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MediaShop ComponentPlugin

MediaShop enables you to sell software, documents, or any other type of file on your website.

* Supports PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers) and PayPlug
* Redirects the customer back to a download page after payment
* Also emails the download link to the customer
* Controls link validity time and number of downloads
* Up to four payment options per product
* Advanced product grouping options
* Lots of statistics, reports, and charts
* Also handles free downloads, with full statistics
* Detailed logging of all activity
* Administrator can manually create download links in the back end
* Different products can be assigned to different payment accounts, or share payment among several accounts
* Automatically handles completion of pending payments
* Automatically generates invoices
* Product descriptions can include any content plugin (photo galleries, media players, etc)

MediaShop is a robust file sales solution that allows you to sell files in all kinds of new and creative ways. Built-in statistics and reporting enable you to monitor and grow your business.

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Reviews: 1
Like the Car's song : I guess you're just what i needed.
I had a little problem with the paypal configuration and the author solved it in the minute.
Anyway, rather that setting up a whole Virtue Mart solution to just sell one product, this is the solution to solve the impossibility to set up a simple download with no hasssle !
Reviews: 2
I bought this extension while ago, and it has been working great for me. But the really awesome part is support. I have placed some questions that have been answered in hours. Last time I asked for a feature that was not included: at the end of the week a new release was out with the feature I asked for. So I have only good words for the extension and programmer.
Reviews: 1
Just started to use this extension but got it working quickly with paypal. Perfect for a site offering a relatively limited number of downloads. I would recommend it.
Reviews: 1
This is a great little extension; easy to use and very flexible. The support from the developer is also excellent.

Well done!
Reviews: 1
This extension falls into the category of, "I didn't realize I needed all of that functionality, until I actually had it." First of all, I am a RTFM person. Prior to making my purchase, I read the entire MediaShop manual. It was so simple to get it up and running in minutes. What really sold me on this extension was the advanced grouping options combined with the ability to have multiple pricing structures. If I had to describe my needs to a developer, those would not have made the list. But now that I have those options, I can't imagine selling without them.

I did have occasion to contact the developer, to ask a question. The developer was prompt and courteous as he gave me step by step instructions to resolve my issue. Upon reading the resolution steps, I realized that the issue did not lay with the extension, but with my limited knowledge of Joomla! He could have easily directed me to a Joomla! forum to find the answers, but he cared enough to go above and beyond to assist me with the answer anyway. For that, I will be eternally grateful and a loyal customer. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
I am using this extension in my website for selling photos. It is a cheap solution for that purpose, but it is not the best cause you can't search, you can't not reorder, or classify the products. But as I wrote it is cheap, so for now it is enough.
Also I have a problem and less one hour I was answered.
Reviews: 1
This product is wonderful, and very easy to configure. I would have to agree with the review below, as I would not recommend this product if you have a lot of items. There is no import ability from say an EXCEL sheet if you have thousands of items, but that is the only complaint I have. I will definitely use this extension on another project I have.

I know that this product is not explicitly for audio files, but it's was one of the more up to date extensions available and very configurable.
Reviews: 1
I'm using this extension in combination with Community Builder to allow clients to register on the site and pay for personalised resources that are made available for download to only them.

The installation and configuration process was great, thanks to detailed, easy to navigate documentation that even helped me get PayPal test accounts up and running.

I've found that for each product available for download, a menu item must be added, and then linked to. The menu item doesn't appear in the JCE hyperlink browser under the menu though, so you need to copy the alias that was generated and paste the entire URL for your hyperlink - this is not so user-friendly for my client.

I would also like to see the ability to insert documents into content or modules. And, I think a file upload tool within the component would be ideal too.

Thanks though for a such a great component!
Reviews: 3
This is a fantastic Joomla extension to sell any type of files. It does what it promises and you don't have to be an expert to make it work. Setup is simple and you quickly get what you need. You can also offer files for free and monitor statistics. It also supports "pending" payments - you decide whether to wait for the money or to allow immediate download.

Of course, there is still a room for improvements but most essential requirements are already implemented. The support is responsive and finally, the extension is fairly priced.

A perfect component for paid downloads.
Reviews: 3
I find this extension fantastic to use. I have played around with multiple shopping carts but have nevered tried offering digital media for sale before. I have installed Virtumart on a few occasions and was dreading the MAJOR install for such a small thing (offering a few digital products).

I also like the integration with Paypal. I wasn't able to get the sandbox testing working but that was an issue with Paypal and not Mediashop. The paypal setup was quick and painless for the live account.

It's not to say that this is a perfect, unpack from the box and put it in Joomla, but if you are willing to explore a little and read the excellent documentation then you should be very satisfied.

I would recommend this extension to anyone that is looking for an easy solution for selling digital media that offers some controls like limited downloads for a limited time.

The only reason that I did not give it a full 5 Star rating is because I would like to not have to log into an FTP to upload the files. I know that there are extensions available for Joomla but it would make it much easier if you could do that from within the component.

Good job, keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
This extension is very easy to install and use.
I have not used alsot joomla but was piece of cake to set it up and get it runing. :)
Very good instruction included. If the instruction is readed then there wont be any problem.
I just needed this kind of extension to setup my shop for files to download after the payment is done. This is what the extension also do.
Also very good group management.
Support works like lightning.
Reviews: 2
I give this a good rating for the fact that yes it has a lot of options and is very configurable and I would recommend MediaShop if you have only a few files that you are working with. However, I would NOT recommend MediaShop is you are trying to offer an extensive number of files, especially if you are selling images or frequently updated files.

To use this application for reselling digital images, I found that MediaShop is very cumbersome and time consuming to the point of being painful.

HOWEVER - If you are selling a limited number of files that only need product name and descriptions to motivate your customers to purchase, this is a great plugin.
Owner's reply

I would be interested to discuss this and get your ideas for improvements. Please contact us.

Reviews: 1
This Paid Downloads component works great and is the real deal for those who want to have an almost self-explanatory and stable tool.

Also there's a great user guide which answers everything you might wanna know. I've tried alot of other Paid Downloads components but MediaShop is the only tool that does best. Great work.
Reviews: 1
Problems solved in minutes.
I very much appreciate the rapidity of Mediashop assistance in solving problems that can always be in these things.
An ideal partner for any project anywhere.
Reviews: 1
This component offers outstanding functionality and performance for an insignificant cost. The component is well thought out and has outstanding documentation. Had the media shop up and running within forty minutes of downloading the component. If you are thinking of selling digital products you must check out this component. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
This module is incredible, it do perfectly the work and is very easy to use. I've searched many other component for easy download with paypal, but all the other didn't work. This module definetly worth 6 euro!!!
Reviews: 6
This component is very easy to understand and has lots of options for creating different groups of downloads.

Everything is dead easy to configure. I had one minor problem during setup, and Chris, the developer, replied straight away with the solution.
Reviews: 1
I switched to MediaShop after wasting too much time with another component that had some problems. So far MediaShop has been 100% reliable and all the problems I used to have are gone. It seems to be a very solid product and I love all the charts and reports in the back end. Well done, keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
Hello, I just configured this extension and works really good. Documentation is all you need to set up your shop online very fast.

Looking forward for the version 2!
Reviews: 8
This one is fair, IF you have just one downloadable item to sell. The Plus Version (they say in the component) will have the ability to handle more. In the meantime, I suggest Virtuemart.
Owner's reply

This is nonsense, of course, just like the first review. MediaShop already far exceeds the capabilities of many of the other extensions in this category. It looks like we have a few rattled a few cages though!

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