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OSE Membership™ Popular ComponentModulePlugin

Licence: GPL V2 - Meaning that you have 100% FREEDOM TO USE IT and can install it into UNLIMITED websites FOREVER! No More License Restrictions! No more IONCUBE!

A feature list can be found here:

OSE Membership Version 6.3.0 - 7.1.0
* Enhancement - Enhance responsive design in registration view
* Enhancement - My account redirection URL is changed to SEF format
* Enhancement - Improved all redirction functions to use SEF formatted URL
* Enhancement - Improved PayOffline Workflow, the Payoffine email can show up in the billing history section.
* Enhancement - Improved all controller, model, views and CPU codes
* Enhancement - Improved Paypal Instant Payment Notification codes
* Enhancement - Improved Instant Payment Notification codes
* Enhancement - Improved Backend User Interface
* Enhancement - Improved Payment class
* New Feature - Added license keys feature

Core Features:

* Family / Group Membership feature (available in V7 only)

* Content Access Control Functions
** Show Teaser Content
** Sequential Access Control
** Hide the article list completely to the member only
** Hides Menus and Modules after user logins

* Membership / Group Management functions
** Create either Free Membership Plans or Paid Membership Plans with different Payment Options
** Unlimited Membership Levels with different different access levels
** Different Payment Options for different Membership Plans
** Multiple payment gateways with Automation: PayPal, Paypal Pro, Google Checkout,, BeanStream, Eway, VPCash, BBVA,, PayFast, 2Checkout, ClickBank, CCAvenue, USA ePay, IcePay, EBS, LiqPay, Realex
** Support Offline Payment
** Support one-off payments and recurring payments with flexible membership length
** Fixed Date Membership Plans

* Member Management Functions
** Add existing user to Membership / Create New Members
** View / Change membership status / start date / expiry date
* Comprehensive e-Commerce Functions
** Order management
** Customization email templates
** Coupon System
** Tax System
** Multiple Currency Shopping System

* Other functions
** Login redirection to a specific member menu
** Membership expiration notifications
** Affiliate software supported: iDefAffiliate and Post Affiliate Pro

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Reviews: 1
Purchased the OSE Membership control on DEC. and installed it with the Virtuemart. Meet some probelms and bugs during the installation and configuration, but Helix and his technical support team did great supports to help me.

Now The process of Membership subscription is fully automated and save lots of my time.

Reasonable Price, Excellent product and Support! Highly recommend.
Reviews: 1
Two major thumbs up for this product!
After a rough start, I had installed a earlier component version of the pdf, Helix the developer graciously installed the current version!

Runs flawlessly on all my websites. I am using OSE for a login page for my website where most of my categories are blocked with the exception of Contact Us so that I can now track the members on my websites. Other websites installation were harmless.

The support for this product is awesome. Helix went way out of his way to help me. Great product, great service and great people. I hope you all like this product as much as I like it. I rarely do reviews, but I have looked for 2 years for a front end login component that could easily be implemented into Joomla. It was definitely worth the money.

Please educate yourself on the plugin User - Open Source Excellence and the module OSE Main Menu. If you have used Joomla then you can integrate this into your website.
Reviews: 3
I have purchased the OSE Membership control plugin and installed it with the Virtuemart plugin. The process of subscribing is now fully automised. Saves me a lot of time to focus on other things.

The documentation is very clear and makes the installation process very easy.

Had some trouble to get the Virtuemart plugin to work but the support was really great. Fast reply to my support ticket, and the developer helped me out just fine.

Excellent job!
Reviews: 1
I don't usually write reviews, but I have to give it to these guys. We have installed and worked with a different software for membership control in the past (AEC), but OSE is so much easier to use and it provides more advanced access control than AEC. The very few bugs that we found got fixed right away by OSE's support team. We get responses within 24 hours, often much quicker than that and all responses are such that we do not need to revisit the issue.

For example, we asked for a captcha and we got Re-captcha over the weekend. We asked for the user name to display after logging in and we got it within a day. Updated versions go up on their server all the time.

The software is extremely easy to install and use. There is an excellent guide with pictures and it took us only a few minutes to set our complex membership scheme and access control up. It works nicely with other Joomla extensions and we have not had a single problem that did not get addresses right away.

Well worth the money for these guys. They are on top of their software and really take care of their customers.
Reviews: 12
Ive purchased this along with a couple of Add-ons, to control access to a mosets tree directory site, it is a very powerful component and fairly easy to set up and install.

I personally struggled with controlling individual categories for submission, in the mosets tree and Helix and the Guys at OSE, provided me with support above and beyond expectation.

Great Product, Great Guys joomla, Great Company, I hope they do well and make more awesome Add-ons.
Reviews: 8
I was looking for something to help limit my Phoca Downloads by group and this extension plus their PhocaDownload plugin works great. However, it can do much more and limit all your content by group. I had an issue with the additional plugin installation and support responded in about 15 minutes and then several times back and forth until the issue was resolved. They even accessed the site to diagnose. Highly recommend.
Reviews: 1
I've been looking for a good subscription component without having to spend a ton of money and Membership Control by OSE is it! Not only does the component work great but the customer service is like no other. Felix is wonderful and has helped me tremendously! Membership Control now works with Community Builder (additional plug-in needed), thanks to Felix! I will definitely purchase from this company again.

I am a very happy customer! :-D
Reviews: 1
I am echoing the comments made earlier about Helix and their team's support.

In a world filled with daily examples of indifference and mediocrity; Helix is a beacon of hope.

It was through the reviews that I chose to purchase OSE Membership control. Therefore, I feel it's my obligation to report back that everything that has been shared about their support and service is truly accurate.
Reviews: 3
It is noteworthy to mention the outstanding support OSE provided me with. Not only are the "how to" tutorials crystal clear and well thought out, the screenshots that accompany them are immaculate with captions baby stepping you through exactly what you need to know.

I have been using the JED for over 2 years now and I'm saying that I'm most impressed with this component. I'm not a regular guy just stumbling around the JED either, I build websites for a living and as well I teach others how to build websites using Joomla.

Look, bottom line is if you are looking for a powerful membership component, forget the other 11 or so that you see in the JED, i have tried half of them with little pleasure, do yourself a favor and if you are really serious about the business idea you plan to use a membership component with, then you will get this component.

My name is David Shields and i'm a happy customer!
Reviews: 1
I have recommended and made reviews for some of the biggest names and brands in Sports.

This is going to be my third recommendation on Joomla simply because I think Helix , his staff, products and service deserve it.

The products are innovative, well constructed and just do what they are designed to do.

As much as I like his products, what really blew me away was his customer and support service. It is simple the best I have encountered in the Joomla, IT or ICT industry.

I recommend Helix and his products to anyone looking for great joomla solutions for there specific needs.
Reviews: 1
Just wanted everyone to know that the comments about OSE's support are NOT exaggerated. I had a problem with a membership i was trying to setup and submitted an email at 4am Sunday morning, hoping to get an early response sometime by Monday afternoon.

2 hours later my problems were resolved, thanks to Helix and crew. On. A. Sunday.

Great product, great support!
Reviews: 6
We needed membership control for our adventure racing website. We got the solution we needed with access control included. Then we suggested that it would be great to integrate with CB. And these guys just went ahead and did it within a day. Now we have CB, access control, and membership in a beautiful integration on I am planning on buying the service plan they offer because I really want to keep working with these guys. Helix and his team are awesome
Reviews: 1
I've earned a full-time living off the internet for eight years. During that time, I've come across excellent service and I've come across truly lousy service. Helix (opensource-excellence) easily fits into the first category.

Queries are handled quickly and cheerfully and I am absolutely delighted that I chose to buy Membership Control from them. Apart from the obvious benefit of having a plug-in that does what it says on the box, I have the added benefit of knowing that, should I need their help, they will be there to guide and support me.

A first-class product with a first-class service.

Well done, guys!

Graham Hamer
Reviews: 3
Great support. Contacted them about a modification to the component to allow memberships to expire at a fixed time.

They built a new version of the component in 12 hours! Buy priority support if you're on a mission critical application - these developers deserve it!
Reviews: 9
Im just delighted I found this extension.
I previously used AEC which too is a great extension, but can be quite complicated in its configuration. So after trying AEC which was free, I was a little dubious paying for a subscription extension. I must say reading the reviews was inspiring so I thought I would give it a go.
Initially I had teething problems as the component was disagreeing with my SEF. Helix told me this, so I made some alterations. I had one last problem and could not find the fault.
Not a problem for Helix. He simply went to my site backend and sorted the problem.
Now all is perfect. So many options of control its unreal. At last I really FEEL I am in control of my site.
As others have said before, this guy deserves all his success as his support and speed is awesome.
I wouldnt hesitate to purchase from him again.
If only ALL extensions and support were like this.
Thanks Helix.
Reviews: 1
Congratulations, your technical service is very good.
Reviews: 1
Hi all,

I think that this component is really great, but the best for me is the quality of the OSE support.

I bought OSE Membership Control and the phpbb addon to do a Fan Club website with annual subscription.

Everything is working fine, the bridge between joomla and OSE is totally transparent. Very good work.

But the best for me is the support they give to me : I'm not experienced and sometimes I don't really understand what I'm doing. I ask for help to the OSE support and they really take care about a newbie like me. Now they solve my problems and everything is working fine.

If sometimes you don't know why you have payed a software, with OSE you will know.

Sorry for my Swiss french English, and long life to Joomla.
Reviews: 3
Ecellent developer support. FAQ and short documentation can't solve your problems, specially if you'are acl newbie, but immediately help of developer solved my troubles.
Reviews: 1
I think you sometimes question whether you should pay for extensions (as some turn out to be a waste of money and the support received is non existent).
In this case, I think the extension (Membership Control by OSE) is excellent and well worth paying for. The extension itself does exactly what it says, which is great. However, what I believe separates it from other extensions is the support received. I needed some customisation of the extension and Helix did a fantastic job in turning it around very quickly. Having been let down by some developers in the past, this experience was a refreshing change.
Overall, I would say the extension + support is nothing short of outstanding so thank you!
Reviews: 1
I’m rarely driven to write reviews of products I use but I can’t recommend this product and the developers enough. I was looking for an easy way to manage user subscriptions on my site. I’d previous used an older system by a different developer which was functional but didn’t integrate seamlessly into Joomla. This product, however, is right there in the Control Panel and provides the access I need.

Installation wasn’t straightforward but only because I had a problem due to the size of my database (my site has been running for about five years). However, I contacted their support and they rewrote the component and even installed it for me within three days. Never before in all the years I’ve been developing and building websites have I known service like this. If the world is in any way just, people like this will be rewarded with success.
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