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The Nice PayPal Downloads extension is a robust download manager that allows you to distribute files for free or for paid download. What makes Nice PayPal Downloads unique is its overall flexibility and ease of use. Once you have uploaded your file and created and an item record for it, you can place a purchase button in any article or custom module. This extension does away with the outdated method of restricting downloadable files to a pre-designed listing area of your site. This liberates you to turn any article or Joomla page into a point of sale or distribution center for your files.

As always, we put a lot of extra love into the crafting of this extension. And we know you're going to love it too. Take a quick look at some of the great features that are available:

Features Include
* Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 & 2.5 compatible
* Easily distribute free or pay-for files for download
* Place file purchase button in any article or custom module
* K2 compatible
* Site registration not required for the buyer
* Integrated with PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN)
* Supports all PayPal currency codes
* Supports all PayPal country codes
* Straight forward autonomous order processing
* Supports custom graphics for purchase buttons and download buttons
* Secured download file directory
* SEO friendly URLs for download listings
* Compatible with download accelerators
* Set allowed number of concurrent connections for download accelerators
* Set download speed limits in Kbps
* Limit file downloads by number of downloads
* Limit file downloads by expiration time
* Utilizes anitleeching technology
* Intuitive administration pages
* Robust independent messaging and limits for multiple items or per individual item listings
* Easy file management with the File Manager
* Stored transaction records for easy look up and management
* Per item download counter
* Supports Joomla's FTP layer for uploads
* IPN message logging for testing purposes
* Test mode for PayPal's sandbox
* French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Polish and English translations included

Release version 2.03 Changes:
* Added Turkish translation
* Added Japanese translation

Release version 2.04 Changes:
* Refined JSON response friendly tag replacement.

Release version 2.10 Changes:
* Added Polish Translation

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Reviews: 7
this extension was a godsend, I have used it on a few sites now, and when a server change triggered an issue on one site the developer helped with a solution and followed up to ensure it the problem was solved.
Reviews: 1
This is an AWESOME PRODUCT! I installed it in minutes ... went thru the documentation in less than 10 minutes ... configured thru PayPal, and was selling downloadable items in less than an hour! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Forum at developers site is full of great info!
Reviews: 1
With the Nice Paypal Downloads Package, I was able to solve the problems I was having with other paid and free Paypal integration extensions.

The log feature is great even if you aren't selling Downloads.
Reviews: 16
This is a great extension that I’m really pleased with. Also love the Documentation and the Trouble Shooting in the community/support section of the developers website. All is very clear and straight forward.

This extension is also really easy to use which is important if you’re setting ut a site for an end user who isn’t very advanced.

So if you want to sell downloadable stuff, Nice PayPal Downloads is my No 1 choice that I’d be happy to recommend.
Reviews: 1
I never normally write reviews (too lazy!) but I had this up and running in no-time and felt that if anyone else needed this functionality I should recommend this extension. It was excellent for me and just what I wanted! Nice work and well worth the money! The hardest part to set up is at the PayPal end and you cant blame TriniTronic for that. Well Done Guyz.
Reviews: 4
Incredibly happy with Nice PayPal downloads. It is more than simply nice it is simply brilliant! The instructions are clear, the service is excellent and the component is just what I was looking for.
I had a technical issue with the downloading link from the customer's email - turned out to be a language issue which was easily rectified with a little tweaking around.
Definitely worth paying for.
Reviews: 3
This extension is truly nice! I've been using it for about 6 weeks with virtually no trouble. I had a small issue that was quickly solved by the developer in the support forum. This extension is very easy to install and setup.

I love how the checkout process is so fast. As soon as you click on the buy it now button, it takes you straight to the paypal page. This is very important to me because many users are too impatient to fill out a form and then have to go to paypal to fill out another form!

This extension is perfect for anyone looking for a reliable extension for digital downloads long as you're okay with having paypal as the only payment option. That's fine with me, I don't want to bother with setting up other payment options anyway, I'm lazy lol! It was well worth the price in my opinion.
Reviews: 2
When it comes to taking people’s money for digital products and wanting to ensure their experience is as smooth as possible I wanted to make sure I used the right tool for the right job. I researched this extension and saw only rave reviews. I emailed the developer on several occasions prior to buying and got great response. I took the plunge and bought Paypal Downloads. I scanned through the documentation quickly and had it set up in minutes. It was very easy and it works great. I had a few questions relating to usage, and before I emailed the developer I poked around and found the answers myself… very easy to use.
Features I’d like to see in the future (making an awesome product even more awesome)
The ability to “Add to Cart” vs. just “Buy now”.
Export transaction list to CSV from the backend UI.
Once these features are added Joomla will need to allow a "Super-Excellent! "6 star rating to rate this product properly.
Reviews: 2
This extension really does what it says, and it does it great. We are using this extension to sell our downloadable extensions and it has never failed. Easy to set up and easy to use. Great job!
Reviews: 4
I have no problem in giving 5 stars here because to be honest, this is in my list of top 5 extensions. It's easy to setup, use, and I have had no major problem since I started using this last year. I needed something simple for my theme & template website and tried at least 4 other extensions over a span of 3 years, but I went for this one. My big feature needed was to give customers an easy way to re-download templates they purchased for when I have updates. Setup documentation is easy to follow and most of all, support was fast for me, even though it was just a general question, the developer came through 100%.
Reviews: 9
This product works perfectly out of the box! If you want to accept paypal on a Joomla site this is the only component to use. I had a few questions for the developer and I received a response in minutes. Great work!!
Reviews: 19
I don't mind paying a few or even a lot of bucks if the extension will help me on a specific task. This was exactly the case for me with this extension.

It installs easily, and there was great set-up documentation at the developer site to make sure it would configure properly to my PayPal account.

I do wish there was a way to reset the download counter on the back-end without deleting the download, and reloading it. Maybe something for the wish-list??

Owner's reply

Thanks for the "super" review. It means a lot to me. I am happy to read that you are enjoying the Nice PayPal Downloads extension.

I just wanted to pop in and let you know that you can reset the download counter by clicking into the download item details. At the bottom of the details form you will see a field labeled "hits." Simply set the value to 0 (zero) and click save. The download counter will be reset.

If you need more assistance, visit our support forum. I'd be happy to help you further.

Reviews: 18
I use it on several websites and I am very satisfied with the result.

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
I'm not the expert in any technology, but this extension is not that heard to understand. Need some learning, but the developer is so kind and very patient to help explaining. I really recommend this extension. You will not be disappointed for sure.
Reviews: 8
I rarely buy extensions as I'm cheap and I've been burned a few times. Took a chance with this one and am very happy. It's very elegant and should appeal to Apple users yet it does just what I need very efficiently which should appeal to everyone else.

I had an issue which ultimately turned out to be my bad but the help was quick, thorough and fixed in just a few posts on the support forum with the developer.

Highly recommended if you don't need a full store.
Reviews: 1
Nice Paypal Downloads (NPD) was my second choice, but I wish it had been my first. My first choice was Documents Seller, because of its lower cost and its many positive reviews. Documents Seller includes many options, but they’re harder to figure out for a Joomla beginner, such as me. Moreover, the only way to tweak parts of Docs Seller, such as removing some of the titles in the list of items for download, is to fiddle with the code in the CSS files.

It wasn’t working for me, so I swallowed hard and paid the higher cost for NPD, mainly because of the simplicity of its tagging system, which allows you to put the Paypal button anywhere you want instead of in a predesigned page created by the extension. NPD’s greater flexibility and ease-of-use have helped me finish building my website in short order. I should add that the questions I posed on NPD’s support forum were answered promptly and exhaustively.

I wish NPD were cheaper, but I can attest to the accuracy of the official description of NPD on the Joomla Extensions page for that product.
Reviews: 1
I chose this extension after reading the reviews of others and was not disappointed. The developer was responsive to my questions above all my expectations. I have learned a great deal though this process about Joomla and how it works. The only thing I would like to see added to this extension would be the add to cart feature which would enable the customer to buy multiple downloads in one purchase transaction. Thank you for a great product at a reasonable price and the good service offered.
Reviews: 10
this is so far the best download and pay component out there. It was easy to install with the step-by-step guide (on the web) and right away you can offer files for payments. Forget robust dokmans or jdowloadz they are too big, you just want to sell individual files and this is what it is meant for. Keep doing an excellent job guys.
Reviews: 1
I am a total PayPal Newbie and was looking for an easy way to add a few BuyIt Now buttons to my website. Nice PayPal Downloads fit my needs and experience level perfectly!

We ran into a snag with corrupted downloads. Contacted the developer and within 12 hours he was totally engaged in the problem.

Really refreshing was how well he listened to what the issue was and dug right in to finding a solution.

Turned out the issue was subtle and hard to track down. The developer stayed with it until the mystery was solved and we are up and running! If this extension and the service I got from the developer are any indication of the quality of Trinitroinc's other offerings, buy them! You won't regret it!
Reviews: 2
After installation of the component i had some problems getting the E-Mails sent to the customers.
I rewiewed the installation guide, which is in most cases adequate.
But i didn`t get the mails sent out, so i decided to ask in the forum from the dev-website.

And in the next two days the problem was fixed!
Very fast and good support!

Keep on doing your business in this manner.
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