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JFileDownload ComponentModule

The component JFileDownload (Joomla File Download) was created in order to let the visitor download files without revealing the original files. The original files are uploaded in a folder who's name you set in the configuration section, but you can also select any files on server in order to download without revealing their location.

The component offers a list of files to download, but it can connect to Virtuemart products. The function works along with the module dedicated for Virtuemart - when a customer access one of Virtuemart products that he/she purchased the module gives the option to download the file(s) or to received each of them by mail (there can be more files attached to one Virtuemart products as consecutive versions of one software product or several files in one greater project).

You can offer files to download for free or for some price paid via paypal.

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Why o why are you doing this?

"The file is uploaded to a protected folder and from there it is copied to a temporary cache folder?"

What logic is that?

I want to sell music albums of which some are 1 gigabyte each, is this plugin going to be copying those files around on my paid server?

In total I have 240 gigabytes of music albums - try copying those around on my server and my account will be suspended!

Weird logic, Weird idea - Forget it!
Owner's reply

Thanks for reminding me to update the description over here. :)