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Editor's Note
PayPlans is a 100% Open-Source Membership Software. It is distributed under the GNU/GPL licence allowing you to use it for unlimited time to sell, paid membership plans!

PayPlans also allows 30 days money back guarantee.

Unique features of PayPlans
1. Plan Analytics- To know how each n every plan is performing.
2. Advanced searching in the backend.
3. Eye smoothing and responsive interface
4. Tracking of your system activities by generating logs.
5. More than 120 apps to enhance your experience with PayPlans.
6. Professional Invoice Generation in PDF.
7. App-Store, a hub of apps in backend from where single click install/uninstall/upgrade of apps is available.
8. Support for multiple accounts of one payment gateway
9. Multiple Language support ( )
10. Create Micro-Subscriptions. For example, a subscription just for 1 hour.
11. Other than general discounts, you can provide attractive discounts to your users using social networks. For example, discounts upon likes on Facebook, following on twitter and +1 on Google+.

For more Features: Refer this link (
1. Single Click Installation: PayPlans installer makes it very easy for you to install the software and start selling membership quickly.

2. Responsive over various screen sizes : PayPlans' bootstrap template for both frontend and backend allows it to achieve responsiveness.

3. Application & Registration Integration: Integrated with many known applications and processors like: Paypal, JomSocial, JSPT, Google Analytics, Mosets Tree, K2 and JUGA, Zoo, Jreview, SobiPro, EasyBlog, Easy Discuss, Helpdesk, KissMetrics etc and with various registrations like : Joomla, JomSocial and Community Builder etc.

4. Powerful Discount System: PayPlans comes to you with event based triggering of tasks (Renewal, upgrade etc) for discounting purposes. PayPlans also supports Social Discounting (discounts upon likes on Facebook, following on twitter and +1 on Google+.)

5. Professional PDF Invoice Generation: Invoices for every created order are generated and can be downloaded by the customers. Administrators are allowed to download invoices in bulk too.

6. Front-end User Account: PayPlans has inbuilt front-end account management system. Your clients have details about their subscription data and can renew their memberships.

7. Recurring Subscription: Recurring payments can easily be made through PayPal, 2checkout, Authorize.Net, Payflow, Paypal-Pro etc. PayPlans is integrated with 25+ payment gateways.

8. Interactive backend dashboard: It displays useful information with graphs like sales, revenue according to dates.

9. Exporting Database in CSV format: Subscription details, Payment details, paid/unpaid invoices etc will be easily exportable in the .CSV format.

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Reviews: 2
I was very happy with their 2.1 release but had a small problem. So I installed 2.2.3 I had several problems. Mostly because a lot of things were changed and needed to be configured different now. Their support helped me even when it was 2 o clock there. Great guys and girls!
Reviews: 1
PayPlans is the best Joomla Plugin you can find. If you want an easy way to sell a subscription and make residual revenue, this is it! Joomla + PayPlans is user friendly, clean, organized, and well ahead of the competition.
Reviews: 3
Every category here in JED has an extension that is above others. In this category it's Payplans... plain and simple. It is also much better than its 2-3 main "rivals" in here.

It might be more expensive than others, but thats only because it can do so much more, while its very simple to use. And it keeps evolving at an amazing pace.

For people that are not sure about creating membership websites, i would suggest playing aroung with some of the cheaper or free extensions in here and find out if that works for them.

However, for those that are 100% serious about making money from their website, payplans is the way to go.
Reviews: 1
The readybytes team is by far the best software developers and support a business owner can hope for!

They are attentive, receptive and patient in guiding you through support issues. They do their best to understand customer needs and provided custom work based on those needs!

Their support is incredible! I had trusted another major software company onto my site and within minutes a virus was uploaded that within two weeks had destroyed and deleted my site. At first this issue looked to be that of the Payplans team. This was NOT the case. Even though it was found to not be their issue, they still took the time to guide me through and assist me with recovering my site to a stable form! They literally saved my business!

Nothing but eternal praise for this team!

Keep up the excellent work!
Reviews: 2
I was looking for Paid Membership Component since last 3 years. Tried few but was not happy with the existing Components.

The day I discovered Payplans & installed on My website, My long waiting for Paid component ended. This is the best component available for any Paid Website.

It is loaded with hundred of Useful features with simple and attractive Interface.

Moreever, the support is awesome. They have dedicated Technical & Support Team.

I requested them a new Payment Gateway for my website. And within couple of days they provided me Custom Payment Gateway.

My only wish for future version is AlphaUserPoint & Payplans Integration.

Highly recommended. Go ahead & buy this Component.
Reviews: 4
I use joomla a lot and if you look my past reviews. I rarely leave reviews and when I do it's more on what you can expect after you buy a prodct.

There plenty free or paid addons in joomla but what I recognize as the real value is support.

Joomlaxi is on a level that should be the standard of all joomla addon companies.

The support is one of the best I've ever seen and willingness to help problem solve is perfect for any developer.

I read some of the other reviews and everyone has their own personal story but one thing is clear.

This is one company that stands behind their products and CONSTANTLY improving upon it based on costumer interactions.
Reviews: 3
Overall I would say that I am pretty well satisfied with this extension for Joomla!.
The PayPlans installation was fast and flawless. And the options they give you are great. What i wish they did have was after the install a "startup/welcome" page that would allow you the option of going through a first time tutorial/configuration setup. That would make it easier to understand as well as easier to build plans after installing.
Reviews: 1
I bought this extension and it seems to be very good. Easy to install and set up, built in a modular way and a responsive support. has several shortcomings:

1. According to this extension, when you want to sell a certain content, you need to create a certain content app and a plan based on this content app. It works fine, but the problem is the developers did not take under consideration that may need to define many plans in your site. For example, let say you have a web site with 100 content items you want to sell independently. in this case you have to create a plan for each article. There is nothing wrong with that, but when the users are forwarded to the plans` screen it should list only the plans that are relevent for this article they want to buy access to (in this case only one) , but instead they see all 100 plans. that makes it very difficult for them to find out which plan to choose.

2. The extension has a plugin that is called 'content hider' that enables the admin to hide parts of the article to non-subscribers. it is based on article special tag with plan numbers. It is a good idea, but was not well implemented. instead of creating virtual content apps and using it`s number in the special tag and then create a plan based on the contnet app id, it is built directly on the plan id, that makes it very difficult to maintain. For exaple, when you use the tag in 100 articles with 2 plans and after a while, you want to add a 3rd plan.

3. They have a parameter called 'Block Non-Subscribers'. by default it is set to yes (god knows why). This parameter locks your entire site until you set it to no.

All in all, it is a good extension, but all the aforementioned issues must be fixed before I can give it 5 stars!
Owner's reply

tamirzzz, thanks for the detailed review.
I would like to clear confusion.

Regarding content: Content can be sold, as per section / category / articles. There are 3 apps, Content-app, Content ACL, Content Hider.

#1 : Content-app = is for admin only. When admin dynamically wants to change the content as per user's subscription

#2 : Content ACL : This is the app to be used for restricting content and sell it as per membership plans. (It works on Joomla articles only)

#3 : Content hider: This app helps to restrict part-of-content, as per membership plan. (It Works every where, i.e. the whole page).

Regarding 'Block Non-Subscribers' features, yes we can improve it, by providing default value to "No". Thanks for the feeback, we will fix it in next minor release.

Overall thanks a lot for taking time to write a review for PayPlans.

Happy PayPlanning !

Reviews: 1
This product helps us a lot. It saved us a lot of time.Plus it is convenient to use and function very well.It does provide use what we need. Hope the team to keep the great work.
Reviews: 2
Membership plans seem to be the way forward for content sites. This extension makes it easy to set up payment plans on your website and integration is available with many popular programs. It's important that you can rely on good customer support with a system like this and I've been very impressed with the Payplans team - they are dedicated and quickly fix problems in their product should a customer encounter them. I highly recommend this extension.
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot for taking time to write a review for PayPlans.

Happy PayPlanning !

Reviews: 4
I try both Nice membership and JPayplan, Jpayplan is good software too! I like it very much, but compare to Nice membership, JPayplan is difficultter to use. JPayplan is more extensions to use but I dont need it.

Sorry my bad English, I want to share my feel about this two software. JPayplan is good too, keep good work!
Owner's reply

I would like to say that PayPlans in term of use, is NOT DIFFICULT, in contrast to other membership extension with same set-of-features.

We put a lot of efforts to make it easier for beginners.

#1: PayPlans, at installation is MINIMAL, i.e. DOES NOT install all feasible apps.

#2: We don't enforce any configuration. You can build plans, and sell them via payment gateways.

#3: We provide a setup-checklist, which helps you in right direction to setup the website.

#4: All of advance features are only enabled by configuration or relevant plugins. So if your use case is simple, then basic installation is sufficient for you.

#5: If you need more features or specific use-case, we have lots of apps [currently 87,]

At last bu not least, Thanks a lot for writing a review for PayPlans, we appreciate it.

Happy PayPlanning !

Reviews: 3
The best compliment I can give JPayPlans is that my customers use it. The front end process is very straightforward and keeps conversions high.

For a long time, I have wanted to get all my maintenance and hosting clients on an automated reoccurring billing system. I have tried several other components but inevitably would get the "I tried your system but just couldn't figure it out; can I just mail you a check?" After switching to JPayPlans every existing client that I have sent there has completed their subscription and that makes it worth the money right there. I just upgraded it to Professional to use on other sites.

In using it, I have found a few little things on the backend that need to be tweaked or documented better; but they are very aggressive with their upgrades and it seems like when I go to the site to report something, it is already in a new upgrade or in progress. The time that I did request support, I heard back from JPayPlans within hours which is impressive considering the time difference.

Overall, it takes a lot to impress me for components, but this is something I will highly recommend for others to use.
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot for taking time to write a review for PayPlans.

Happy PayPlanning !

Reviews: 18
I've bought this excellent component, 2 issues resolved in less than 1 hour, easy to install, easy to manage, the customer service is perfect. Absolutely 5 stars for this
Reviews: 1
I was looking for an extension that was going to be easy to use without much technical knowledge of Joomla. Installation was easy and quick. Documentation was sufficient. And questions posted to the support forum were answered quickly and completely.

I would recommend this solution as an option for setting up memberships & subscriptions.
Reviews: 3
We needed an extension for a client that will enable him to sell subscription plans on his website with a custom work job for the payment gateway (local bank).

After initially purchasing a different extension and paying money without any help whats so ever, we turned to PayPlans. One thing i can say is WOW. The extensions is great bug free and even more the team at PayPlans is extremely professional, helpful with a great support.

If anyone needs a paid plan solution, PayPlan is the one!
Reviews: 3
So, you've started up a website, and decided you want to start selling memberships to your users. Having memberships for a site is a great way to grow a community, by not only allowing site owners a possible means of revenue, but by providing a richer and more fulfilling user experience for those who would like a deeper involvement in your site. Memberships also help to provide a sense of exclusiveness, which works dually, to make those who are already members feel special, while at the same time causing those who aren't yet, to signup and become one. The dream of being able to seamlessly integrate a professional membership system into your Joomla site has finally become a reality, thanks to the team at JoomlaXi with their creation of PayPlans.

Payplans is a professional Joomla extension which allows site owners to easily create unlimited memberships and subscriptions for their users. When taking a look at this extension, I noticed right off the bat, that unlike a lot of other extensions of this caliber, team JoomlaXi has the installer setup where everything you need, including any extra modules and system plugins come preinstalled along with the main Payplans component. I mean sure, it's not hard to separately download and install additional modules and plugins, but I find this to be a pretty cool feature to start off my experience with the extension.

After installation, you are automatically redirected to the Payplans main welcome page, where you are free to dive into it's settings and configurations. One of the first things that grabs your attention, is the clean and elegant interface which allows you to easily view a detailed diagram of all your website's sales and/or statistics, all the way down to the year, month, and even the current day. The different configurations that Payplans offer are pretty straightforward and easy. First off, the extension supplies you with a checklist of what you need to do in order to get started selling memberships on your site. You're basically instructed to create a plan or subscription, configure it to your liking and specifications, then attach a payment gateway to it.

What's great about Payplans, is that it offers support and integration for some of the most popular payment options, including 2Checkout,, and paypal. Not only that, but you are also given some basic apps with the standard version of the extension, which help you integrate other Joomla extensions into Payplans, like Docman, Joomla User Types, JomSocial MultiProfile, JoomlaXi Profile Types, and more. If you want even more apps, you can easily upgrade to Payplans Premium or Professional. Even your site users will love this extension, because unlike some of the other membership and subscription extensions out there, Payplans users have the ability of being able to review, and even print invoices of their subscriptions/plans.

One of the things which usually determine whether or not an extension gets five stars or just four, is the level of support the developers provide to their users. Luckily, team JoomlaXi's support team is very deserving of five stars their receiving from this review. If you happen to run into a problem with the extension, or any of the extensions offered by them, they are very quick to respond, and assist in resolving it for you. For users who may want a bit more information on how to use the extension, the developers have provided very straight forward documentation on their site to help with whatever it is that you need.

Is your site geared towards social networking? If so, owners of the popular JomSocial extension will be happy to discover that Payplans seamless integrates into Jomsocial's registration system, allowing new members to select their plans/subscriptions right at signup. As of right now, there doesn't seem to be any support for the Community Builder extension, although you can likely look forward to it being supported in future versions. For those running sites not geared towards social networks, Payplans offers two other methods for registration. Quick registration, which is basically Payplans own dedicated registration process, and integration of the normal Joomla registration process.

A great deal of the time, when an extension is installed on a site, it conflicts with the current template, or just doesn't look good the way it is, leaving site owners having to resort to messing around with the css and styling. Fortunately, Payplans is just as sleek, as it is powerful, giving you the combination of looks, and flexibility at the same time. In a nutshell, the team at JoomlaXi has done a very good job with this extension. It's automated system allows site owners the ability and freedom to sit back and earn revenue, giving them ease of mind, a fatter wallet, and allows them concern themselves with other more important aspects of their website.
Reviews: 6
What can I say.... Ive used a lot of extensions for membership management. And no one compares to Payplans, its Extremely User Friendly, Its true that You can start your membership website in minutes. Even if you dont have any experience with membership extensions.

And they also give excellent and fast support =)
Congratulations for the great support and Thanks for making this extension.
Reviews: 2
I am blown away. I struggled for days trying to find some type of software that would allow me to list my services on my website and have a user pay through paypal. I mean, it's 2011 - one would think this would be a common extension.

I run a web design company and I wanted a way to display certain services and packages that I offer. I looked into RSMembers, but their pre-sales advertisment didn't really show me what their software really had in store. The demo page needed you to go through about 5 registration steps so I said screw that.

I looked into a subscription addon for community builder, but CB is one hunk of crap to be honest, and I wasn't about to fork over $100 for an addon based upon a platform that is bloated and riddled with horrible issues. That's when I found Jpayplans. Oh my gosh.

I'm not sure if it was the excellent reviews listed here in JED or the cool sales intro on Jpayplans website that got me, but I purchased this baby. The same night I sent my order off, their was a small issue with my registration. It was 4:00AM Christmas morning, and guess what? In 20 minutes the support team emailed me back and fixed my issue. Can you freaking believe that?

This software is amazing. It's a tad bit confusion to set up simply because it has so much to offer in the dashboard area. However, it is simply laid out and the way it displays plans/pricing and integrates your users to checkout through paypal is amazing. Totally worth the $150. Totally.

10/10. Thanks for this amazing software.
Reviews: 21
I tried another product but this product is just so much easier to manage and the styling is good too. So professional back-end and front-end. Had some issues with set up but customer support is excellent and fast. Well done on a great product!
Reviews: 3
This is an excellent extension, you have done great. I've been searching for an extension that will enable me sell membership access on my joomla site and I found this one very interesting. However, there is a feature that I need to help me server my users better.

I want an update of the component such that in addition to the existing payment methods, a user can pay for subscription using a randomly generated and stored unique PIN code (10 - 14 digits), which he will purchase offline. Once a PIN code is used it can no longer be used by the user or any other user.

That means there will be an additional payment method called PIN number. So admin can generate PINs from backend and sell them offline, then user can use the PIN purchased offline to make payment for their subscription. Admin can generate PIN based on subscription category. E.g PIN to activate gold category membership plan will not work for silver category membership plan.

Kindly take a look at this, I will appreciate it if it can be incorporated into the next version.


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