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ARTIO VM e-Tickets ComponentModulePlugin

ARTIO VM e-Ticket is a Joomla component for online electronic ticket sales and validation. Allows creating and designing tickets, online generation, direct downloads and on-site validation. All using just web browser on desktop PC or mobile device.

PLEASE NOTE: This extension requires VirtueMart v1.1.x extension PREINSTALLED in your Joomla!.
v2.x does not require VirtueMart and is an independent component.

This extension allows definition and sales of electronic tickets. These can be optionally limited by capacity (e.g. for concerts, conferences), binded to a specific place or seat (theatres, cinemas) or just open (ZOOs, exhibitions, fairs, fun parks, etc.)

The component allows to set different pricing options (adults, children, seniors), different prices for special areas (seat- or sector- based), multi-day actions, etc. It also allows to design own PDF ticket appearance.

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Reviews: 3
I have been trying to get support for this product from last 2 months. This product does not work properly and the support is literally ZERO. They cannot even fix calendar css style in their filter menu. I also created a post in their support forum but no reply at all.

I would stay away from this company. First of all it is expensive product and does not work at all. Now, we spent all that money and got nothing. We filed PayPal claim and the next day Artio canceled our order and sent us email that they will not refund our money.

I have no idea what does this mean.
Owner's reply

Hello, the support is provided through our support forums. This includes installation or setup problems. We cannot guarantee the CSS compatibility with every site; that is quite logical.
As regards your PayPal claim, filling-in the request triggers automatic cancellation. Then, based on the outcome of the claim, the order gets re-enabled or refunded.
Please note, there is this FREE edition available as well as DEMO for anyone to be able to try this component before deciding about paid version purchase, so claims about not liking it after that cannot be accepted.

Reviews: 1
You pay for a product and get no support. If you need support you need to purchase it.........

Try to post in the community support and all you get is "Posting to this topic is only allowed for users who purchased the related product and have still free upgrades/support period active. No matching product was found under your user account. Please, purchase the product or post to another (community) forums."
Owner's reply

if you have purchased the product, you should post to Customer forums, that are checked regularly. As regards paid support, the is offered for customizations or similar. If you have problems with installation or initiall setup, our admins will gladly help you.

Reviews: 3
We too paid for the commercial version and expected something much better from Artio.

This Virtumart plugin is poorly thought out and quite inflexible in critical areas such as seating chart creation and ticket printing.

Critical fields are labelled and default values expressed in a Balkan language (Bosnian? Croatian?) It is all quite murky.

After several fruitless attempts over many days to elicit some support from Artio I gave up.

This plugin needs significant reworking before it is ready for prime time. It was a complete waste of $140.

I eventually settled on Fusion Ticket ( which is a second generation fork of OSTicket. Not perfect, needs a bit of hacking but it's worth somebody spending the time to Joomlify it.
Owner's reply

we partially acknowledge some of your comments and are already working on a new release, that will be VM independent and thus much easier to both administer and implement.

Reviews: 12
In reality this is a extension for Virtuemart. So you need to know your way around VM before you try and learn this one.

The guidance notes are just that, notes. They provide little real guidance on how to set up your ticket sales and nothing to tell you how to get it live on your site.

I suspect it's a good package but with a steep learning curve and minimal support. Not good enough for an expensive extension.
Reviews: 1
Using the demo on the site is a bit misleading as you never get to see how the backend of this is setup. If you purchase the $249 (as we did) you have zero access to support outside of the forum. Which currently has one post- and it is about the demo site being down.

The backend on this is the furthest thing from intuitive possible. There is no documentation available as to what needs to be setup in virtue mart first, not to mention even a simple step by step of how to create an event. The phrasing and names of everything is confusing and unclear as to what they go to, or do... Also linking to the component is non-intuitive.

Until there is documentation I would plan on spending a day or two figuring this out. I am sure that once you do figure it out and possibly rename the poorly named tabs and configuration, it will make sense and be a very useful component. However until then, I don't think it is worth it given the price.

To the author, I would suggest creating a wizard that sets up the event as well as the seating - because right now, we haven't a single clue.