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File Seller 2.0 is a new achievement in Joomla shopping cart system. It's portable, simple but can operate a fully functioned and powerful selling system with modern responsive design as well as stable performance.

File Seller is a Joomla 2.5 component. You can use this extension as a download system or an online store to sell digital contents easily. File Seller can work individually on Joomla without having to be supported by any 3rd party extensions. That means, you only have to download File Seller, install & configure it following our instruction; and then you have a perfect store system within 5 minutes. File Seller is specified for digital content provider website such as sites selling MP3, softwares, eBooks or images, etc. Try File Seller, you will see that this tool can replace other download components.

Especially, with the ability to display responsively on mobile devices, we believe that this is a very useful upgrade for your download site since smart handheld devices are becoming more & more popular. It can be easily seen that purchasing/downloading products online is done via handheld devices has been rising day by day, therefore, responsive ability is extremely essential. With File Seller, you don’t have to worry about this because File Seller is totally responsive.

Furthermore, File Seller uses ACL of Joomla to configure permission for its system. So now you can integrate File Seller with a membership component to provide a membership download system fast & easily.

File Seller Features

Modern Design: With File Seller version 2.0, you won’t feel uncomfortable when browsing products displayed on classic design style. And your customers no longer have to click too many times to view your product’s information.
Multiple Categories system: This is another helpful feature for you when creating multi-level categories for your products. You can decentralize your categories in tree – shaped structure without any obstacles caused by Joomla™.
Coupon Code System: You can provide discount code for your customers when buying your files. The coupon code can be defined by percent or total amount.
Multiple Templates system: This feature helps you to create an abundant product selling interface which is totally different in comparison with other websites. If you want to change File Seller’s interface, it is very easy:
You just need to copy folder: “components/com_zj_fileseller/templates/default” to “components/com_zj_fileseller/templates/yourtemplate” .

And then change the interface in folder “yourtemplate”. You are not required to know about programming. All needed is little experiences in using HTML & CSS and then you can customize your interface easily (You can take a look at our more detail guide HERE). At present, in the interface page for displaying products, we provide you with 2 layouts and 2 different displaying styles:

... And please go to product details page to see more

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Reviews: 1
Super easy to install and the guys at the support station are amazing. Personally I would improve the image resizing controls but except for this the extension is worth more than the price you pay for it :)
Reviews: 1
Wonderfull job and keep going..
I Must be thank Kan Nguyen for the prompt support.
Reviews: 6
For the moment is the best. The price is very good for how much this component offer.

Clean code, easy to use.
Reviews: 3
Even though the component had a few minor problems out of the box, the support staff were on it! They fixed all of the issues I was having the same day and helped me integrate it into my template. I can not recommend this product enough! It is simple, straight forward, and simply a must have for digital product sales.
Reviews: 7
Very easy to integrate, does a great job, and with the addition of coupon codes, it's nearly perfect. Integration with a shoppingcart is interesting. Can't with to see integration with redSHOP.

Great job!
Reviews: 2
I felt compelled to write and say how awed I am with the product. We have complex product taxonomies and hierarchies. The backend Administration is a stroke of genius but where this really make a stratospheric impact (for me) is for the online buyer on my site. The user experience is exceptional, the layout is elegant, confidence giving and just guides the buyer to purchase easily and seamlessly. It installed too easily! The documentation is sparse but then you don’t need any more as it’s so simple. A few questions to the developer. Answered clearly and quickly in the same day.
If the developer would like any ideas for future additions then mutli product discount would be cool..
Nice work fella’s you should be very proud of yourselves
Reviews: 1
This is my first review, i've never submitted one before.
The component works great, but the best part is the technical support: they solved my configuration problems very quickly and now everything works fine!
Are you looking for a document seller component? So have no doubt, go for Joomseller Fileseller!
Thanks for your job and your excellent support, guys!
Reviews: 5
I can not express how happy I am to work with this component
Very easy, fast, clear and very practical!
good work!
thank you,
Best Regards
Reviews: 4
This is really an excellent product - it has everything you could want from a document downloads manager - an much more. The shopping cart system is very powerful, and everything worked right out of the box. I love the thumbnail gallery layout option - this was a feature i could not find in any other downloads seller / manager.

I needed some help with certain areas, and the rsponse was very quick and extremely insightful and helpful. The developers are very open to ideas and suggestions, and their components are incredibly well priced.

Well done guys, keep it up!
Reviews: 2
I have bought many extensions for joomla and the least one can hope is that the application works as described by the author, in this case, everything works as expected and more. this application is really powerful and very well designed. Congratulations to the author!
Reviews: 10
I have to tell you, these guys are the one that's keeping me from leaving Joomla CMS program. Because they have put in the work to make sure their components and plugs works! I asked if it was possible to import Virtue-mart Products into ZJ File Seller and these guys said no problem it would be in the next update and true to their word here is it!!!

When it comes to the program I don't know where to start? Everything just seem to work. They give you 4 different page layout and the freedom to adjust the template of the component to fit your website. And adding products is a breeze. With Virtuemart you are always worrying about whats going to go wrong. But ZJ File Seller you can add an unlimited number of products & categories to your shop. And the payment options is simple, you get to decide which one you want to install. And after someone buys a download they can login and download the product. Downloading Options is so simple everything about this component allows you to set it. You can set time or the number of downloads a customer gets. You can add links, tabs in the product detail page. You can add multi picture to a product and with a click have it open.

But the best part of ZJ File Seller is the guys behind the program. These guys are good at listening to what their users needs. If they say they can do it, just sit back drink a beer take a walk (sometime an update happens this fast) because before you know it the feature you asked for is a part of the program, and more important whatever they add it works... Now I can move my Joomla 1.5 website up to Joomla 1.7. These guys did it again... I don't think I am ever going to leave the Joomla with the type of Components, Modules and Plug-ins that these guys makes...

So please keep up the good work because I'm Loving It...

I hope I don't sound like a McDonald's commercial...
Reviews: 8
First I would like to thank the developer for making such a nice extension and that too which supports both Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.7 version. After purchasing I had no regrets and I feel I got much more then what I paid for. Just one request in the configuration there should be some link to go to main control panel instead of using the back button. Rest everything is superb. All the best for the developer.