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QuickSell File Seller ComponentPlugin

Fixed to work with PayPal SSL changes from 15th Oct 2014! The first Joomla extension to support it! Selling files with PayPal, Skrill and BitCoin has never been this easy: PDF (encryption possible), mp3, video, zip archives or any other file type, all it takes is to upload the file(s) and generate a button code for your article or module.
✔ Joomla 3.3.6 and older Joomla 1.5 to 3.x are supported!


✔ Preview for audio and video file support without customers leaving the page using built-in players! Each audio/video file you sell can have another preview audio/video file assigned to it.

✔ Can be used on multi language websites, every article/module in every language can have it's own translated button for the file(s)

✔ PDF Printing restriction of sold files feature

✔ PDF Encryption of sold files feature

✔ Intuitive interface for both customers and administrators!

✔ Can be used on unlimited domains, source code available

✔ The button code can be placed in any part of the site (articles, k2 articles, modules and etc)

✔ Multiple buttons on one page

✔ The extension comes with professionally pre-designed buttons (custom buttons are also possible)

✔ Every download link after order is protected with unique key to avoid link spoofing, download limit and expiration time!

Encrypted PDF orders video demonstration:


List of our awesome features

● File bundle feature added. You can now "Bundle" files so they are connected to each other and delivered together after order or download links.
● You can now use %%downloadlink%% into the email template of the "Email Delivery" and it will be replaced with download links to each file ordered or bundled.
● PDF encryption feature added, the file buyer receives is encrypted with his PayPal email as password! The PDF is also protected against changes or print! Proven method to avoid piracy of your digital books / PDF documents!
● All known Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.3.x compatible
● Pay for file download
● Place file purchase button in any article or custom module!
● Fully K2 compatible, no special settings required
● Site registration not required for the buyer of the file
● Extremely up to date PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) to ensure smooth order process
● Supports all PayPal currency codes
● Supports all PayPal country codes
● Straight forward autonomous order processing of all orders
● Supports custom graphics for purchase buttons and download buttons
● Secured download file directory, to protect you from unauthorized downloads
● SEO friendly URLs for download listings
● Compatible with download accelerators
● Limit file downloads by number of downloads
● Utilizes anitleeching technology
● Intuitive administration pages and user experience
● Easy file management with the File Man

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Reviews: 1
I just write Deian for help me to fix a problem and he get very quick in contact with me. The problem was solved. The component works great and is really convenient. Deian seems to think about every detail :)

This component save me a professional programmer and a lot of money.

Thank you Deian!
P.S.: Just register here to submit this review.

Reviews: 1
The service and support on this extension are great. Any questions or concerns are addressed immediately.
Reviews: 5
I was looking round for quite a while trying to find a free extension that was simple and did the job well. Having tested many and not satisfied with them, I thought I would go along with a paid extension and found Quicksell File Seller. I took the risk, purchased it and found it extremely easy to set up.

I had a support request regarding a PayPal issue and the developer helped me very quickly and in a professional manner, so a big thanks to him for that.

Quicksell File Seller is comes at an affordable price, is well worth the money and I would highly recommend it.
Reviews: 1
Deian solved an unusual problem for my website. Excellent and quick support.
Reviews: 1
This component works perfectly !

I'd just like say a HUGE THANKS to Deian for his support, he helped me to make of my website something great ! As I wanted :-)
Some things could'nt work because of my template, he spent many hours to help me and all work perfectly now !

So, THANKS Deian !
Reviews: 1
What else can i say, this plug in is a recommend for everyone to use. Easy plus the customer support, man they a just super awesome. My site was down and i don't know what was the error, they got in fix it.

Extension works well on my site able to get my customers back beautiful indeed.

Reviews: 1
What can I say..Absolute pleasure to have this extension with great customer service. We had little issue with our server configuration & cURL was not working and we contacted Deian. He was really helpful and fixed it for us. I understand, server configuration was certainly not applicable to the extension support however Deian sorted out everything till end for me. Response time was amazing and I could not be more happier :) Thanks Deian.
Reviews: 1
The extension is very easy to use. This gives a very large opportunities. The only problem that may occur is a PayPal configuration. I contacted customer service and they help me very fast, nice and free. Although not applicable to the extension itself. Great respect for Deian Motov. Thank you.
Reviews: 3
This extension is made for those who don't want to loose time to setting up a complex online shop. Settings are really easy to understand, features very usefull and customization simple. It works fine for 1 or 10 products as well for hundreds.

And at least but not the least, the developper is always here to help in case of trouble.

This is may be the best package i've tried for selling online products.
Reviews: 6
It's a good solution for those who want to avoid VirtueMart, and look for something easier to use and faster to setup
Reviews: 3
This extension does what the developer says it does. The provision of a download link on site and the options to send files/download links so easily are impressive.

I had some initial concerns about security (related to the absence of a component for reconciling price on the form with the price originally set) but despite extensive testing I could not get the app to send a file by hacking the form generated. However, PayPal payments still go through.

I would encourage the developer to provide documentation for the extension. Its use is intuitive so do not let this comment put anyone off buying.

While generating button code is effortless and easy the code is not stored in a database.

This is not big deal if you only sell one of two items but the facility to drop or increase the price and the change to automatically be shown on a webpage would be a much appreciated future update that I would pay for.

Super extension. The developer is also a patient civil person.
Reviews: 11
The extension is pretty cool, not at all complicated, selling files online couldn't be made easier. I got a special deal from the developer, I think it was mutually beneficial for both of us. I had some issues with the website but he was quick at responding and sorting it out. That's what I like about paid extensions - the professional support which is well worth the money. So both the developer and his product are highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
I bought this extension to provide paid downloads of a magazine for a society site. The interface is very intuitive and very easy to setup.

There was a bug in the installer that prevented some features of the shopping cart from installing properly. I reported it late evening and the fix was in my inbox the following morning - that's what I call great support! I've used many extensions but this is the first time I've felt compelled to post a review.
Reviews: 1
This product is a must have for you document/audio/video selling website. I got the best support via phone,email and skype. The developer is frendly and at any time ready to help. Thank you very much for your support!
Reviews: 4
I'm an extension developer myself I used to sell extensions individually a while back but opted for a subscription to the download area for about a year.

I kept getting asked by users if there was a way to buy extensions individually and tried this...

It sooooo easy just upload your file and create a button for it and paste the button code into an article much like pasting the code for a youtube video, I don't think there is anymore simpler way to approach this simply perfect!
Reviews: 1
There's nothing else out there that makes selling a PDF this easy OR does it this elegantly. The website said that emails would be answered in 12 to 24 hrs, but my emails to the developer for answers to questions I had were answered in about 20 minutes - No, I'm not kidding! Huge update with more functionality coming out in a few days. Can't wait!
Reviews: 1
I'm a joomla veteran, spend a lot of money on apps and experience a lot of good-bad cases with lots of companies... BUT: THIS PRODUCT AND THE SUPPORT I GOT IS BY FAR THE BEST BEST BEST EVER.

Product works perfectly, looks great and does exactly what it says.

Owner's reply

Dear Client,

I can't thank enough to you and the previous customers who made QuickSell the most popular solution for Paid Downloads with Joomla.

I am glad I helped and be sure I'm always available for more help if needed. Support is fast and free as promised.

Thanks again to you and everyone else who voted and rated this extension!

Reviews: 1
Would just like to say this is a fantastic extension and the support from the developer is equally great.

I had an issue with SEF URLs on my website that was effecting the thankyou page after purchase, but the developer sorted it out for me really quickly and was very patient!

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
If you are considering buying an extension to sell digital files on your site, look no further. The extension works out of the box. I had a couple of issues that were my own fault. I contacted Deian and the support I received was well worth the price of the extension. A great product with above excellent support. I have never written a review for any extension. I registered just to give the recognition deserved by a fantastic developer.
Reviews: 1
I worked with Deian Motov on getting this working on a high volume website that sells two files each week to over 1200 clients who all log in at one time each week. The program can handle the work load. The program can bundle files just as advertised. It connects to Paypal as advertised. I had a few NOOB issues but I tell you what. Deian Motov was there to help and wasn't bothered with my numerous emails (57 of them) to make sure my site and his tool worked as planned. He is a great guy to work with. Buy this Extension! I've tried almost all of the free ones. I ended up here and the work Deian Motov did is really good. It just works. Thank you for reading. Scott
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