Groups

Please check out our Tour - It will give you a much better insight into what AEC can do for you!

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Reviews: 3
I deployed AEC for a classic car club membership site, and my word, does it have power! The extension is as comprehensive as anything could possibly be; I can't imagine any membership plan NOT being able to be handled by this software. They have thought of literally everything.

Deployment is easy, once you think deeply about what you want for it to accomplish. You will probably need a bit of support to get it working *optimally*, but David and team have been very responsive and hands-on in getting things tuned just right. I recommend contacting them for a quick once-over of your deployment prior to production (through the ticket system).

Pricing is extremely reasonable. I am very pleased with this developer.
Reviews: 3
I am not good at English and PHP programming, support of the AEC gave me to resolve the problem.
I have also tried other extensions, but to live without wasting time and money can be the first to AEC · · ·
It is recommended that you try out if you're wondering if the AEC.
If so, would you also say the same thing with me..."That's it !"
Reviews: 1
We used the AEC software for a membership site on the Joomla platform. At first, we were disappointed because we could not use WordPress and our our favorite membership software because the project required the Joomla platform. Soon after starting to work with the Joomla platform did we realize that AEC was the right solution at the right time. It allowed to go in depth and configure all aspects of the system to our specifications to launch a great site.

Their customer support is amazing as well as they have gone out of their way to make sure we were taken care of.

Thanks so much!
Reviews: 2
We decided to provide a subscription base model to our clients and I was thrilled to see that AEC had built a integration with iProperty, who seemed to do exactly what we where looking for.

So, I contacted AEC with some specific questions and within an hour David form AEC answered all of them. Long story short, I purchased AEC and went on my way. After I installed it, which was done right out of the box, I got a bit intimidated with all those available functions, but since the purchase also includes a 30min Support session I wasn't worry at all.
Next day I got contacted by Jake, who runs the AEC support. He helped me getting the basic stuff setup, but i couldn't get it running as planned.

Now I could write a book about the coming days, me struggling with this system, but I guess you get the point....

A few days later, after sending numerous emails to David and Jake, I'm a happy camper with a fully working iProperty Subscription site.

So my recommendation is simple: If you are looking for a way to sell subscription based real estate listings, then go with AEC. It is not an easy system to setup by yourself (if you are not an VERY experienced programmer) but with their support it is a brise to get it done

Thanks so much to Jake and David, who showed an incredible patience with me ;) and helped me to get this done

2 THUMBS UP for this Extension
Reviews: 2
Been using AEC for some time now, and i had no major problems in J1.5 or j2.5
I think support is fair and nice, i had just few interactions with them, but the answers were quick and useful
Reviews: 3
Once again I used this extensions on a coustomer´s site and it works perfectly!

I had to migrate about 300 users with their appropriate membership and all worked fine! :D

Support was surprisingly fast!

If you need a real membership extension use this one!
Reviews: 1
A fantastic extension and great support. When I contacted the developer about helping create a payment gateway for CardSave they were brilliant.

David has done a lot of work for us, I am currently testing it out on our live site and so far so good.

Have just renewed our subscription for a year this time.

There are a lot of options to set up plans, but with careful planning and watching the extensive tutorial videos on their site you can be up and running quite quickly.

Really pleased with it and the new version is great.

And a big thank you to David for his help!
Reviews: 1
I inherited a site that has been using AEC for several years. The component is powerful once you understand the cryptic structure; it is not intuitive, but definitely full featured.

Support has been the major weakness. After my subscriptions suddenly stopped expiring and I was unable to get the issue resolved through the ticket system, I traced the problem to a dB issue and defect in the code. I submitted the details, but have been ignored for weeks.

So, I advise to look elsewhere unless you are willing to invest significantly.
Owner's reply

Alright, there are several things that strike me as odd here:

1. You inherited a site with a version of AEC that has been working fine for several years (I think we can count that as a plus here) and it "suddenly" stops working. Sorry, that's just not what software does. There has to be a cause for a problem and if the code worked well for years, it won't just suddenly stop.

You say that you further found an issue in the database and in the code - But if these were there all along, why did they not mess things up before?

I do know my code quite well and that a subscription expires is its natural state. In AEC, a membership is either "for life", or has an expiration date. So right from the get go, AEC cannot, by design, just stop expiring memberships. It's kind of in our name that this is what the software does.

From the top of my head, I can only think of two ways in which this can go wrong - if you made the memberships lifetime (although we prevent that if you're using recurring billing) or if something blocks our internal checking routines, if you disabled our plugins, for instance.

Furthermore, there are various ways in which an expiration date can be pushed along, as there is an option in AEC where you can set a membership plan to automatically "fall back" into another one instead of expiring.

2. I've just checked the ticket system and there is not a single ticket waiting for a reply. We really put a lot of work into our support and make extra sure that our clients are happy - and I think the other reviews to support that. I must assume that what happened was that you accidentally closed or deleted your own ticket.

3. Even though AEC worked well for years and you say it's "powerful" and "full featured" (although "not intuitive" and "cryptic" - something we worked on for the 1.0 release), you give it the worst rating possible. Not sure that's really fair, to be honest.

As a final note on #2: If you did find a bug, I would obviously LOVE to hear about it! I fail to comprehend how somebody would even imagine that I would not be interested in having a client not only find a bug, but solve it for me!

So - If you do read this, please contact me as soon as possible (there are several ways on the website, even if your account has expired) and I will make sure to get back to you as soon as I can.

Reviews: 1
When you get used to this component you really feel the power of it. The support is fast and answers every mail. Keep up the development.
Reviews: 1
I have always used AEC for my membership sites because it provides me with the ability to integrate with any Joomla extension that I might need.

This time I needed help with Post Affiliate Pro affiliate software which is not a "standard" Joomla extension and a rather complex piece of software, but David and his team went the extra mile to do the integration and make sure that everything worked properly. Definitely, not a trivial task.

Thanks for going above and beyond.
Great to be able to have that kind of support.
Reviews: 1
OK - I've used AEC for a LONG time, and I've been in the code and found bugs and contributed them back, done numerous beta tests, spent loads of time hanging out on the forum a while back helping people get it running.

Back then it was pretty powerful, and ever since its got more powerful. Micro Integrations may actually take over the world one day (don't say you weren't warned). For the last 2 years I've been sat with 0.14.2 on my site and its been doing what it should without any issues so I haven't upgraded.

Today I upgraded.
Today I fell in love! (sk0re don't panick) The new backend is a piece of beauty...

All the hard core functionality is there ... more in fact. but it also looks like it does the job.

Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 70
Though getting a handle on AEC can be a challenging experience, it's a truly incredible component that has hundreds of potential uses on a Joomla site. I've used it for sophisticated membership sites, and on the few occasions where I ran into difficulties, Valanx support was top notch. Well worth the cost of a subscription.
Reviews: 26
I have been an AEC user since the days of Joomla! 1.0.x but am now coming to use it much more with 2.5.x purely due to the number of micro-integrations available, the ease of writing new MI's, and the number of payment gateways supported.

Don't be under the misconception that this is an easy thing to get to grips with, even the geeks will need to refer to the manual to get your head around how it actually works, especially if you want to do something different.

The one failing I would have to say, which the guys at Valanx have identified as something they're working on, is the documentation. It is there, but it's often a challenge to find the correct information, and some parts are not up to date due to the fact that a new beta version has been released (which is awesome, and I would rather them spend time on getting the new version out than writing documentation when it's mostly the same)!

All in all, it's a great extension, hugely powerful, needs some respect when configuring it, and has a good support team behind it.
Reviews: 3
Hy. I have used AEC for about 10 months. It was tricky to set up first, but after reading the manual and some practice it was more than ok to do the settings. Now I'm testing the Version 1.0 beta, Revision 4906. My opinion is that AEC is for joomla membership what Mercedes is for cars.
Reviews: 1
been using AEC for over two years and rarely has there been a scenario that wasn't already covered by this amazing component. To top it off, the developer has been rapidly improving upon what was already a massive component. The myriad of options and controls can be intimidating to beginners and may even seem overkill if you are just starting out with your site but it also means you are future proofing your site's backbone to a large extent. Most controls are well documented with tool-tips within the software itself however it may be a bit of a challenge to configure advanced flows as the software manual is still work in progress. So take advantage of the discussion forum while you have access to it. The developer's business model is a bit unconventional in the sense that he makes money off of technical support rather than the software itself. As a result, technical support is only provided to active paying members of their site. This makes sense from a commercial perspective however, if you are used to having your software purchases backed up with technical support at no extra charge, it can be a bit frustrating, as was the case with me in the beginning. The company however has shown awareness of the issue and lately I have had good experiences with the developer David going out of his way to help me. I recommend this component wholeheartedly to folks looking for a serious commercial grade billing component.
Reviews: 1
I decided to write this review especially for Russian people. Because this component is best suited to monetize the content of Russian sites. In the first place because it supports the Russian payment processor Robokassa.

I have to say that the way to properly configure the component has not been easy. This happened because of many objective factors. Among them release a new version of the AEC, Joomla upgrade to version 2.5 and not a simple scheme of interaction with the payment system.

A total of debugging components on the site took more than two months. During that David took an active part in writing the payment processor and debugging. I could only test the component and send reports.

Perhaps, this stage was the most difficult. Because the remaining configuration of the system is intuitive, graphical user interface are excellent and provide great opportunities.

I would also like to note a great template design, almost no demanded changes to adapt to the design of the site. In the end I managed to do exactly the same site, which was conceived.

I am very glad that I was right to choose, and received a wonderful experience with the developer.
Reviews: 1
I'm using Joomla 1.5 and AEC fit right into our way of handling membership plans and with the added support of integration with a number of add-on components such as Community Builder, JUGA and Docman, all our bases were covered.

Whenever I ran into an "issue", my questions were always answered promptly and once I figured out that it wasn't an issue but more of a lack of understanding on my part on how AEC worked, it all came together and AEC works as advertised and does exactly what it needs to do on a regular basis - it eases the burden on our membership administrator tremendously!

Great work, guys!
Reviews: 1
I have tried a few similar components for our web site, but none met all of our requirements.
AEC is very flexible and with the excellent advice of the Support Desk I was able to quickly implement the workflow that we had in mind.
After giving feedback on some minor issues I had, The Support Technician (Jake), quickly realised I had some errors in my Joomla installation (true, I had tried some other components and hacked around a bit) and he helped me solve them within no time.

Jake, thank you very very much for helping me today. You were fast and professional
.... and I am a lot less stressed

AEC is a great component and definitely worth the money

Anton Karsten
Reviews: 1
I am building a new website and I have used AEC forever. There is no other product like it. All comparable products do less and charge much more. Since I started to build a new site using joomla 2.5 I was devastated that AEC wasn't at 2.5 when I started the build. So I used OSE Membership... disappointing! I just logged in today and saw that the AEC beta version compatible with 2.5 has been released. Let me just say, I quickly uninstalled OSE and installed AEC!

I wanted to thank the developer(s) for all the hard work they put into this product. You are amazing, and thank you for providing such a comprehensive product at a price that small business owners like me can afford.

Thank you again,
Reviews: 2
We have used AEC for different sites that includes along with many other sites and found it excellent tool for paid membership. It comes with good documentation and is easy to customize. We'll recommend this extension for all who is looking for paid membership on their site.
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