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JEasy File Sale ComponentModulePlugin

Editor's Note
Component is Free if you don't want to sell files. And component have Payment gateway system. So if you like to add new GateWay for sell files you just have to install plugin for it. Plugins are commercial.

JEasy File Sale helps you provide files to your users in a variety of secure ways.
Whether you need payments/donations via PayPal or other Payment Gateway, or you require the user to register before they can download, you can restrict downloading until they have made the required action.
Once a user has paid/donated/registered they will then have access to the file(s).
You can even create an individual download page and add any other information or files they might require. Only users with authorised access will be able to download the files on offer.

* allow download without register and login
* Contains a Joomla! component for back end administration and creating download pages and a user download area
* Contains a Joomla! content plugin for displaying your payment buttons in article content
* Contains a Joomla! editor button plugin allowing you to easily insert payment button tags into article content
* Contains a Joomla! Module for displaying your payment buttons anywhere else on your site
* Uses different payment gateway for purchases/donations
* Can be used to restrict file downloads to registered users only
* Payment buttons are displayed dynamically allowing for site wide changes to be made from the component administration
* Records the amount of 'purchases' and 'downloads' for each file

Available payment Gateway:
* PayPal
* Web Money
* 2checkout

Really improved usability of the payment process

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Reviews: 5
This is a nice component for download, that i use since 6 months. Simple, clear, and full of options.
The plugin button is really nice, as a direct download to the file.
But, i have to change, and can't use JEFS because i will soon move my PHP server to PHP 5.3. And, for me, it doesn't work with php 5.3, as the zip file i add to, can't be unzipped after download, and use as an install file in joomla extension manager.
Hope this will be corrected, so that i can one day come back to use this nice extension!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. The new version of the JEFS is coming soon and it will have full compatibility with PHP5.3+
Hope to see you as our client again.

Joomalungma Team.

Reviews: 1
This component is fantastic! It pays for itself in no-time at all, the developer is very ambitious in his follow-up. I had a solution to a minor problem within a few hours - very unusual!! And it works
like a charm anywhere in my site. Check it out Great job Nikita!
Reviews: 4
Love this module. It's at the heart of my extensions business.

The plugins are not overpriced like many other systems. Will use again.
Reviews: 4
Very beautifully designed component and extraordinary customer support. it works like a charm. specially designed for sell without headache. Great one! All the best
Reviews: 2
This extension is just what i need for my site.
So if you are looking for a easy way to sale files from your site, this extension is 100% perfect.
And thanks to Nikita for pointing out some other problems my site had so I cut solve them and every thing is working perfect.

Best regards Peter
Reviews: 10
I'm using Joomla 2.5.2 and a RocketTheme template.

JEasy File Sale installation was a breeze and the combination of plugins and modules offers great flexibility for handling file sales/downloads.

I had one file I wanted to present as a free download (trial version) to registered users, and another (retail version) for sale (via PayPal).

JEasy File Sale easily does exactly what I wanted, and in setting it up I see a wide range of possibilities!

It doesn't appear to be a file "directory" sales system, but instead offers file sales within desired content (plugin) and/or module locations. It even includes a plugin which adds a button to the editor for easy insertion of file sales into content.

Though the developer may change things in the future, when I obtained the files the main system was non-commercial and I paid a small fee (under $10 USD) for the PayPal plugin.

Reviews: 4
If you are looking for an easy way to sell files on your Joomla 1.7 or 2.5 site, this is the component for you.

I've been running this plugin now for a few weeks and I am quite impressed with it so far.

When I first downloaded and installed it, I had numerous problems. The component and plugins had many bugs.

I contacted the developer, Nikita and he got back to me quite quickly. He went through my site, found the errors and bugs, and updated the component and plugins accordingly.

He even added 1 or 2 of my own suggestions to the component. :)

I rated this Good instead of Excellent, as it is very new, and I can already tell it is going to get better and better.

I am a web designer, and anytime I need to sell files really simply, this will be my go-to component.

Thanks to Nikita for an awesome component, and a great price.