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Membership Pro is a membership/subscription extension for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x . It allows you to create and sell subscription plans, let members subscribe for these plans and give them access to restricted resources (Documents, Menus, Modules, Pages...) on your Joomla site. Main Features:
1. Subscription Plans management: You can create and manage(list, edit, delete, update, publish, unpublish) subscription plans from back-end of your site. For each subscription plan, you can specify price (how much users have to pay to sign up), subscription length (how long the membership is active if users sign up for this plan), thumbnail, description.... of that plan.
2. Membership sign-up from front-end: When users visit your site, they will see list of publish subscription plans, choose a plan they want, sign up and process payment (via online payment gateways such as Paypal,, Eway, Offline Payment...). After that, they will have an active membership of that subscription plan and can access to restricted resources which you setup for each subscription plan.
3. Subscribers management: From back-end of your site, you can see list of subscribers, filter subscribers by status (Pending, Active, Expired, Cancelled...), create a new subscription for an existing user, edit/delete a subscriber.....
4. Flexible membership renew options: When user has an active membership, he can renew his membership to extend their membership active time. The extension is designed so that the renewal option is very flexible, subscriber can renew his membership in the number of days he wants. For example, if you setup a subscription plan with subscription length is 60 days and price is 60$, you can define different renew options as below :
- Renew 10 days , price 12$ .
- Renew 20 days, price 20$... and so on
5. Flexible upgrade options : You can setup the system so that when user has an active membership of a subscription plan, he can upgrade his membership to a different subscription plan if his membership meets the criteria you setup in Upgrade Rule (of course, he will need to pay a fee to upgrade his membership). For example, you can setup the system so that subscribers of 6 Months Membership can pay 30$ to upgrade his membership to 12 Months Membership...
6. Invoice support: Membership Pro will generate PDF invoice for each subscription. The invoice can be sent to subscriber's email. Subscribers can also download the generated invoice from Subscription History
7. Auto Reminder feature : You can setup the system so that it will send notification email to subscribers X-Days and Y-Days before their membership expired so that they will know and process renew his membership.
8. A "true" multilingual extension: If your site is multilingual, you can translate everything in Memership Pro to all the languages you want.
9. Flexible and Powerful custom fields feature
10. Coupon Code feature
11. Restrict access to resources based on subscription plans (Do

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Reviews: 2
What can I say. I needed a non-expensive solution for my online teaching business, easy to set up and reliable. Support? The more the better ;) What I got matched my expectations and wishes for 101%. I am very happy and can just recommend Membership Pro & Events Booking that I run simultaneously. Great Value for the Buck; simple to understand and configurate; with outstanding (!) support from Tuan. He is the man! Cheers, Oliver
Reviews: 3
There are few membership components out there that offer the functionality Membership Pro does. On paper, all our requirements where met.
Bought a license, installed it without pain but then had to find out that the component had issues with updating Joomla user group information. It was unsuitable for productive use at that time. It now works flawlessly, thanks to their amazing support team. I received excellent, personal support and assistance to get it working. I wish more developers would offer such a great level of support...and I am usually not one that writes reviews :)

I can highly recommend this component if the feature set meets your requirements! You are not left alone if you run into problems.
Reviews: 3
Like many others I have been trawling through different extensions looking for a good membership/subscription-type service. This one is a very well-designed product that does the job simply and clearly. It doesn't have a mind-boggling array of features which to me is a good thing as I was finding many similar products to be far too complicated for my needs. However, there is an active support forum and the designers seem keen to listen to suggestions and help you to tailor their product.

I was particularly impressed with the support team. I had an issue initially when I installed it and and they responded immediately and sorted things out for me.
Reviews: 2
We looked at and tested a number of membership solutions. This one was what we needed. Although there were some challenges in initially trying to figure out even after reading documentation, it has so far functioned as advertised. One of the best things though is the customer service. We had a few questions and a small glitch, and we were contacted in a reasonable time and in a courteous manner. Problems were solved quickly. Thanks Tuan.
Reviews: 3
The extension was easy to setup. At no time the online payment system connected to the subscription membership was functional and went live.

I expected a lot of hard work to make the system going:-)

My site is in Russian language and there was a minor issue with the garbled characters showing on PayPal page. This got sorted out at no time by Tuan, the author of the component.

Thank you for the support and for the useful extension.
Reviews: 1
This is just the extension I was looking for. The support also is A-1, not only does he have a great support system on his site.

He will also add you to his skype and walk you through your problems right there.
Reviews: 1
This extension is the best! very easy to understand and very user friendly. The support team is excellent, if I have a problem they respond quickly and help me in the best way in no time, I will recommend them to anyone!
Reviews: 2
Excellent support on their development. They are really committed to help. Their product is very well designed and practical to use and it covers most of the functionalities required for a membership system.
Reviews: 1
I love this extension. In moving our site to a membeship system I purchased all the available membership components and this extension exceeds them all, working perfectly with the Joomla ACL, allowing it to seemlessly link up to any other extension. Other subscription components advertise 'plugins' to connect to other extensions for which there is really no need for now with Joomla.

Price aside this extension far exceeds other similar components. Considering it comes at a fraction of the cost makes it pretty much the only option in my eyes.
Reviews: 3
One of the best extensions I have used so far. Easy to work with and supports different languages. Very friendly and quick support team.
I strongly advise to use it.
Reviews: 6
I needed a membership component that would allow visitors to get a 7 day free trial or a 30 paid membership with option to renew. This software was easy for me to set up and more important easy for members to sign up and renew or upgrade from free to paid. I like the customizable emails that go out with different payment types or membership types and to the admin so I was able to include followup instructions for alternate payment methods or verification steps ect. More expensive extensions seemed to offer less, I found this a great value.
Reviews: 1
The extension is easy to install and configure, and does what it is supposed to. The customer service is excellent, and you will feel in good hands if you have any issues. All my questions were answered quickly, and I had a conflict with another plugin that the support person discovered and helped me fix. Very impressed!
Reviews: 1
Needed to find a way of getting users to subscribe once for recurring payments after an initial free trial period. And this does the job beautifully. The support from Tuan was excellent
Reviews: 1
Before i was trying a membership extension that was not as perfect, so i decided to try Membership Pro. This decision was perfect. great configuration possibilities and what´s best....SUPPORT! i really recommend this extension and its coder
Reviews: 1
Installed and set up on our website in minutes, fullfits most of membership needs!
Great feature for recurring subscriptions.
Some tricks on payments solved instantly by support team
Reviews: 5
I left this same review on 2 other ossolutions products because it is the set of components together is stellar. I've struggled with a number of other membership extensions for several years now and I'm so impressed with how easy and full featured they made osmembership that I had to review. Try it, you have little to lose.

For our public park client's site redevelopment, we needed better paid events, better membership and better donations. After so many demos I was not happy until I first found osmembership and liked it so much I gave eventbooking and jdonation a try. All are from ossolutions. Now our site has consistent, full features components to handle the major online needs of our organization. No fluff, just easy to style CSS, easy to customize form fields, extensive emails, easy to configure payments, and all highly configurable. All 3 packages meet and exceed our needs so we can implement more features as we need them. And all at a very reasonable cost. Simply put, osSolutions makes everything just work well in a very logical and easy to administer way. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I was trying to use AEC and many other payment membership systems before I found this. I am sooooo glad to find this.

It was soooo easy to setup, configure and start making money taking payments for memberships. I am really really happy! No more stress from all those other AEC and things.
Reviews: 1
It 's really a good extension. I think it's the best membership extension. It 's easy to use, full-featured, and to solve issues you can write to forum or open a ticket (with very quickly answers). Excellent!
Reviews: 1
This extension does what you expect and more. With good support and documentation as well.
Reviews: 1
I purchased and installed Membership Pro after nearly tearing my hair out trying to make OSE Membership (a competing product) do what I needed it to. They wanted hundreds of dollars to make some simple mods, so I decided to look for an alternative.

Membership Pro wasn't quite perfect, either. But the developer provided top notch support. With his patient help, I was able to make the needed mods and it is now configured exactly like I need it.

If you're looking for a membership management extension (which you presumably are since you're reading this), look no farther. This is an excellent product with terrific support!
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