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Media Mall Factory ComponentModulePlugin

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Media Mall Factory is a powerful solution to manage the distribution of online media files that can handle third party sellers or artists publishing their media or downloadable goods.

Having a built-in Credit System, authors can earn money from their sale and your website can keep a certain percent.

Web users can easily build tutorial websites, video and picture packs or music selling websites in just a few clicks.

Layout & Themes

Fully customizable CSS


Keep a defined percentage of every sold media
Pay per contact (users pay in order to contact authors)
Bonus Credits (award users with extra credits on purchase)

Key Features

Multiple supported file types: Audio(mp3), Images(png, jpg, jpeg, gif), Videos(flw, swf, mov, wmf, avi), Archives(zip, rar, gz, bz2, arj, arc, 7z)
Archives that can be used for tutorials, image packs, music packs and more
Integrated media players
Credit System (users purchase credits that can later be used to view/download media files)
Ratings & reviews system
Thumbnails (can be generated from media files)
Category sale (users are able to purchase all media from one category at once)
Free media allowed
Messaging system for buyers and authors
Admin definable currency


Multi-language support, UTF-8 support, comes default with English INI language files
SEO/SEF friendly
Default integration with Joomla! user profile, allowing a single login for Joomla! and component
Easy transition to RTL
Simple installation, configuration and updating process

User Profile

Configurable account details, including a PayPal address used for funds withdrawal
Displays various information for users: credits balance, invoices, messages and more
Allows authors to withdraw or convert funds
Displays various information for authors: media stats, balance history, sales history and more
Enable/disable notifications for received reviews and media sales


Unlimited categories and subcategories levels

Main Settings

Add restrictions for various actions (edit own media, auto approve media, etc.)
Choose author usergroups
Define the percentage that authors receive from sales
Limit number of uploads
Allow guests to download free media
Admin approval of every media
Enable/disable unlimited media views upon purchase
Enable/disable category sale
Define view time limit (amount of time allocated for the user to view a media file without being extra charged)
Credits options (contact cost, initial credits, credits/currency rate)
Define used currency
Enable/disable media generated thumbnails
Set up thumbnail sizes


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Reviews: 2
This is Software is not really what I was expected from this company.
-Very important functions are not implemented like managment of files and media by creator.
- Language translation not integrated into joomla-language-system.
- No description of functions or what the parameter really mean
- Poor implentation (mixed css js and php in same file)
- Reviwing of media not working - author or not seller can vote the media !! aso.
- My request to add left functions and fix bugs were not taken seriossly

Seems to be too early to buy it, But I believe it could be a good thing once they decide to do the job left.
Owner's reply

1. You should have asked us in a ticket or on the forum:
If the admin allows that from the settings, the user is able to edit the uploaded media.

2. You should have downloaded the latest available version, which has all language files according to the Joomla standards.

3. As stated under our Terms&Conditions we do not guarantee code comments. As we do have a very active support for our products we tend to clear up the issues there.

4. Also again, you should have downloaded the latest available version, since it does not contain any mixed files.
The CSS, JS are not part of any PHP file!

5. As we explained, for local issues you should use the ticket system or forum. We were not able to replicate this issue on our latest version, nor any of our other customers. Either you are using an older version or it's a local issue.

6. We are always taking under consideration any received feedback. As seen on the version history, our products are constantly improved and new features are added.