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Akeeba Subscriptions is a subscriptions management component for Joomla! 2.x/3.x. It's built using the Joomla! RAD Framework (FOF) and the best practices which ensure stability and security.

The killer features

- Streamlined administrator interface
- Rich subscription levels (subscription packages) editor which allows you to choose different images for each of your subscriptions and even a different order confirmation and order cancellation text to show to your users.
- The easiest subscription management interface you've seen on a component. It will even show you your users' faces, powered by Gravatar.
- Users can upgrade or expand (renew) their subscriptions. Renewing a subscription will create a new subscription which becomes valid the very second their old one expires. Users do not lose any of their subscription time when renewing, unlike most other subscription systems out there.
- Discount coupon codes which allow you to set an absolute money value or percentage discount for all or a specific subscription level and user, have publish up/publish down dates or a usage limit (e.g. the coupon code is valid only for the first 100 people to use it) – or a combination of any and all of the above!
- Automatic discounts for upgrading or renewing subscriptions based on the subscription level and days of presence in the subscription package. This allows you to easily create rules like: 30% discount if you renew up to 30 days before the end of your subscription, 15% discount if you renew within the last 30 days, no discount otherwise.
- Full support for complex tax calculations based on country, state and ZIP code. It fully integrates with the European Union's VIES system so that you can charge no VAT tax for intra-EU B2B transactions.
- Send emails to subscribers upon subscription, when their subscription/payment status changes and when their subscription is about to expire

Note: The component is distributed free of charge. No support is provided for it, free or paid.

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Reviews: 1
This is an excellent component but there is a little thing missing .... when using Paypal, if recurring payment had a free trial option before recurring payments begin, this component would be the best!!.
Owner's reply

This is actually semi-possible. You can have a free subscription and flag it as "Forbid Renewals". This will allow your clients to participate in a free trial. Once their trial is over, they will only have the option to buy one of your paid subscriptions. In our opinion, this is more user-friendly in the event your client decides not to buy your service than having to go to PayPal and cancel his subscription.

Reviews: 3
Very satisfied with the recurring payment option. Excellent customer support!
Reviews: 2
I tried a lot of solutions for selling saubscriptions within Joomla! But nothing really worked in a perfect way.

The configuration is very simple, but powerfull.

You can:
- create different subscription types
- offer a lot of payment gateways to your customers
- taxes can be determined fine-grained
- define fine-grained discount codes (all subscriptions, only defined subscriptions, for all users, for defined users, percent discount, fixed discount, allowed period, how often it can be used and so on ...)

This component is very effective, easy to use and powerfull. It works right out of the box with only a few configuration "clicks". And it's free.

I can't tell something about the support, because I didn't needed it until now. All issues could be solved with the very detailled manual (also available for free).
Reviews: 1
I've tried all subscription and payed download over there, until I encountered this, and before it was published on JED.
It's simply "perfect" and if used together with Joomla 2.5 native ACL allows you to manage any subscriptions in a manner simple and effective.
It deserves 5 ​​stars even if it was paid, but it's absolutely free.
God bless you!
Reviews: 7
From where to start? We have tried almost all possibilities with Joomla! Two years ago we ended up with VirtueMart for selling digital goods. It was really far from perfect, but there was nothing better or close to better.

We are currently testing and evaluating the Akeeba Subs extension for our site upgrade and we consider it as the best option so far. Don't be tricked - it's not an easy extension. Well, not really hard one, but definitively not easy. If you are used to setup something with click here and there, you might get lost. However, if you really want to build a web site, that offers subscriptions and you can't manage with Akeeba Subs, the problem is within you. I mean that you probably simply don't know what you are doing.

The real pros of this extension is its great flexibility, enormous power and endless integration with the most popular extensions out there. In combination with Akeeba Release System, it is incredible tool to sell subscriptions, download access and so on.

There are cons, which can be ignored, but be prepared anyway. Nikolas is far from being good designer, so the UI may look a bit blurry. Anyway, he has coded the interface in the proper way, so any designer could just overwrite the CSS. If our final decision is to go with Akeeba Subs for our new website version, we will donate the extension design for our own web site to Akeeba Subs.
Reviews: 2
Just started using, seems great. Dont tested yet the afilliate function, but the subscription, payment plugins are very simply and great. have what i need with suficient options.

The only downside for me is the registration that doesnt collect the user phone number on registration. and isnt possible to turn off. so even if you have another regsitration form, users can always use akeeba registration when they purchase.
Reviews: 3
When I began developing a website for a nonprofit that had $0 for web development, I had to find a good subscription management extension that was cheap, preferably free. Akeeba Subs was the first subscription management extension that I found that was free. I have found myself needing to modify the views to fit the nonprofit's needs, but this is extremely easy to do. The documentation is well written, the forums contain many answers to common questions, but more importantly, the code is easy to read and understand. Like the other Akeeba extensions I've used, this extension is truly a joy to work with.
Reviews: 7
I use it on my new project page for my Joomla! extensions.

Great work, Nicholas!
Reviews: 27
I've been using Akeeba Subs since the very early days and am continually impressed with the new features and plugins that are being released.

I've had to contact Nicholas via the support system several times and have always have extremely quick responses, often with new releases to fix whatever problem I was experiencing being released within an hour of reporting the issue.

I've also subsequently integrated AS with CCInvoices - again a very simple process. We have AS working with ARS, ccInvoices and PayPal quite harmoniously.

Great support, great extension, and a great way to manage your subscriptions.
Reviews: 1
Install and manage to setup within minutes. I came across issues and received a fast and excellent support from developer although I'm not a paid customer. Its really easy to get akeeba subscriptions ext. up and running just by reading its manual and easy interface.

Highly recommended and I surely going to subscribe to akeeba premium support.
Reviews: 15
We're already using Akeeba Backup, which is perfect, so I thought I would give this a shot.
WOW, I'm glad I did! It delivers just what we needed: A simple subscription system. So many subscription components try to throw nearly everything in there, and in all reality, what most of us need is just a basic, simple subscription system... that works! I don't need all these useless add-ons. Just for them to see the subscription, the price, and pay... that's all.

Akeeba Subs does just that, and works flawlessly. It's so easy to set up, and looks great on the front-end. It returns the correct information from PayPal (many others don't). It "just works".
We bought AEC last year, and it was nothing but a tremendous headache, and always seemed to not work properly. Members were always complaining... and it was expensive!

Akeeba Subs is THE BEST subscription component available, by a mile! Best of all, it's free! I applaud the team for creating this, and am supporting them any way I can.

If you need a sub add on, you need to grab this one. You will not regret it, I promise!
Reviews: 8
Easy to use. Great suport.

If you need something, just write into the support forum. The developer will response quickly and he is always open for new ideas if they compatible.

And because of this probably this extension is going to be the best subscription extension of JOOMLA.

Nicholas, thanks for all.
Reviews: 2
This extension does what it promises. But it is buggy coded. I had to fix several views by adding missing 'endif's, by replacing short tags by the required proper php-tags as otherwise these views did not get rendered. I always ended up with errors - specially due to plenty missing semicolons.
Reviews: 2
The structure of Akeeba Subscriptions is realy simple as flexible! I like the way to activate and use all the plugins you've deployed with it (like payment processors and 3rd party integrations).

The possibility to disallow a renew for some subscription levels would be very nice. So it will be possible to create a trial subscription...

Once again a big thanks to akeebabackup and Nicholas!!!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review! What you proposed is an interesting approach which neatly addresses the very popular "trial subscription" feature request and could certainly be integrated in the next version of Akeeba Subscriptions! When you have a feature request please post to the (free) "Pre-Sales" category of our ticket system. We value your feedback and use it to improve our software.

Reviews: 7
I've tried others. The initial reason I turned to Akeeba Subscriptions was wanting a better, more intuitive experience for a new person signing up--from payment through login. Akeeba Subscriptions delivers. The flow is right, the software is great with features built in that you have to pay for with other vendors.

Bottom line, the process needs to be easy and smooth for a new user and effortless for a renewing user as well. Great configurable flexibility on the back-end with reporting. You simply can't go wrong with software from the author of Akeeba Backup as well. Rock solid, dependable, responsive and fantastic support, new releases as needed. -- Love it!
Reviews: 23
For me, any things comes from Akeeba team is unique and well done. This extension is very handy, flexible and very usable.
I like the ease of use, the plans, and the overall idea of it..
I will recommend it for any website that need a reasonable and high quality membership system.
Keep the good work, please...
Thanks for sharing.
Reviews: 1
This extension is exactly what a membership extension should be: easy to use, secure and not overloaded with features.

It does exactly what it says: sells subscriptions and memberships to the users. It has a complete and through tax system, that is 100% compatible even with the overcomplicated european law.

The integrations are left to dedicated plugins, so it can be integrated with virtually any other joomla extension or 3rd party software.

It comes with a lot of ready-to-use integrations that allows you to start using it in minutes. Moreover, you can move out of popular extensions like ambra subscriptions with the 1 click importer.

Last but not the least, it's released by the most famous and trustworthy joomla extensions developer, and Nicholas. You'll find an extensive documentation and a fast and responsive support.
Reviews: 3
This extension suits my needs perfectly! It is working flawlessly, has lots of integration possibilities to other Joomla extensions and last but not least, the Support is outstanding!!!!
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