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PayPal Digital Goods ComponentPlugin

There is no delivery trouble any more when you are selling downloadable digital content through PayPal Digital Goods extension. It can enable you to sell your downloadable digital products, including movie, mp3, zip archives, PDF files, computer applications, and android apps. PayPal digital goods is the first Joomla extension to support selling downloadable digital products in iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. It helps to expend your sales to mobile platform. All you need to do is uploading the digital product and setting a price, you can add your products in your articles with product id. This extension will automatically generate a PayPal payment button in your website. It is a new way to monetize your downloadable digital products in Joomla. PayPal Digital Goods is a new PayPal payment method which provides in webiste payment. This extension takes advantage of PayPal Digital Goods to simplify your selling process. It is designed to make selling downloadable files easily. Once you upload your downloadable products in your website, the extension will help you generate the purchase buttons in your articles. When your customers make a purchase successfully, this extension will show the download link to them automatically. For each payment, the download link is unique. Therefore, this extension will protect your downloadable product from unauthorized downloading. Comparing with other download extension, PayPal Digital Goods is designed to save your time. This download products manager doesn't require complicated settings, so that you can concentrate on your products.

Main Features:
1. The simplest setting panel: set your name and your PayPal account which accepts the payment;
2. The simplest product manager: add your downloadable product by setting the name, price, and downloadable file;
3. The simplest downloadable product delivery: show the download link when your customers make a successful payment;
4. The safest download manager: each downloading link is unique, it will protect your downloadable products from unauthorized download;
5. Automatic delivery: receiving payment and showing downloading link are all automatically;
6. The Simplest panel for you to track purchase and total income.
7. No Programming Skills Required: It is easy to install and configure.

For new users:
1. Easy to installation;
2. 3-Steps to add a digital product;
3. 1-Step to publish buy button;
4. Easy to track net profit;
5. Easy to track all PayPal transactions and fees

For advanced users:
1. Supports all PayPal currency.
2. Test Mode for PayPal's Sandbox: You can use PayPal sandbox account to test.
3. Buy Button Customization: You can customize your buy button UI.
4. Easily Product Update: You can easily update your products and their price.

Note: This extension request your PayPal account as business account, the payment solution as "PayPal Digital Goods (PayPal Express Checkout)"

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Reviews: 1
This is a great extension, and it currently represents the easiest, simplest, most effective and inexpensive way to receive payments via PayPal for all those goods that can be sold in a digital form.

The installation consists of a plugin and a component with a minimal, highly effective interface: I really like the content- focused solutions! It happens quickly and without any difficulties whatsoever.

Through the interface it is possible to manage the loading of digital content within the website, access to a dashboard that provides summary data on sales, view the details of the transactions. All with one/two clicks only.

The inclusion of the product to sell in the front-end is just as fast and immediate. A simple line of code has to be inserted somewhere within the article here you describe the product (it also works in K2 items): this is enough to display the "Pay with Paypal" button. To its pressure, the component automatically and transparently manages all the communication with PayPal for Digital Goods, and gets back the result of the transaction.
I also had need of support from the author, as the configuration of my server did not make possible the transaction: the responses were immediate, precise and decisive. Excellent.

I remind everyone that this extension requires the activation of the CURL module.
Reviews: 2
I had a few issues all of which were responded to and solved without any delay. I will use again on other projects.
Reviews: 1
It worked like a charm, first time. I really like its simplicity. That was a big relief after spending so many hours struggling with the paypal digital goods manual and integration wizard.
Reviews: 1
I will recommend to use this extension if you are running a website which sells digital products. This extension has a full step by step user manual. I can say their customer support is the best. I am running my website in UK with PayPal UK. At the beginning, my PayPal configuration was wrong, so I couldn't get it to work. Then they just registered a UK PayPal account and told me how to change my PayPal settings. Now my business is running much smoothly because of this extension. I suggest to try it and you will love it.
Reviews: 1
This extension is very simple to use. It is very suitable for my e-commerce website. The payment flow is simple and efficient. Great extension and great customer service.
Reviews: 1
Very pleased especially the technical support, All questions answered quickly. Easy to install many options but simple to use and setup. If you're looking for away to sell digital products
PayPal Digital Goods component is one of the easiest ways to start selling files quickly and efficiently.