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OSE Membership™ Popular ComponentModulePlugin

Licence: GPL V2 - Meaning that you have 100% FREEDOM TO USE IT and can install it into UNLIMITED websites FOREVER! No More License Restrictions! No more IONCUBE!

A feature list can be found here:

OSE Membership Version 6.3.0 - 7.1.0
* Enhancement - Enhance responsive design in registration view
* Enhancement - My account redirection URL is changed to SEF format
* Enhancement - Improved all redirction functions to use SEF formatted URL
* Enhancement - Improved PayOffline Workflow, the Payoffine email can show up in the billing history section.
* Enhancement - Improved all controller, model, views and CPU codes
* Enhancement - Improved Paypal Instant Payment Notification codes
* Enhancement - Improved Instant Payment Notification codes
* Enhancement - Improved Backend User Interface
* Enhancement - Improved Payment class
* New Feature - Added license keys feature

Core Features:

* Family / Group Membership feature (available in V7 only)

* Content Access Control Functions
** Show Teaser Content
** Sequential Access Control
** Hide the article list completely to the member only
** Hides Menus and Modules after user logins

* Membership / Group Management functions
** Create either Free Membership Plans or Paid Membership Plans with different Payment Options
** Unlimited Membership Levels with different different access levels
** Different Payment Options for different Membership Plans
** Multiple payment gateways with Automation: PayPal, Paypal Pro, Google Checkout,, BeanStream, Eway, VPCash, BBVA,, PayFast, 2Checkout, ClickBank, CCAvenue, USA ePay, IcePay, EBS, LiqPay, Realex
** Support Offline Payment
** Support one-off payments and recurring payments with flexible membership length
** Fixed Date Membership Plans

* Member Management Functions
** Add existing user to Membership / Create New Members
** View / Change membership status / start date / expiry date
* Comprehensive e-Commerce Functions
** Order management
** Customization email templates
** Coupon System
** Tax System
** Multiple Currency Shopping System

* Other functions
** Login redirection to a specific member menu
** Membership expiration notifications
** Affiliate software supported: iDefAffiliate and Post Affiliate Pro

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Reviews: 5
These are unbelievable people. I have purchased several Joomla extensions, but none of them were this perfect according to their quality and support.

I have submitted more than ten tickets regarding my doubts & all. Every time, support is instantaneous and to the point and whenever I am not able to fix it, using my Cpanel id and password, they themselves had cleared every bug I had.

I requested a CCAVENUE payment gateway integration and promised them to give a test account which I was not able to provide in time. I was really worried whether they will take up and get engaged in some other work. But Shawn told me not to worry and they will be there for me, anytime.

And the Real Cool part is that, yesterday they integrated CCAvenue and fixed some other bugs I had by logging into my account, even though I am not able to provide them the CCAvenue test account till now.

I have no words to express about their cooperation and support. I would like to give 100stars or more regarding the product and their most excellent superb support.

Thumbs Up, along with delicious Royal Cheese Pastries, to Shawn and his team.
Reviews: 7
I just purchased this extension 2 days ago and have been working with it almost non-stop in order to set up a membership subscription for a service I am providing.

This extension is absolutely fantastic relative to its flexibility and capabilities. The Wiki documentation covers 95% of what you need to know to install and configure this extension and I highly recommend that you read through it at least once before jumping in. The product is not overly complicated but it does take a little time to understand it and avoid spinning your wheels

The support team on this product is also one of the best that I've encountered. I've submitted 3 tickets - 2 ended up being my misunderstanding of the configuration options and 1 turned out to be a bug. In all cases I got a meaningful and accurate response to my ticket within 1/2 hour of submitting it. Now, I wouldn't expect this rapid a response all the time and would be happy with a 12 to 24 hour turn-around but if this team can keep this pace going they are truly gifted.

If you need a robust and solid membership management and registration extension for Joomla you can't go wrong with OSE Membership - it's worth every penny!
Reviews: 1
I came over to OSE Membership after using AEC for nearly 3 years.

The worst thing I can say about this software is that it is chock-full of settings and ways to customize it. So many features. And yet, it took me just a few minutes to set up and get working with a subscription plan.

When I got further into it and ran into problems, their customer service went above and beyond. Fixing things for me within minutes of my submitting a ticket.

Excellent software that works well. Full and detailed documentation. 5-star customer service. There is only great things I can say about OSE Membership.

Some may say it is expensive. I say it is worth every penny and more--especially given that the price includes a full year of customer service and support.

You really can not go wrong buying this software.
Reviews: 1
I've asked Helix to help with setup challenges and site snaffoos a dozen times now. He has pulled through every time and with a smile.

Compared to Amember, I've found the tech support to be 1000% better - sooooo important with complex extensions like membership software!

Thanks for a well-designed, powerful, and nicely-supported extension!
Reviews: 3
I'm very happy with this Extension and even happier with the support team! The extension has suprised me! It looks beautiful; it works flawlessly and it all all (and a little more) it says here. The support team is fast and 100% efficient.
Thanks a lot guys!
Reviews: 6
I didn't find any extension which supports to JDownloads which has lot of options to download management BTW OSE mentioned JDownloads only in third party addons but didnt find any documentation to connect OSE and JD, other side i got documentation for Phoca Download and others.

Owner's reply

Hi there

Yes, JDownload was supported in version 4, and the Addon for version 5 is under development, it will be ready in 3 weeks time, so you can get it in the new version then. ;)

Best wishes
OSE team

Reviews: 1
We've been using OSE MSC since v4. During our recent upgrade to v5, OSE provided fast and free support helping us sort out our configuration errors and even doing quick bug fixes on their code. Whenever they fix something, they explain what they did, so that we can do it right next time.

Based on this experience, I wouldn't hesitate to use more OSE products.
Reviews: 1
Great product and quick support.

Reviews: 1
In my opinion The most important Benefit about OSE Membership is very good support.
the software have all the controls you need for a membership site. also the compatibility to other famous extensions is the most important part of it.
Excellent Product | Excellent support
Reviews: 3
I have installed the OSE membership and couldn't configure it to work with the HWDVideo as I was using a custom front end component to view my videos instead of the hwdvideo default view. I contacted the support team and were helpful at every stage and even offer me a solution how to control my video categories using the custom component.

The least I can offer them is an excellent 5 star service.

I must say that there are few bugs (please correct me if I am wrong), for instance when you choose to create a lifetime membership, users still get in the registration form if they want to renew their membership automatically or manually. I suppose if there is a lifetime membership, this option should be disabled.

Overall, this component must be on everyone's installation if you are planning to control the content in your site.

Keep up with the hard work.
Reviews: 1
This extension was way more than I expected. It seems to have all of the bells and whistles, but not too complex to set up for a newbie such as myself. I especially like how it integrates with other extensions (i.e. Phoca downloads). If you do run into a snag, the support team is quick to respond and is very reliable. I would highly recommend this extension!
Reviews: 5
Been very impressed with this so far. Had a few bugs initially but the support guys got FTP and login details and fixed everything for me! Much better service than I could possibly have hoped for. Thanks a lot guys.
Reviews: 1
I had a conflict issue with another installed extension (FeedGator). I raised the issue with a Support Ticket and got a prompt response.
The team managed to resolve the issue very quickly by updating a file on my server.
They explained everything they were doing and kept me updated each step of the way.

Excellent product | Excellent support.

David S
Reviews: 2
Very useful tool with an easy to use interface and good functionality
Reviews: 1
The support of this guys i dont have words to describe it they added a new feature cause of me so now u know how satisfied iam right now. Thank you HELIX :)
Reviews: 5
If you want to find a professional team, with a great component to control your membership, this is the one to pick. I had another component before, that was supposely very nice and reliable... it was absolutely not.

OSEMC team has demonstrated a lot of understanding and collaboration in our project, and I'm very proud to use their extension. Do not hesitate a minute to deal with them.

I would recommend their services at anybody and at anytime!
Reviews: 2
Just getting started with this so will pop back again with some additional feedback. But the support deserves a special mention. I had some issues with the installation (likely permissions with my host) and when I couldn't get around the problems myself, I contacted support. Just had to grant access and they solved all issues and installed for me. Excellent support for anyone concerned with installation issues.
Reviews: 1
After paying and trying a number of membership handling extensions I came across this fantastic supported extension. Helix and his team really came to the party with their support going, beyond my expectations with their brilliant, friendly and even humorous support. They have helped develop the first PayFast (a South African version of PayPal) payment option for their membership extension. Well done guys and thank you for an easy to use well supported extension.

Cheers Andrew
Reviews: 2
I have been using this extension for about a year now and I'm very much impressed with it's performance.
The level of difficulty to use has dropped from medium to easy with the release of the newest version and adding and setting up new memberships is a breeze now.
There is also a complete manual with solutions to every problem but if you get stuck the Support team will sort you out in no time. Quick replies and very professional.
Reviews: 1
I'm in the process of setting up my first Joomla site and decided to go with OSE membership after reading the other reviews on here. They offer an exceptional support service and have answered each of my queries in a full and timely manor. So far the software does what it says on the tin.
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