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The Nice PayPal Downloads extension is a robust download manager that allows you to distribute files for free or for paid download. What makes Nice PayPal Downloads unique is its overall flexibility and ease of use. Once you have uploaded your file and created and an item record for it, you can place a purchase button in any article or custom module. This extension does away with the outdated method of restricting downloadable files to a pre-designed listing area of your site. This liberates you to turn any article or Joomla page into a point of sale or distribution center for your files.

As always, we put a lot of extra love into the crafting of this extension. And we know you're going to love it too. Take a quick look at some of the great features that are available:

Features Include
* Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 & 2.5 compatible
* Easily distribute free or pay-for files for download
* Place file purchase button in any article or custom module
* K2 compatible
* Site registration not required for the buyer
* Integrated with PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN)
* Supports all PayPal currency codes
* Supports all PayPal country codes
* Straight forward autonomous order processing
* Supports custom graphics for purchase buttons and download buttons
* Secured download file directory
* SEO friendly URLs for download listings
* Compatible with download accelerators
* Set allowed number of concurrent connections for download accelerators
* Set download speed limits in Kbps
* Limit file downloads by number of downloads
* Limit file downloads by expiration time
* Utilizes anitleeching technology
* Intuitive administration pages
* Robust independent messaging and limits for multiple items or per individual item listings
* Easy file management with the File Manager
* Stored transaction records for easy look up and management
* Per item download counter
* Supports Joomla's FTP layer for uploads
* IPN message logging for testing purposes
* Test mode for PayPal's sandbox
* French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Polish and English translations included

Release version 2.03 Changes:
* Added Turkish translation
* Added Japanese translation

Release version 2.04 Changes:
* Refined JSON response friendly tag replacement.

Release version 2.10 Changes:
* Added Polish Translation

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Reviews: 2
Here is a developer that cares deeply about the success of the product he offers. Michael went above and beyond the call of duty to help us get my outdated plugin to work on our site. As for the plugin itself: it is both easy to use and very flexible in its deployment. The documentation is well written, and easy to understand.
The JED would be a better place with more developers like this.
Reviews: 2
I bought this product to integrate it in my new site. Its the first time when im doing PayPal stuff. I knew nothing about how to set it. Michael help was extremely helpful and fast. Even on topics non related with the product. I never waited more that 12 hrs for his answer.
The product is awesome, easy to use, even for newbies because they have Michael's support.
All in all the best "team" i ever saw: the developer and his product. I strongly recommend it.
Good job, Michael!
Reviews: 2
I purchased this extension with confidence because I could see that the documentation was clear and thorough since I am fairly new to joomla.

I did have a couple of problems getting the email with the download to work which Michael happily checked for me and pointed out a couple of errors I had made, basically my mistake for not checking properly.

Couple of things to look out for newbies:
Make sure you have the full file path of your download.
When testing I had the price as 00.01 and it needed to be 0.01.

Thanks again Michael for your sincere support.
Reviews: 2
This is a fantastic module to use ... and by far the best one to date. Worth the cash.
Follow the documentation and all will be sweet.
Reviews: 1
My experience with quality 3rd party extensions has been below average. Not this time. This is an outstanding extension to integrate PayPal with your Joomla website. Easy to install and plenty of features. Backed by online documentation and support. I liked this product so much I went back and purchased one of the developers bundles. I highly recommend TriniTronic products.
Reviews: 12
ideal for someone who not a developer and are looking for easy solutions.
This extension simplicity is its beauty. It's intuitive and flexible as possible.
Using this extension I actually put the "Buy Now" PayPal buttons in a drop-down menu bar at the top of my site. I would have never dreamed of doing this with virtuemart but, However, this extension flexed to accomidate it really well. Many Thanks To Michael for his great support and his team for this brilliant pay pal extension!
Reviews: 4
Easy to install and use. Love the ability to sell without requiring the user to register. I develop and customize Joomla components. So you can trust me when I say Michael Babcock's code is easy to follow and customize. I had a question and Michael responded quickly. Well worth it!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for an easy to use but flexible way to set up downloads for purchase. Nice PayPal Downloads is very well documented. Both the extension and Paypal configurations are covered in easy to follow instructions. Once setup there are apple ways to customize this extension to fit your specific needs. All transactions are logged and a variety of customizable emails are auto generated based on the transaction progress.

The developer, Michael, is quick to provide support and anxious to resolve any issues that arise.

Highly recommend this extension for downloads of any kind.
Reviews: 2
I have used and tried many other e-commerce components and this is my favorite. The integration via Paypal's IPN, the automated, informative emails and web messages to the purchaser, along with slick download limits make this the leaser compared to other more bloated and buggy shopping components. Great customer service from the developer as well.
Reviews: 3
I choose this component because it does a great job at single item downloads using paypal payment. I tried some others, this one is simply the best at what it does, great control over configuration, then I had an issue with Zip files currupting, I contacted the developer and they offered extremely professional and helpful assistance and did everything they could to get the issue resolved asap. Definately worthy of 5 stars!
Reviews: 2
This is a GREAT Extension and what makes it even better is that it has GREAT support. I had a unique situation that I needed the extension modified. The support not only helped me get this done, but they walked me through their process while building the modification. BTW, the mod works just as we needed!

Reviews: 2
This is an excellent extension and works really well. When i suggested some additional features the author carried them out and sent me a copy!
Excellent customer response. Fully recommended.
Reviews: 2
Excellent extension. Excellent support. I've looked and looked for something like this, and nothing comes close to how easy this extension is to use and add to your site. Nice PayPal (and the entire suite of extensions) should be a standard for anyone running an e-commerce site.
Reviews: 2
Nice PayPal Downloads is a great component. It is easy to install and I had it working in seconds.

I had a few questions regarding the component and the tech support got back to me instantly with answers and solutions and they really wen to out of their way to help.
Reviews: 2
Being only relatively new to Joomla and setting up a website I encountered problems from the start from my end. It took only one email to have an easy to understand way to sort through my confusion.
The product lives up to it's name it's 'Nice'! It does everything I wanted and more. I bought the whole bundle so that I've future proofed myself. It's great value.
Then when downloading one of the extentions I encountered another problem (this time with my website structure and after the error message I emailed Michael. Again within hours a solution had been sent back to me along with an extension that would fit my site.
The service goes above and beyond what I expected and then some. The back up service competes for top honours with the value of the product.
Thanks Michael and the team.
Reviews: 2
After very long time search and also test of several of other extensions, we finally got what we needed. This extension is extremely easy to use.
You get all you need and can start selling software, and products.

Most of case it is impossible to get in touch with people behind an extension if you need help.

But in this case it is very easy to come in contact with the people who developed this extension.

We recommend all of you that will start selling online to use this extension.
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