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OSE Membership™ Popular ComponentModulePlugin

Licence: GPL V2 - Meaning that you have 100% FREEDOM TO USE IT and can install it into UNLIMITED websites FOREVER! No More License Restrictions! No more IONCUBE!

A feature list can be found here:

OSE Membership Version 6.3.0 - 7.1.0
* Enhancement - Enhance responsive design in registration view
* Enhancement - My account redirection URL is changed to SEF format
* Enhancement - Improved all redirction functions to use SEF formatted URL
* Enhancement - Improved PayOffline Workflow, the Payoffine email can show up in the billing history section.
* Enhancement - Improved all controller, model, views and CPU codes
* Enhancement - Improved Paypal Instant Payment Notification codes
* Enhancement - Improved Instant Payment Notification codes
* Enhancement - Improved Backend User Interface
* Enhancement - Improved Payment class
* New Feature - Added license keys feature

Core Features:

* Family / Group Membership feature (available in V7 only)

* Content Access Control Functions
** Show Teaser Content
** Sequential Access Control
** Hide the article list completely to the member only
** Hides Menus and Modules after user logins

* Membership / Group Management functions
** Create either Free Membership Plans or Paid Membership Plans with different Payment Options
** Unlimited Membership Levels with different different access levels
** Different Payment Options for different Membership Plans
** Multiple payment gateways with Automation: PayPal, Paypal Pro, Google Checkout,, BeanStream, Eway, VPCash, BBVA,, PayFast, 2Checkout, ClickBank, CCAvenue, USA ePay, IcePay, EBS, LiqPay, Realex
** Support Offline Payment
** Support one-off payments and recurring payments with flexible membership length
** Fixed Date Membership Plans

* Member Management Functions
** Add existing user to Membership / Create New Members
** View / Change membership status / start date / expiry date
* Comprehensive e-Commerce Functions
** Order management
** Customization email templates
** Coupon System
** Tax System
** Multiple Currency Shopping System

* Other functions
** Login redirection to a specific member menu
** Membership expiration notifications
** Affiliate software supported: iDefAffiliate and Post Affiliate Pro

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Reviews: 2
A great extension, ideal for subscriptions and memberships on Joomla. I should also add that the support I have received has been first-rate - I've been pestering them for months with various queries (I'm not one for reading manuals I'm afraid!)and they have been patient and extremely helpful.
Reviews: 4
A great extension for managing site subscriptions and organization memberships. Very easy to use and customize, with excellent users guide. All of my questions were answered with lightning speed, and the few glitches I encountered were fixed right away. I can highly recommend this extension.
Reviews: 1
This is the first time I use paid extensions, the extension is very good and quite easy to use. However, if the team can provide more registration layout css styles, that will make it better and easier for web designers like us to implement the subscription quicker. but overall the extension is very excellent! Keep up the good work guys!
Reviews: 3
I am using OSE Membership along with SobiPro and am very happy with it. I ran into a couple issues as a result of other extensions/add-ons I was using. I emailed support and received a quick reply. They solved the issues very quickly. would purchase again.
Reviews: 6
Just wanna say that if you need MEMBERSHIP option in you website, this is the best extension
Reviews: 5
I've been using this component since Joomla 1.5 and it really is very good. Support is excellent. Well worth the price for this component.

They've just been helping me for more than a day to sort out some errors I made in the configuration and some problems with membership activations in OSE Membership and Virtuemart 2.0.22. Many, many thanks.
Reviews: 5
I now have 2 extensions from this company which I use on multiple sites and I have found that their support is unparallelled - I'm not sure these guys ever sleep! They will answer questions and give help and advice on anything even remotely related to their products. Nor do they make you feel like an idiot but patiently give you instructions to follow to get your sites working. I was moving from another subscription system to theirs during a J 2.5 migration and they ensured that it would work before charging for the product. They then fixed any problems and answered my numerous questions tirelessly to make sure their products worked to my satisfaction. As for OSE Membership I find it is fairly easy to use once you understand the basics and it does the job I need it to do!
Reviews: 1
can we configure a subscription such that a user has access to a menu only certain number of times.
Say I users can by 3 views of a particular video.
Reviews: 16
I'll start by saying membership components aren't for the faint of hart, there's a lot involved and a lot that can go wrong. I have tried AEC, PayPlans, and a few others. OSE is a little complicated and there's a few buggy elements. However, no more than I experienced with the others. The support is what really sets them apart, they always respond to requests within 12 hours which, in my mind, makes them the best choice.
Reviews: 1
I have used OSE for 3 years and can't wait to dump it for a better product (going to try Membership Pro, by OSSolutions)

- Users have been getting 3 blank emails every month, instead of one expiration reminder, which they are supposed to receive. The support team tried and tried to fix this but basically kept saying, okay we did x,yz, so it shouldn't happen again. My frustrated users still get them!

- There are NUMEROUS problems and nuisances in the back end, like the Pending list and membership controls for the admin.

- Best of all, their staff deleted my entire content, thinking they were on my TEST site, when they were really working on the LIVE site. (They extended my membership for one year as an apology, which hardly made up for the hassle they put me through.)

- Other nagging problems have arisen in the past months. Subscriptions are paid, but marked in the backend as Expired, even though the dates are correct. (I extend the date by a single minute manually, and it reverts to Active. HUH?)

I think Shaun is quite responsive to support tickets (kudos to him), but they are clearly over their heads and over-extended.
Owner's reply

Hi Geri

We looked back the ticket histories and found this is an issue reported long time ago. For the 'blank emails' issues, we have tried everything to find out the cause (which does not happen to any other client's website) but really cannot identify the issue and find out the root cause (we have turned off the notification functions already, and ensure if email does not have subjects or content will not be sent out, but failed to achieve this.). It might be related to your previous developers' customized JCS IPN file, which updates the members membership every month.

This is the same as the subscription update issue. The subscription profile you reported were mainly created from the previous subscription system in the Joomla website, and the customized JCS IPN file created by your previous developer is responsible to update the membership status correctly. We provided a very detailed investigation report on this as well.

We are sorry to hear that our service cannot satisfy you, and we will try our best to improve our service to ensure the service of higher quality will be delivered to all of our customers.

Yours sincerely
OSE Support Team

Reviews: 1
Very high quality product and the support team only adds to the value! Very impressed on the timely replies to support questions and the documentation wiki's are very helpful in setting up the product for our needs. Thank you OSE Team for making my job easier! You guys Rock!!!
Reviews: 1
I would just like to say that we have tried 3 different membership components, each of which are good to use in their own right, but OSE Membership is by far the best / most complete one that we have used. The service as well is very good, we were able to try out the entire component before buying and since have had all of our questions answered both quickly and correctly, thanks guys!
Reviews: 3
This is a great extension, that we used for an integration with their OS Property extension. We also are using their PayPal Payments Pro plugin. There are a lot of features with OS Membership, which is great. The coding of the extension, from a developer's standpoint, is nicely organized and commented. Very happy with my purchase. In addition, contacting the extension author for a tweak in the registration process between OS Membership and OS Property's Agent setup resulted in fast turnaround. This is a great extension, from a great Joomla extension developer.
Reviews: 1
This is a powerful component with outstanding customer support. Support tickets are dealt with quickly and efficiently. The component lives up to it's description and is straightforward to install and configure.
Reviews: 4
This by far the most powerful extension for membership control that i've used, and the level of support that runs 24/7 is incredible. The support team is patient, and Shawn went the extra mile to solve my problems. Seriously, this has been money well spent and the folks at OSE have really set the bar high. Highly recommended!

Reviews: 1
Thanks for the extension. I would like to point out that the technical support is great and respectable. Even in midnight their technical support team helped me quickly.
Reviews: 1
OSE Membership is a powerful extension and provides many excellent features for subscription based websites. I requested a number of customizations and all of my questions were answered promptly and the extra functionality, which included an additional Payment Gateway, was added quickly and at reasonable cost.

Many thanks,
James Fletcher
Reviews: 1
The extension works as described and their is great documentation provided. The OSE team is extremely responsive to all questions and have solved any and all problems.
Reviews: 9
These people know their job well.When we buy something we look first to the support.
If there is good support all goes well.This team is incredible.Buy everything certainty.
Reviews: 3
OSE Membership offers superior membership management capabilities and provide a great support service even resolving several queries over weekend! It is simple to install and configure. They also have a very helpfull in depth Wiki documentation. A real great extension.
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