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Editor's Note
PayPlans is a 100% Open-Source Membership Software. It is distributed under the GNU/GPL licence allowing you to use it for unlimited time to sell, paid membership plans!

PayPlans also allows 30 days money back guarantee.

Unique features of PayPlans
1. Plan Analytics- To know how each n every plan is performing.
2. Advanced searching in the backend.
3. Eye smoothing and responsive interface
4. Tracking of your system activities by generating logs.
5. More than 120 apps to enhance your experience with PayPlans.
6. Professional Invoice Generation in PDF.
7. App-Store, a hub of apps in backend from where single click install/uninstall/upgrade of apps is available.
8. Support for multiple accounts of one payment gateway
9. Multiple Language support ( )
10. Create Micro-Subscriptions. For example, a subscription just for 1 hour.
11. Other than general discounts, you can provide attractive discounts to your users using social networks. For example, discounts upon likes on Facebook, following on twitter and +1 on Google+.

For more Features: Refer this link (
1. Single Click Installation: PayPlans installer makes it very easy for you to install the software and start selling membership quickly.

2. Responsive over various screen sizes : PayPlans' bootstrap template for both frontend and backend allows it to achieve responsiveness.

3. Application & Registration Integration: Integrated with many known applications and processors like: Paypal, JomSocial, JSPT, Google Analytics, Mosets Tree, K2 and JUGA, Zoo, Jreview, SobiPro, EasyBlog, Easy Discuss, Helpdesk, KissMetrics etc and with various registrations like : Joomla, JomSocial and Community Builder etc.

4. Powerful Discount System: PayPlans comes to you with event based triggering of tasks (Renewal, upgrade etc) for discounting purposes. PayPlans also supports Social Discounting (discounts upon likes on Facebook, following on twitter and +1 on Google+.)

5. Professional PDF Invoice Generation: Invoices for every created order are generated and can be downloaded by the customers. Administrators are allowed to download invoices in bulk too.

6. Front-end User Account: PayPlans has inbuilt front-end account management system. Your clients have details about their subscription data and can renew their memberships.

7. Recurring Subscription: Recurring payments can easily be made through PayPal, 2checkout, Authorize.Net, Payflow, Paypal-Pro etc. PayPlans is integrated with 25+ payment gateways.

8. Interactive backend dashboard: It displays useful information with graphs like sales, revenue according to dates.

9. Exporting Database in CSV format: Subscription details, Payment details, paid/unpaid invoices etc will be easily exportable in the .CSV format.

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Reviews: 1
One of the best component I ever used, well done and easy to use...What else can you ask for, they cover everything, it's a must have!

In addition they have really friendly and efficient support...They answer quickly and are really there to help! They even help me with another component that was causing problems on my site!

Thanks for everything Payplans!
Owner's reply

Hello dear,

We are very grateful for your precious review.

We try very hard to keep up with our user's expectations and when we receive such a wonderful feedback as yours it gives a smile of satisfaction to our faces, knowing that our efforts went fruitful.

Thank You very Much for taking out some time for us.

Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 1
I wanted to share my experience with their customer support, VERY quick, VERY professional and nothing was a trouble with them to assist me with any issue I had - myself being only new to Joomla. I have to say it has to be the best customer support I have had with any program I have purchased. GREAT GREAT Support!!
Owner's reply

Howdy Mate,

It was a very great experience working with you. The honor is our's.

Team Ready Bytes is very grateful to you for your priceless review.

It was great serving you.

Thank you,
Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 1
First of all: The service and support is excellent. In my opinion it is one of the most important things if you nee an extension for business issues.
The support from Payplans is awesome and extreme quick. I have received an answer for an important problem at 2 o'clock on Sunday night!!! :-)
The extension semself fulfills all needs for professional websites. With the modular systems, the plugins and the customization possibilities you can create everything you need.
Do not hesitate if you search a very good solution for member sites
Owner's reply


I would like to Thank You very much for allowing some of your precious time for writing a review for us. We as a team are very grateful towards your kindness.

As a developer we always try our best to keep our products very Modular in nature. So that they are very easy to customize and can fulfill the needs.

Thank You very much for the review.

Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 5
The PayPlans component is feature rich and makes setting up membership and subscription websites easy! Beautiful interface design combined with incredible support make this component really stand out. The PayPlans team are amazing they are always quick to respond and go above and beyond to assist with any concerns. Thank You PayPlans!
Owner's reply

Thank You very much.

We are deeply obliged to receive your fantastic review.

As the developer of PayPlans which is one of the active subscription system in our Joomla Community it becomes our sole duty to help our friends and users promptly.

With your support we will always keep developing the PayPlans

Thank You very much

Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 1
I needed to customize numerous parts of the component and, in every request, the support was precise, reactive and of a big kindness.
PayPlans is a powerful, well written and extremely customizable component through overriding... I recommend it, as well as its support
Owner's reply


Thank you very much for appreciating our support and product.

PayPlans is built specifically for the Joomla Framework which mainly allows its flexibility.

Moreover, it is your love and appreciation that keeps us growing.

Thank you for the kind Review.

Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 1
Five stars for PayPlans.

I have a site with JomSocial, Kunena and EasyBlog. I wanted everything to be accessible to all guests but only members with subscriptions should be able to contribute.

Works like a charm!

I had some strange problems (my bad), but the crew at PayPlan fixed in no time.

Great extension, great support!

Highly recommended!
Owner's reply

Greetings Bosse,

It was very great for us to solve your complicated issue. The fact for our team is that we always keep learning from all the issues we face.

Your scenario was a great one for us to overcome.

Thank You very Much for your kind review dear.

Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 5
I mean really great support. I thought payplans, jomsocial and JomSocial Profile Types were the answer to my clients needs, but I could not get all the configuration to do what I wanted. With a couple of exact responses (logging in to my site to see what I had done) all was set straight. Highly recommended!
Owner's reply

Hello Dear,

Thank you very much for allowing us to help you out.

We greatly appreciate the efforts and the time you allowed for us in writing the review.

Thank You very much

Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 7
Good product for building membership plans...has many addon features and the support is great..
Owner's reply

HI Michael,

Thank you very much for your kindhearted review.

Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 6
our local JUG uses payplans on our joomla user group website it is integrated with yootheme's zoo component to give members the ability to choose an option of monthly or annual memberships on the site. once the option is chosen using payplans, they are then allowed to add an entry to the "network directory" which enables them to choose categories in which to list themselves so that people looking for a local developer can find them more easily than sifting through

payplans is an awesome component. it works beautifully and with many payment options. initially, we were going to integrate it with jomsocial and had it completely working with that implementation as well before deciding to go with zoo. both applications worked fantastically.

we never contacted support as we have a fairly high level of joomla knowledge. yet, we have worked with the developer on other levels and find him responsive, fair and really cool!

it's worth the price...bottom line.
Reviews: 5
PayPlans have given me an excellent service from the pre-sale stage throughout the process, which evolved to elaborate custom development. They showed flexibility and creativity in adapting and offering solutions to the specific needs of a VOD platform ( Products have always reached me after passing QA and any bugs found were fixed instantly.
All in all, an excellent experience and a great product, from the core level up to the custom dev.
Reviews: 1
Not having had much experience with cart systems and subscription systems for Joomla before, we have been amazed at the Payplans system.

Not only is support first class, but the support team have been very patient, answered lots of questions and even logged into assist and test out. This level of after sales support is amazing - I have not encountered anything like it before.

The component is great, can be customised and works on a variety of electronic gateway systems. Plans can be updated with a cron setting and works effortlessly. Best of all, many of our users have commented on what a nice upgrade this is - well done to all of the PayPlans support team - 5 stars!
Reviews: 2
I had trouble grasping the idea of the apps you can install and just what they are capable of and could not get the system running as needed.

I contacted support and they asked me the scenario I was trying to pull off. Once I explained it they spent time explaining the apps, taking control and showing me then ensuring against my own ignorance that it all worked flawlessly.

This is an amazing bargin at $75 for the intro level. This extension is first on my list for any future membership site.

Seriously, I can't begin to say enough about the support. Great, calm people.
Reviews: 1
For my projects I buy a lot of extensions. But I've never yet met with such good support. The answer to the question in the forum is almost instantaneous. If only all the extensions had such good support.

Perfect extension, many extras...One word-outstanding. I am amazed with what this extension can be done.

NEW LEVEL .... in all aspects
Reviews: 3
Payplans is an amazing piece of software with extensible 3rd party app support. These guys won't stop coding. They keep adding 3rd party apps to their list. :)

Recently I've been working a lot with this team for my project and I should say that I've not seen such a dedication and superior quality support in any other extensions that I've purchased so far.

They have a super awesome team who can fix your issues in a jiffy. I should personally thank Mr. Mohit and Mr. Vivek for their constant support through forums and emails and for the custom apps.

You guys rock!
Reviews: 2
When establishing an online business, I invest a lot of time and energy into locating a membership plug-in that would be as effective as possible. After many weeks of going through sub standard plug-ins, I finally came across PayPlans.

PayPlans offers more than what I thought was possible, with a huge range of options - the biggest and best is the APPS option, which is just an amazing part to have as it can just build and add onto an already solid foundation.

Not only is the product wonderful, but the customer service for support is second to none. With more patience than any other support service I've seen.

PayPlans was easy for me to set up a membership company online with my limited technical skills.

I feel safe, secure and happy to have found such a key component of my website.
Reviews: 1
The extension is intelligent with the "Apps" we could add. It's brilliant and effective for all websites who provide membership subscription.

And the support was very reactive and resolve all problems to be sure you use extension.

It's a good joob :)
Reviews: 1
Like so many others, I owe my business to PayPlans. The extension works perfectly with and recurring billing. Then when I needed a custom app integration for my shopping cart, their team had something available within days and continually followed-up via Skype to make sure they had the customization working exactly to my specifications. It was outstanding support.
Reviews: 5
I purchased PayPlans after struggling with the functionality of another membership extension here. It was a big decision for me to move to another extension for such an integral part of my site... but I am VERY glad I did.

PayPlans is simple and intuitive to use, yet sophisticated and flexible at the same time. I was able to use PayPlans to create a highly customized membership site with features I didn't even think were going to be possible.

I did run into a few problems while customizing everything, but nothing the support staff at PayPlans weren't able to solve. They were fast and professional, and even jumped on Skype with me to explain the solution to what I thought was a difficult problem. In the end, the problem was caused by my own oversight. Definitely not worthy of taking time to Skype with me, but they did it anyways just to make sure I understood everything clearly.

I'm very happy I went with PayPlans and would recommend it to anyone looking to run a membership site.
Reviews: 7
I bought this for a SobiPro site for which there is a PayPlans plugin or app. Upon purchase, the app was limited to restricting entries in one section only. I had 10. Within a couple of weeks, they had incorporated the request to extend the restrictions to multiple sections. Help has always been prompt and courteous. It is a very modular-based approach which makes it flexible for develop the right solutions. It does take a little bit of time and tinkering to get to know. The list of apps is a little daunting, and documentation for them can be hit or miss, but I'm sure I'll be using this in other sites as well.
Reviews: 1
I truly believe that installing PayPlans at my site was the best decision I made for the growth of my business till date. Really it's a complete product, backed by an awesome team. I know hours of my time is saved daily by PayPlans. Its far better than any of its competitor and their support system. Guys at PayPlans you rock !! I also loved the idea of App Manager at the back end, its a smart thing and again it saves me all the time from installing the apps after searching at Appville.

Thums up n Keep up with your Awesomeness!
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