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Get Nice Memberships, the most flexible, robust and easy to use paid membership extension available for Joomla. The Nice Membership extension allows you to easily extend your Joomla website to manage paid memberships to premium site content and features. Automatically collect recurring subscription payments through PayPal, from your site's users, for access to custom user groups.

The extension's highly flexible nature makes it a snap to configure it to your needs. Once set up, the extension automatically manages payment collections, order processing, order fulfillments, membership expirations and more. You will be virtually hands off, while the Nice Memberships extension does the work for you.

Some of the Fantastic Features You Get:
* Joomla 1.6, 1.7 2.5 & 3.x compliant
* Manage paid memberships to any Joomla user group
* Uses Joomla ACL
* No Joomla core hacks
* Integrated with PayPal's recurring subscription payment system
* Integrated with PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN)
* Easily manage paid memberships to any Joomla user group
* Highly flexible configurable options
* Place subscription buttons in articles, custom modules or almost anywhere
* Includes configurable front end membership listing page
* Straightforward fully automatic order processing, fulfillment and member management
* Supports unlimited membership listings
* Automatic Joomla account creation
* User not required to be logged in to subscribe
* Adds membership to existing Joomla user accounts
* Membership subscription can be part of, or independent of, the site registration process
* Secure membership management
* Limit membership sign up to new only, new & existing, and existing subscribers only
* Full control over which membership listings are shown to which user groups
* Displays user's current memberships & available memberships on Joomla's core user profile page.
* Choose to display or not to display membership listing title and description
* Supports 2 optional trial periods and 1 regular period per membership listing
* Full control over period terms and recurring payments
* Supports limited length memberships or infinite length memberships
* Automatic expiration of memberships at end of term
* Robust independent messaging for multiple membership or per individual membership listings
* Automatically emails members about important account events, such as activation, cancellation, etc.
* Supports all PayPal currency codes
* Supports all PayPal country codes
* Supports custom graphics for subscription buttons
* Intuitive administration pages
* Stored subscription & transaction records for easy look up and management
* Tracks subscribers count per membership listing
* K2 compliant
* IPN message logging for testing
* PayPal sandbox test mode
* Language support
* Current translations: English, Swedish, German, Portuguese & Italian

Release version 1.30 Changes:
Resolved expiry issue effecting Joomla 3.x

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Reviews: 1
I was looking for a way to add subscriptions to one of our client's Joomla! sites and found this extension. Based on the previous reviews, I went ahead and bought it. The entire process was painless and I had it up and running in less than ten minutes. I had to do a manual install because my server isn't configured correctly, but the extension installed without a hitch.

Once I got it installed, the configuration documentation walked me through exactly what I needed to do to get up and running.

I added a few subscriptions and tested them by subscribing with my PayPal account. It worked perfectly the first time exactly as it should. I then unsubscribed from PayPal. Not only did I get an email from PayPal, but I got an email from the site telling me that my subscription had been cancelled.

I ran into an issue with the extension and posted on the extension's forum. I had an answer (and a solution) in less than an hour.

I highly recommend this extension if you are doing subscriptions on your site.
Reviews: 1
I bought the nice "bundle" of software which includes the membership software. Very reasonably priced, great documentation and easy to use but not lacking in functionality especially when combined with the other software available in the bundle. I did hit a couple of issues but support was excellent in sorting out my problems. I've tried other membership software in the past that has been more expensive and overly complicated & so took much longer to get working.

I would highly recommend the nice membership software and a big thanks to Michael for great support.
Reviews: 3
The Nice Memberships extension is great. It's easy to use and does the trick. But, the best part is the support that Trinitronic provides. I had a couple of questions about configuring it with other extensions and the support team was awesome! They always responded within 24 hours and offered great solutions. Thanks for the help!
Reviews: 2
I have been using NiceMemberships for nearly 2 years to collect recurring subscriptions from PayPal to access my site. The product allows you to offer different subscriptions to different parts of the site.

It is very easy to use, you just enter a short coded string into a normal Joomla document. You can determine which access levels can see which strings etc.

All transaction (incoming payments) held in the database as are the subscribers. The subscription period can be for a specific length or on-going.

It is very easy to install and set up.

Richard Charlesworth - Virsel Limited
Reviews: 4
Nice membership & nice paypal button

I purchased the nice membership bundle (Jan 2014). So far I installed nice membership and nice paypal button. Both worked 'out of the box'.
I'm really amazed with the nice membership extension :D .I intalled '' version of nice membership (Jan 2014). I followed the same installation procedure in my joomla 3.2.1 sites , as I did in my joomla 2.5.17 sites (using the older version;, and everything worked perfectly.

Michael is very knowledgeable in his field and extremely thorough to any of your questions.

I give 5/5 stars to his extensions and 5/5 stars to his personal customer service.

If you wish to charge your online customers a fee, for example, to view your videos or anything else you choose to restrict access to, this is exactly the extension you need.

thanks Michael!!!
Reviews: 2
It was extremely easy to install and get working. The included memberships examples are very useful in getting up and running. The instructions are excellent and thorough. A limitation, which I understand they are working on, is membership payments are only currently (10/2012) taken through Paypal. Being able to add a manual membership - say someone came into the office and paid by check - will be a very useful improvement for an organization like mine. Thanks for your work!
Reviews: 1
This is a good component, though the documentation can be improved a bit more, it is simple to use for small business website. Good work!
Reviews: 15
I really appreciate the quick responses as well as the effort that goes into your emails when communicating with clients. You really have some great extensions (I started with Paypal Button), they work beautifully and the tutorials are well written. it is also nice to know you can count on the developer responding wuickly, unlike most. I really have to compliment you on your customer service, you left me speechless. Thank you for what your extension and your support has meant to my business.
Reviews: 4
It work like it say, and price is accepted. I too ask a question, support man replies and solute my answers, it really nice membership!
Reviews: 2
Now here is a Diamond in the Extensions.
Been doing this Joomla thing for some time now. Have tried tons of components, mods, etc... Never felt compelled to leave a review until I used this Members extension and their other apps.
It does just what expected and More...

Support is simply Top Notch. Stop looking, Stop thinking, and get this one now! End your searching and get to work.

Easy to get the hang of, easy to implement and make your own.
Is very dependent on Paypal so know ahead you will be using that.
The support alone is worth it, if you need any. After this, I started using his other apps, and together they make a fantastic environment. Flexible enough for many situations, yet consistent enough that you can build on and from it.

I honestly can`t say enough ...
Thank You, Michael & the folks of TriniTronic
Reviews: 3
This is an excellent extension, you have done great. I've been searching for an extension that will enable me sell membership access on my joomla site and I found this one very interesting. However, there is a feature that I need to help me server my users better.

I want an update of the component such that in addition to the existing payment methods, a user can pay for subscription using a randomly generated and stored unique PIN code (10 - 14 digits), which he will purchase offline. Once a PIN code is used it can no longer be used by the user or any other user.

That means there will be an additional payment method called PIN number. So admin can generate PINs from backend and sell them offline, then user can use the PIN purchased offline to make payment for their subscription. Admin can generate PIN based on subscription category. E.g PIN to activate gold category membership plan will not work for silver category membership plan.

Kindly take a look at this, I will appreciate it if it can be incorporated into the next version.


Reviews: 18
Nice Memberships is very easy to handle and has all the needed features to be a complete subscriptions system.

The support is very fast, Michael is a great developer.

If you need a subscriptions system, then you should give Nice Memberships a chance!
Reviews: 2
If you have a need for managing paid memberships, there's really no reason to look anywhere else. This one is super easy to manage, and automates a lot of work for you.

Michael is great. With the type of websites I do, it's hard to get good support from vendors. But he didn't pass judgement or try to cut the conversation short. Excellent support and a very open mind.
Reviews: 12
Many membership extensions out there are complex and hard to work with, no Nice Memberships.

Noob-users should easily configure and manage memberships.

In the future i hope to see integration with Jomsocial and their profiltypes.
Reviews: 1
Nice is the right name for this extension. Im quite new to using joomla but if other extensions are as good and easy to use as this one i can see this being an enjoyable experience.

Im not one of these people that gives feedback of a rule but credit where credit is due.

well done with this one.
Reviews: 12
With Michael extensions You always get very helpful support and,
even if your new to joomla, he'll will give you all the extra help you need.
This extensions is very easy to use and highly recommend!
Reviews: 1
This extension was easy to install and get set up. I had my site ready to sell memberships within an hour. The extension is well documented and was easy to follow. When I asked the developer a question, Michael was quick to respond and very helpful. The automatic user account creation is my favorite.

I highly recommend this extension to anyone looking for a good membership extension.