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PicSell ComponentModulePlugin

PicSell component for Joomla let you sell digital downloads like images, files, vidoes and downloads.

Good news: PicSell is now responsive.
Great news: You can sell images right from your mobile.

Yes. We have recently launched PicSell app for Android. It allows you to upload images from your mobile and set price, title, description and sell it. It will appear on your website PicSell store.

All you need to do is get the latest version of PicSell, set the mobile store password. Install the android app and login to your PicSell using your site URL and password.

- PayPal, MoneyBookers, Google CheckOut and 2CheckOut payment gateways integrated
- Supports USD, AUD, GBP, EURO, CAD, CHF, SEK, DKK, NOK, NZD, ZAR currencies
- One page checkout
- Bulk Upload
- Bulk Edit
- Sell images
- Sell downloads
- Sell Videos
- Play video automatically after payment
- Sell flv and swf
- CSV export and import
- Watermark creation
- Order Management
- Links Management
- Click limit downloads
- Time limit downloads
- Renew expired links
- Send free downloads
- Enable free downloads
- Customize rows and column numbers
- External Language File
- Cart as separate module
- Changeable selling images path through admin parameters to make your images more secure
- Linkable categories to Joomla menu
- Plug-in available in version
- Search Module
- Turn PicSell into showcase (hide prices and cart)
- Create watermark while uploading through csv
- Export/Import to/from Excel format also
- Choose to generate watermark from Selling image or Demo image
- Collect shipping address before payment
- VAT tax option added
- Discount on bulk purchase with minimum order price added
- Offline payment mode
- Custom redirect URL after purchase success
- Tag Cloud module
- Easy to customize for your own language with the help of language file

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Reviews: 3
this guys are the best in support.

They have customized all helped me in everything that I've asked him, now our site sale of photos is perfect and is a great extension, the better, since it is very easy to work and very well in the frontend.
Recommended this extension for any photographer who wants to sell your photos.
I´m very happy with picsell componets and team. the best. GREAT WORK.
Reviews: 1
Purpose: To facilitate my website selling downloadable pictures and videos
Had issues, developer responded within 48 hours
Good concept
Really difficult to set up.
Lack of proper detailed documentation
Reviews: 1
Review writers experience level:
I have set up a few Joomla sites and various extensions thereon.

I set up PicSell to sell photos through an online photo gallery.

• PicSell is affordable
• It is easy to install
• Upload of pictures is easy and time-efficient
• It does the things promised in its description
• Comes with most any feature one would want to display and sell photos online

• Takes some effort to understand how the settings work, mostly because descriptions of functions are not quite clear.
• The program had minor bugs, but those were fixed promptly when pointed out to support.

The tech support is fantastic, going out of its way to make things right.
I had some problems show up in the Safari browser, which demanded a major work effort from the PicSell support team. It was, however, fixed and now it works like a charm.
Reviews: 6
Installed on Joomla 3.1.5.

While the design objective of this program is quite good, I found it to be buggy. There is only scarce documentation and you have to resort to trial and error to make it work. Developers really need to spend some time on an actual user guide.

Support is fairly responsive but due to time difference this amounts to a day's lost work waiting for each fix.

Code does not work in a friendly manner with large numbers of photos. Only so many show and the button to display more thumbs loads only 5 additional thumbs then disappears making it impossible to view an entire gallery.

When you choose to have purchase options below each thumbnail the actual links are cut off and not available to click to add to cart. Forced to use the LightBox method.

Design does not use a style sheet. Bad if you want to fit the color scheme to your template. You have to search php files for styles and manually edit them there. If those files are updated in a new release all your custom work is gone and you have to start over.

I encourage the developers to work out these issues because it has promise to be a very useful gallery to sell a lot of photos easily.
Owner's reply

Hello stuffdone

Thank you for your review. We are constantly improving the PicSell from past three years. We have fixed the bugs what ever you have complained. Also we included those fixes in the further versions. These bugs are due to the new responsive design that we developed. Now it got stable and fixed all known bugs.

Thanks again for making us work better on PicSell.

Reviews: 1
I concur with everyone else who has reviewed this product.

I will be selling photos and videos and can't wait to complete the library. Should be easy now with bulk add, bulk edit and csv support.

Tech was patient and solved my issues very quickly.

PicSell is worth every cent.
Reviews: 1
I've had a problem for the things of the language. I do not speak English. But that has not been a problem in dealing with the technical service, which is excellent and has been very patient with me. I recommend this extension and is superb value for money.
Reviews: 1
Not only does this plugin do what it is supposed to but it is fairly simple to get it running. i first ran into a couple of issues but support quickly helped me resolve the issue and I was up and running in no time at all. Tech support is the best I have seen with anything I have ever purchased on the internet. Try this won't be sorry. It's great for selling all file types!!
Reviews: 1
Intelligent component and quick and easy to use and very good technical support and fast and reliable
Reviews: 3
this is is so simple however a little complicated to install but the support is fantastic!

once you're set up its easy to pick up speed and get everything sorted and selling Photos in no time! with a nice display!

my only changes (for any future updates) would be a slightly nicer looking shopping cart, and instead of a write up on how to install the software maybe a few videos on how to install it instead, i found 3 on YouTube but they're all on older versions of the software so irrelevant.

but really great peace of kit! very nice work i highly recommend it to anybody
Reviews: 3
This product has a very useful search tool, and tag cloud system. It's great for creating a gallery with searchable content. I had quite a few issues trying to get it to do what I wanted, but the technical support has been extremely good. They helped me to fix all of the problems very quickly and efficiently. I'd be very happy to use this component again.
Reviews: 1
This is a great component covering users' need for a stock photography ecommerce solution. Very good support as well! There are some small things to be improved and/or implemented but it is a great tool overall!
Reviews: 1
The customer service behind this awesome product is the best! Very quick to respond to help me fix my error!
Reviews: 3
Excellent product though documentation on certain aspects need adjusting. Once configuration is correct this is a must buy product if you intend to sell images on your site.
Reviews: 4
Great application, and trusted support. A smart and easy way to sell downloads.