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QuickSell File Seller ComponentPlugin

Fixed to work with PayPal SSL changes from 15th Oct 2014! The first Joomla extension to support it! Selling files with PayPal, Skrill and BitCoin has never been this easy: PDF (encryption possible), mp3, video, zip archives or any other file type, all it takes is to upload the file(s) and generate a button code for your article or module.
✔ Joomla 3.3.6 and older Joomla 1.5 to 3.x are supported!


✔ Preview for audio and video file support without customers leaving the page using built-in players! Each audio/video file you sell can have another preview audio/video file assigned to it.

✔ Can be used on multi language websites, every article/module in every language can have it's own translated button for the file(s)

✔ PDF Printing restriction of sold files feature

✔ PDF Encryption of sold files feature

✔ Intuitive interface for both customers and administrators!

✔ Can be used on unlimited domains, source code available

✔ The button code can be placed in any part of the site (articles, k2 articles, modules and etc)

✔ Multiple buttons on one page

✔ The extension comes with professionally pre-designed buttons (custom buttons are also possible)

✔ Every download link after order is protected with unique key to avoid link spoofing, download limit and expiration time!

Encrypted PDF orders video demonstration:


List of our awesome features

● File bundle feature added. You can now "Bundle" files so they are connected to each other and delivered together after order or download links.
● You can now use %%downloadlink%% into the email template of the "Email Delivery" and it will be replaced with download links to each file ordered or bundled.
● PDF encryption feature added, the file buyer receives is encrypted with his PayPal email as password! The PDF is also protected against changes or print! Proven method to avoid piracy of your digital books / PDF documents!
● All known Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.3.x compatible
● Pay for file download
● Place file purchase button in any article or custom module!
● Fully K2 compatible, no special settings required
● Site registration not required for the buyer of the file
● Extremely up to date PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) to ensure smooth order process
● Supports all PayPal currency codes
● Supports all PayPal country codes
● Straight forward autonomous order processing of all orders
● Supports custom graphics for purchase buttons and download buttons
● Secured download file directory, to protect you from unauthorized downloads
● SEO friendly URLs for download listings
● Compatible with download accelerators
● Limit file downloads by number of downloads
● Utilizes anitleeching technology
● Intuitive administration pages and user experience
● Easy file management with the File Man

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Reviews: 1
I have to say, i registered at JED for this review.
It just felt right to support this great developer. I have had a lot of problems getting things right with selling things with instant payments.
Most security addons for joomla messed up with even to very good if not better selling alternatives to QuickSell.
So i gave another addon the chance and i dont regret it.

The price is perfect if not to low for what you get, REALLY.
Even I was able to set this component up for my use. If you have installed Joomla your self you can use this component without any trouble.

After some days of satisfied use, i asked this guy for some customization to make it with with CommunityBulder in a special way.

The task was done on time and budget.

You can not go wrong with QuickSell, from what i know.

One thing that would be nice is some kind of multi-lang for the backend.
Reviews: 2
Aside from being the only extension that has the feature set it has, it works beautifully.

The encryption makes this a complex subject, which an lead to the odd config issue, but this is where you really start to get your money's worth.

The level of support which Deian gives is simply remarkable. I had a problem with the encryption forcing an unwanted resize of some documents, and I had a fix within the hour. This doesn't seem unusual, as both these reviews and the extension forum are full of similar stories.

It just doesn't get any better.
Reviews: 2
Fantastic extension easy to use and configure. Deian's support is very fast, I had a few questions answered by return. Can't get better service than that!
Reviews: 1
Great extension with really good support. Always there to help with any problems that i encountered.
Reviews: 1
i was looking for this kind of plugin for a long time.
now quicksell is running on my site and works great.

the most important thing is that the developer givs great support and stands behind his product.

keep up the great work !
Reviews: 1
We bought this extension because we were creating a brand new site for a Joomla extension we sell online. Got some question regarding the installation and the developer always responded quickly and helped us to get it up and running. So very good support! We already had some orders and they are processed nicely. The statistics part is also very nice. Thanks for this great extension!
Reviews: 2
Support is very good. I've already started to make a sale!

Thanks Deian
Reviews: 1
I'm currently using this to sell ebooks on my website. Very easy to set up! Minimal skill required to get everything going.

Great customer support too.
A friendly developer who answers emails very quickly!

A must if you plan to sell digital goods online.
Reviews: 1
I am always wary of multiple reviews full of praise with 5star ratings. Yet I found myself compelled to register here in order to make a similar review. The extension just works! A question I asked, because I failed to find a plugin ( my own mistake) was answered promptly and with patience. If you need to sell subscriptions, with little fuss, this is the one I think is the best, especially for newbies to ecommerce.
Reviews: 1
The easiest way to sell files is to buy this extension!
Great job Deian!
Reviews: 5
I haven't had any issues, it does what it says it does.
Deian really understands the concept of great support. Will get it to work no matter what and quickly, I mean it !
Reviews: 3
To be honest i haven't started using this, my first concern was that i wasn't able to upload large video files and i sent an email, i swear to god i got an answer in less than 3 minutes and i was satisfied with it, so i recommend this, really.
Reviews: 1
QuickSell is a very useful and easy to install extension. All things which are mentioned in feature list are working very well!

One of my favorite feature is the secured download file directory - easy upload and then you can start directly with creating the paypal button .. at last selling - and your digital goods are protected.

When you have some problems or want something to know.. don't worry! Deian is with you!
REALLY FIVE STARS SUPPORT! Fast .. uncomplicated .. incredible!

Thanks Deian!
Reviews: 1
I purchased Quicksell to use it with sales of a digital version of my magazine and it turned out to be just tailored to fit my needs!

I am not a joomla pro, but setting it up was really, really easy. It really is intuitive and quick.

The biggest pros are:
- Unique link for every order and limited downloads to protect against piracy
- Smooth Paypal integration and quick checkout with no extra steps required (no joomla user registration needed)
- Versatility in how the file is delivered (website download, link, attachment)
- Customisable buttons
- Remarkable level of support from Deian, he really went an extra mile to meet my needs.

I didn't really come across any cons so far. In the future, I'd love to see an option for a spread view in the pdf encryption (not just portrait or landscape).

BIG thank you for this excellent component!!!!
Reviews: 4
Selling digital goods online is prone to piracy but this extension helps combat that in 2 ways. Firstly, every download URL is unique and limiting the amount of downloads ensures that the download link is useless if passed on.

Secondly, and unique to this extension, you have the choice to encrypt the PDF with the buyers email.

The best thing about this extension though, despite it working flawlessly and being very easy to use, is the support. Deian has been incredible. He's replied to all my emails in less than a few hours and has answered them all and answering all my questions.

Great extension, Incredible support. The best extension to manage digital downloads!!
Reviews: 1
I have used many excellent extensions but this is the first one that I feel really have to submit a review.
Things I really like about QuickSell:
1. VERY SIMPLE to use.
2. Supports custom "Buy Now" button image
3. Ability to encrypt PDF file
4. Ability to choose redirected page after a successful purchase.
5. Most importantly, prompt and newbie-friendly, superb customer support.
Kudos to Deian!
Reviews: 2
I have tried so many shopping cart extensions and filer sellers but none of them come close to the simplicity of QuickSell File Seller. It is easy to install, easy to upload files and the button creation interface is intuitive and practical. It also has a public facing orders page as well as an administrator one which is a nice incentive for my customers to register on my site. But the best feature has to be… it works! I have tried too many extensions like this that simply fail to achieve their primary goal.
So far, I have only had one issue which was my fault anyway however customer support gave me a solution in 10 minutes of me emailing them.
Overall, I would definably recommend this to anyone who is selling digital downloads, puts all other file sellers to shame!
Reviews: 1
First, I have been looking for a component that will allow me to post a payment option with my articles with the integration other components. I have tried a lot of components that promise easy and fast set-up, but nothing comes close to this BABY here! It was exactly what I was looking for plug more. This does exactly what the owner describe here on this page.

Second, the customer support is the best I have ever encounter! The owner is willing to communicate with you using different communication devices. Name it, you will get in contact with him by E-mail, skype, telephone, forum, and more. Some of the expensive components don't even offer the level of communication support the owner has on the website. The owner was eager to help me get the component working the way I wanted it to work! I feel very secure knowing that level of support is available for this component.

This is a very special component! I usually don't write reviews about components, but this component deserve it. The level of service the owner provides exceed the price of the component! I am a happy customer...Thank you very much!
Reviews: 1
I really don't know where to begin other than the support from Deian has been second to none!

Installation of Quicksell was simple and straight forward and set up was a breeze. The only issue I ran into was trying to get Quicksell to run successfully in PayPal Sandbox mode. I contacted Deian via email and he responded within 24hrs as noted on his site. Come to find out there was no issues on the component end and it was my (human) error instead. But! before going live Deian took the support a step further and offered to test Quicksell live on my site just for extra measure.

I would highly recommend this component for your paid downloads/files. I have tried others like it but Quicksell rises above the rest.

Thank You Deian for the most excellent support!
Reviews: 1
A perfect little product made even better by excellent support from a very helpful developer. Thank you Deian.
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