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vHtaccess Plugin

Denies access for registered users if they are not (or not anymore) listed in a htaccess file
With the vHTaccess plugins you can use the concept and security of .htaccess to manage your Joomla Users - without additional Membership software! These plugins has been developed as a Joomla authentication and user plugin for those using CCBill, Paycom/Epoch and/or Verotel. Instead of signing up on your website, your potential members will checkout directly on the payment processors form with one click - and this plugin will pick up the user details automatically, authenticating against the details the payment processor provides.

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Reviews: 1
Hi all,

I just wanted to say thanks to websgold for this lovely plugin. I tried payplans and AEC but in the end this little beauty worked perfectly with a much easier setup for both my payment processor (verotel) and me! Took like 10 mins to setup and has some really details support manuals and videos. The package is clean and runs perfectly i cant fault it at all.

Thanks alot guys you literally saved me a shed load of time in getting this all sorted.

Reviews: 5
This plugin works great! I couldn't get it working, but after I contacted support, Jake got me running within 20 minutes.

Thanks again for a great plugin.
Reviews: 4
When I first looked at this product, I was a little skeptical. I needed something that could link in my joomla site to CCBill, and there seemed to be no other components / plugins to do this. This left me a little concerned about how well this one would work.

I was also unsure about whether my own technical expertise would be enough to buy vHTaccess without paying the higher amount for them to install it for me.

I decided to go for it - buy the product and try a self install.

I found the tutorial provided with the product to be easy to understand and thorough.

I was able to do the instal myself, and when I did have a question, I sent Jake a message on his site, which recieved a reply within an hour. I messaged him back and forth a few times, each with a quick reply.

Once fully set up, I found the vHTAccess works perfectly in integrating my site with CCBill. We are now recieving paid members to our site through CCbill
Reviews: 1
This is a superb product that has enabled our Joomla site to sign up to verotel and synchronize our membership with a payment gateway. The support has been the best I have receved for anything related to Joomla so far. Instand real time fix and config of product and an absolute pleasure to work with - We are taking memberships and payments already.
Reviews: 1
I had no idea there was a Joomla plug-in that worked with Verotel until a few days ago when I found VHTaccess. After I purchased this plug-in, I ran into issues configuring it properly which was my fault, since I didn’t pay too much attention to the instructions provided with the plug-in.

So after I initially contacted the developer(s) of VHTaccess, it took less then a minute to receive a reply back which was AWESOME.

Once I supplied the user/pass to the backend, It took less than 5 mins for the developer to see what happen and to get the plug-in up and running smoothly, which in my opinion is EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE & SUPPORT.
Reviews: 2
I was stunned when jake called me to discuss the work he had done..this doesnt happen (people are busy etc etc)..anyway everything worked perfectly no problem!
Reviews: 5
After spending lots and lots of time searching for a way to make my site a viable pay site I finally found vHTaccess. It is a breeze to install and works perfectly. The price is very reasonable, especially considering the value of the plugins, the ease of use and the AMAZING support. I will use this on EVERY pay site I build from now on!

Also: I got INSTANT support when I had questions or problems. They walked me through every part of the process and didn't stop until it was up and running and tested.

I use CCBill as my merchant processor and vHTaccess offers a very clean and convenient 1-click payment solution. I tried a few other plugins and components and got really frustrated and confused, plus due to the type of content we host many payment processors will not work with us. The combination of CCBill and vHTaccess is a huge winner. I'm up and running and receiving payments!!

Here's my one complaint: I wish I had found this plugin before I messed around with the other ones!!