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OSE Membership™ Popular ComponentModulePlugin

Licence: GPL V2 - Meaning that you have 100% FREEDOM TO USE IT and can install it into UNLIMITED websites FOREVER! No More License Restrictions! No more IONCUBE!

A feature list can be found here:

OSE Membership Version 6.3.0 - 7.1.0
* Enhancement - Enhance responsive design in registration view
* Enhancement - My account redirection URL is changed to SEF format
* Enhancement - Improved all redirction functions to use SEF formatted URL
* Enhancement - Improved PayOffline Workflow, the Payoffine email can show up in the billing history section.
* Enhancement - Improved all controller, model, views and CPU codes
* Enhancement - Improved Paypal Instant Payment Notification codes
* Enhancement - Improved Instant Payment Notification codes
* Enhancement - Improved Backend User Interface
* Enhancement - Improved Payment class
* New Feature - Added license keys feature

Core Features:

* Family / Group Membership feature (available in V7 only)

* Content Access Control Functions
** Show Teaser Content
** Sequential Access Control
** Hide the article list completely to the member only
** Hides Menus and Modules after user logins

* Membership / Group Management functions
** Create either Free Membership Plans or Paid Membership Plans with different Payment Options
** Unlimited Membership Levels with different different access levels
** Different Payment Options for different Membership Plans
** Multiple payment gateways with Automation: PayPal, Paypal Pro, Google Checkout,, BeanStream, Eway, VPCash, BBVA,, PayFast, 2Checkout, ClickBank, CCAvenue, USA ePay, IcePay, EBS, LiqPay, Realex
** Support Offline Payment
** Support one-off payments and recurring payments with flexible membership length
** Fixed Date Membership Plans

* Member Management Functions
** Add existing user to Membership / Create New Members
** View / Change membership status / start date / expiry date
* Comprehensive e-Commerce Functions
** Order management
** Customization email templates
** Coupon System
** Tax System
** Multiple Currency Shopping System

* Other functions
** Login redirection to a specific member menu
** Membership expiration notifications
** Affiliate software supported: iDefAffiliate and Post Affiliate Pro

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Reviews: 4
Helix answered my questions within hours. This is the first time I attended live to solve problems.
I won a lot of time!

Membership Control is a component that integrates well with Virtuemart and Joomla.

No duplication of info for managing subscriptions (addresses, payment, download ...) all these functions are performed by Virtuemart. Only subscription information are managed by Membership Control (Restriction on content "sections, categories, items, on modules, on menus for each membership based on membership.

No Ioncube. Membership Control works with Virtuemart 1.13 and Joomla 1.5 on my site shared 16MB ... It's great!

I am pleased to have purchased Membership and Quality Control services Helix.
Reviews: 1
It is the Best Subscription Component that I have ever met for joomla_CMS and it's packed up with A+ support = you get things up and running smoothly how you are really want it.
Helix, it is the developer of Network Excellence, together with his team they did the excellent product as well as providing magic support with taking care of what customer really needs.
Keep it up - Great Job!
Reviews: 7
Yes, finally a component that does web site memberships easily. I've used MamboCharge (yes, I've been around a while), nBill and AEC in the past for membership sites, but never again. OSE has gotten it right and back it with support that goes above and beyond. I had one minor problem with a beta version and Helix came through with prompt, professional, courteous support like I've never seen from any other development group. Best of all, by using VirtueMart, I can offer subscriptions seamlessly with physical products. I LOVE this component!
Reviews: 1
To all developers of OSM...ALL THUMBS UP!!!

I've been using Joomla for my commercial sites for over 4 years and I was very reluctant to use Joomla for my new business model of membership sites since I was always told that Wordpress does better on this...IT's NOT NECESSARILY TRUE...thanks to this excellent product.

I've been able to setup my membership sites and as with all new systems, you need to get involved, fine tuning here and there until you get used to it. The product does what it says and more...

Another cool part is that YOU"RE NEVER ALONE. Helix is a friend to me (although I believe He doesn't know yet lol). He has humbly put his efforts and knowledge onto helping me to run the component exactly as I want.

It's a hard-to-find product class with a hard-to-find class A+ support.

Kuddos for Helix and the gang at OSM!!
Keep it up!!!
Reviews: 1
Excellent Program! Excellent Support! Quick support response! I have given Helix 5 stars for everything up to now. I am looking forward to new version which I understand is coming out soon that will provide control over modules and components.

Thanks Helix for an excellent product and support!
Reviews: 1
I Buy and Use Membership Control, Phoca Plugin, and PayPal Subscription. Got error on settings but easily solved in forum. Support usually done within 24 hours or less, admin really helped me a lot.

This is my first review after years here, even make account for this.

Thanks for this great products and fast supports, keep up the good work.
Reviews: 3
A very useful and easy to manage component. install and configure without any problems on my site. It gives features membership control which Joomla lacks of. keep up the good work guys!!
Owner's reply

Dear All,

Thank you very much for your reviews and financial supports! We will try our best to make the software better and better!

On behalf of Open Source Excellence Developers Team

Reviews: 1
Had a hard time getting this going myself and went to their site and it was down so I couldn't read the docs or check out the forums! They were switching servers, oh no! I had a deadline so I emailed them in desperation. They were incredibly helpful and even installed it and got it running for me. I've never experienced great tech support like this before... I was really amazed. I configured the memberships (read the instructions carefully and you'll have no problem) and it works like a charm. I made my deadline and I couldn't have done it with regular ho-hum tech support... this whole this was resolved in a matter of hours. If you need thins kind of program, buy with confidence, it's worth every dime and more.
Reviews: 1
We recently purchased Open Source Excellence's "Open Source Joomla Membership Control 2.3" and I can honestly report this product, and Dr. Helix's (OSE developer) outstanding support, was a great choice. Please know this is not a "seed" review - we were unhappy (very) with our original configuration of AEC with JACL-Plus and so we thoroughly researched the alternatives. We settled on Open Source Joomla Membership Control 2.3 with VirtueMart 1.1.3, and we are absolutely thrilled with the migration results.

We sell 30-day subscriptions to access our online trades-licensing exam prep courses in the US, and this solution is perfect for us. If you are planning on building an ecommerce site -- any type of ecommerce site were you will be shipping products, selling downloads, and most notably selling subscriptions were you need to control access to your online content, then look no further. Open Source Joomla Membership Control is your solution. The product AND the support are outstanding.
Reviews: 5
Excellent service!Helix help me on the spot and even looked at my setup and fixed it.What made an impession is that Helix showed me how to change the codes to suite my requirements.I am a VirtueMart fan and the different extensions that is available will enhance VM a lot
Reviews: 9
I was in search of a permissions module to do something very specific with another 3rd party Module and Helix went way above and beyond for the amount of money we agreed upon. He saved my a$$!! :-) If you have a need for his tools, do not hesitate to use him.
It's developers like this that make Joomla a wonderful tool!
Reviews: 3
I've never written a review before, but wanted to comment on this great extension. It was the first time I've ever had to develop a membership extension, and I decided to go with Open Source Membership Control, after doing a bit of research. It offered the features I wanted, it was VERY EASY to configure, and when I had a bug issue and brought it up to Helix, he responded right away with a solution. It easily integrates with Virtuemart which was key for me. The bug issue I encountered (and required help with) has already been fixed with the most recent release. Anyways, just wanted to say thank you for a great component and excellent customer support.
Reviews: 1
This blows away every ACL component I have ever seen and the support is second to none. Seamless integration with Virtuemart makes all new subscribers AUTOMATICALLY assigned to what content they have access to.

Without a doubt one of the best products out there and worth every penny!!!!!
Reviews: 2
Had a poor experience with JUGA so checked out the support on MSC and was impressed with the customer feedback. I logged a handful of pre-sales questions on the forums which were all handled swiftly by Helix and went ahead and bought the extension. Admittedly, out of the box it didn't perform as expected on my Windows based host, but the support from Helix has been astounding and I now have a system that will do what I need (ie restrict view/edit/create of content based on group memberships). Having moved to Joomla from DNN I am surprised (disappointed) at how complicated access control is on Joomla, but this is one software development company and extension that get the double thumbs up from me in terms of exceptionally useful tool and out of this world service - and I'm really not usually given to raving about things either!! Nick
Reviews: 1
I had a heck of a time setting this up - and really shouldn't have if I would have read the manual better. But, we all know that we spend too many hours working on the site and sometimes don't see everything. The admins came right to the rescue with my last minute requests and trying to get the site live within 24hrs. If you need a membership control, then this is the one for you. And there is still more to come. I can see each update making it better and better. But it already is awesome now. I also needed a subscription plan with paypal and POOF there it was. These Guys are FIRST RATE in all customer service, support and more. I was going to buy several of their products only to be told that this is only what I needed. Save me money and time. How many try not to sell you everything? Don't just let me tell go get it for yourself and get that membership site up and start collecting fees! :)

One Satisfied Customer
Reviews: 2
This membership component is the best thing since beer was put into cans or they invented sliced bread, take your pick!

I had quite a complex membership system that needed to be implemented and selected this component to work with. Initially, it didn't meet our requirements exactly and the developers took the suggestions we made regarding the component and implemnted them immediately. Not only did they improve the extension, but they met the complex issues we faced with multi level memberships.

Superlative would not be an adequate adjective when trying to describe the support that was provided. Responses were extremely fast and I also know from watching the clock that many of them were sent in the early hours of the morning.

This extension is now working brilliantly on our site and I cannot recommend it and its developers highly enough.

Great job!!

Reviews: 1
This product met my company's needs to integrate automated payment and with restricted membership to specific online content.

I needed some support in getting it up and running, and the developer responded immediately to personally solve the problem.

This company sets THE high standard for client support. Thanks Helix!

Reviews: 1
Works great.Support its great as well.
Thanks for this component, it does help when it comes to different membership levels.
Reviews: 1
so, we got the problem that the sales guys want to offer subscriptions, but not in an way like we was able to do...they would like to have also an shop functionality.
One or two days later i saw this extension and all our problems are now the customer will be able to chose different subscription and than he will be able to check out.
its also great to use the billing function of virtuemart, withing this option you are able to use all the payment-gaetway virtuemart offers.

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