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Pay per Download ComponentPluginExtension Specific Addon

More than a paid download manager. This component will help sell access to your Joomla content articles, K2 items, Phocadownload files, jDownload items and many more.
You can also sell rights to post on your Kunena Forum.
With Pay per Download component you can control access to resources on your site based on users’ membership. You can have different types of memberships, with different levels, prices and expiration dates. Memberships are paid using Paypal IPN.
You can find plugins to integrate with PhocaDownload, JDownloads and Joomla Content Articles.
Third party plugins include CCAvenue and These are gateway plugins for indian payment gateways. They are available here:
Tested on PHP 5.2.17, mySQL 5.1.58-community-log. Make sure you have least these requirements.

Other features:
-Set limit to download times.
-You can assign a price to an item and users can pay for it without registering.
-You can sell license that last for ever or can set an expiration time.
-You can activate the "discount" option. If you do users who have a license and then buy a license with a higher level will get a discount on the price.
-You can create affiliates programs to promote your products on other sites sharing a percent of the profit.

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Reviews: 5
For a long time i was trying to find a solution to offer paid content on my website and there were only two solutions worth trying: CBSubs and - PayPerDownload.
Since CBSubs by Joomlapolis is a VERY expensive extension i was giving a try to PPD first and i have to say i was happy i did.

Installing easyly, well setting up needed a bit of understanding how the extension exactly workes ... but very friendly and quick support was on the way by Ratmil.

Had only some little pitfalls with SEFed Categories on J1.5.
But Ratmil is doing a great job in supporting and throwing new versions every once in a months.

Great extension, very fair priced, great support - highly recommeded !!!
Reviews: 4
Ratmils Pay Per Download is one of the best components for Joomla!

At the beginning it may appear not so complex but it works really well and is great for selling not only downloads but in general access to Joomla content and resources.

It easy to setup and understand.

The price is absolutely fair and support very good and fast!!!
(Of course you have to pay a little extra, but if you are serious with this you are about to make some money with it anyway, right?)

Thanks for this nice component!

PS: Also checkout other plugins and components like Encrypt for secure login.
Reviews: 3
I purchased this extension so I could add paid downloads to Phoca. I managed to follow along with the documentation on Ratmil's site and setup was rather fast and easy. I would give this 5 stars however there is a small issue with the return pages SEF that has me bothered. Beyond that the extension seems to be pretty sound.
Owner's reply

I will add SEF for next release.

Reviews: 2
I has everything i was looking for. it was also pretty much one of a kind. really great options. i love this plugin.
Reviews: 11
I suggest to anyone who want a cheap, stable, nice looking and simple solution for your downloadable good businnes and not all! you can even use it for restricting access to section, kunena post, and other things only to paying member. Forgot difficult, non intuitive extensions. PDD has all you need to sell subscriptions, files and also single purchase payments. And also has a good (and improved now) affiliate system! Get it!
Reviews: 3
I couldn't resist myself from reviewing the PPD extension until my site is up and running. The support ratmil is providing has forced me to write this review so soon.

If I face any issues with the extension, he immediately fixes it and notifies in person about the new version.

I have couple of features to be included in the component and he added them quickly and uploaded the latest version.

I also some download issues with his site because I used download manager to download the extension which exhausted all my download limits. He understood that and reset my download limit.

I just paid USD 10 but the support he provides is great.

I wish him a great success.

Hats off to the admin.
Reviews: 2
This extension installs and works perfectly. Very easy to configure. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a pay to download or pay to use/read site. The developer is active and helpful. In my opinion Ratmil could double his prices (pleae don't)and still be getting underpaid.
Reviews: 13
Superb integration with Phoca Download component, using its complementary PPD plugin, if the target is to sell your files online.
- Needed some learning and training period till arrive to understand its concept and how works, to be able to change the way I'm currently offering my products / services... but finally worth every effort and of course, every cent I paid for the GOLD licence.
- I needed to integrate my old users to the new system linked to a license and 'Ratmil' created a new complementary component than performed the import users job in a breeze!... Awersome!
'Ratmil' thanks a lot for sharing this excellent component and again, thank you, thank you, thank you for your close support and patience answering my doubts & questions!
Reviews: 6
I have a need to sell articles for authors at

I found PPD and it works perfectly doing everything I want. It took a little while to understand but the author of PPD, Ratmil, was very patient and explained things I didnt understand. In the end, I now have the ability to sell articles that authors put online, on their behalf and it all works excellently.

I dont sell download of files, I have to admit so havent tried that part of it but if you want to sell articles online, this is the program to use!
Reviews: 9
Thank you for that component, it is really what I was looking for :
- integration with phocadownload
- file purchase and download without license or registering
- file purchase and download with license and time limitation
Very easy to use and configure.
Reviews: 26
I use PPD with jdownloads and sell downloads of the source code to my games, and using its Kunena feature I can provid a buyer-only forum alongside the free forums. I have another site that is using VirtueMart but that would be overkill for this site. If you need a simple (to maintain/set up) but powerful solution this is all you need.
Reviews: 1
I'm using PayPerDownloads together with PhocaDownloads and recognize that it is an excellent component.
Combined with the possibility of PhocaDownloads to restrict access to files only to certain categories of users, fixes many problems related to online payment.
It also offers the option of paying not only for a single file but for a "license" too, and this is really useful and easy to manage, as well as upgrading and renewal of licenses.
Good work!
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review.
Please, contact me on PPD site and tell me what are "problems related to online payment", so I can fix them on future versions.
Thanks again.